Here is the two door I picked up today, I was initially looking for a donor/replacement car for my 92 four door. I was fairly surprise when I realized it was a two door, the craigslist ad did not mention it or have any revealing enough pictures. It has 65,000 miles on the ODO and the interior is clean enough for me to suspect it may be accurate.

It was listed as leaking rear brake and no reverse. When I picked it up I also notice the crank pulley is coming apart and the alt belt jumped and it is shredding the PS belt.

Loaded up and ready to roll.

Of course its dark so more pics will have to wait until tomorrow.

My 4 door has been around since 2017, it had been sitting a bit when I bought it.

It has served me very well in the last few years but some ice got the better of my yesterday and I slapped the rear against a street sign pole. The two door was going to be a donor for some parts but I don't know if will tear it apart for that or not just yet or just fix it and drive it.

My wife and I are heart broken about the blue car being down, it has served me well and is a treat to drive.