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    It was moving right along, and it was all very exciting for a bit there today. I spent a while working on getting the transmission in, but little things conspired against me. The hardware with the rear mount - there was so much dirt and grime inside the bolt holes in the subframe that the ESP mount uses that the EX mount doesn't, that it was fighting the bolts getting in. One started flattening its threads, but luckily I had a spare to work in and out to clear the gunk. And then I had forgotten that one of the bolts ESP supplied with the low-profile rear bracket didn't fit through the inner sleeve of their own mount, so I had to dig around for a replacement for that as well. And then as I was pulling the transmission up into place, the tight confines of the bay were in the way. First I took the slave cylinder back off, which made things easier, but then as the trans got higher, it was hitting both the front and rear subframes because of how far away from the engine it needed to be to clear the input shaft. It's making me appreciate the auto right now; that transmission goes up and down so easily with how the flex plate mounts flat against the converter. The front subframe needs to come down, though, so I'll be fitting the ESP traction bar sooner than expected. But for the second day in a row, despite three layers of socks this time, I was hurting too much from the cold and called it quits. Wish I had a garage at home, or I'd have somewhere warm to take breaks.

    Anyway... yesterday, the rest of the new parts were installed on the trans and the Competition flywheel went on. ARP's B-series flywheel bolts are compatible with the F/H motors, in case anyone was wondering:

    Today, the Duralast clutch was installed. That 19 lb-ft spec doesn't feel quite tight enough for a part like this, but okay.

    If you don't remember my post from when I had some parts powder coated, this car's color scheme is all planned out and the entire engine bay plus a lot of the suspension hard parts will eventually be painted/coated this Toyota Quicksand-inspired tan. It's kinda funny how once it's all said and done, each of my engine mounts will be a different color. This one's tan because the subframe it bolts to will be tan. The transmission mount is silver to match the transmission, and at some point the driver side mount will be redone in matte black to blend into the timing cover. The ESP torque strut is left polished because I think it would look odd if it was colored, but who knows, maybe I'll decide to have it done in matte black as well in hopes that it'll 'disappear' from view when you're looking down into the engine bay. We'll see how the polished bar looks agains the clean H22...

    I LOVE the ESP low-profile bracket. It's just so easy to get in and out!

    'til next weekend...
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      There are only a couple items left on my 'rare parts wishlist,' and if there's one thing I've learned in my time it's to not sleep on this stuff when it comes up for sale, because it might be years before it shows itself to me again. Fog lights weren't even a for-sure thing for me, because I kept going back and forth on whether or not I like the look - Is it too much clutter up front? Does it make the front end look too visually 'stacked,' when I enjoy a low, wide appearance that these might detract from? I could never decide. But if I did ever get fogs, there's no way I'd ever settle for the flat faces of the USDM lenses. I saw these come up on IG and just went for it. I've no idea if the brackets they came with are for the sedan or wagon (although I'm sure the sedans were far more common), so these lights might end up determining whether or not I change my front bumper .

      *EDIT - did some searching, and it looks like I've got coupe/sedan brackets. Which is a relief, because I wanted the smaller bumper in the first place!

      Now: anyone got sedan slim side moldings or Sigma side skirts they're trying to unload?
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        This is a score!!! You definitely made the right choice to move on those. Even if you don't use them, they will likely appreciate in value and you can make your investment back.


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            Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
            It is a pain, especially with a H22! Looks good though, cost a lot for all that fluid and parts but sooo worth it as it's a wagon!! Sweet!
            Yeah, the trans install is really fighting me. Even with the front subframe out and the engine tilted down as far as the crank pulley will allow.


              Ugh, that does suck. I was not able to get the trans back in place when I attempted this procedure. I ended up having to remove the engine and mating the trans to the block outside of the car. Perhaps remove the pulley to see if that allows a bit more angle?


                I finally got it, after disconnecting some little brackets and moving the main engine harness out of the way a bit. It fought me even trying to close that last inch to sit against the block, but the hard part is over. I am wiped out for tonight, but next weekend it shouldn't be too bad reassembling the suspension and all the other little pieces.

                Also, it sounds like the American gov't is finally deciding to throw its people a bone and pass out another stimulus check. They bought me wheels and tires last time, so I think some F&F Type 1s would be a nice way to bridge the gap (literally and figuratively) between now and when I find a better time to start saving for Fortune Autos...
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                  Very nice man! Granted it is somewhat hard to get the trans tipped just right and slid back up onto the engine. I've done it a few times and it's always a bit of a fight.

                  Just noticed that your coolant temp wire is broken as well as your secondary fan switch, for when the car is shut off to bring the temps back down.

                  In a few more hours you should have a running manual wagon, keep up the good work.
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                    Yeah, excellent work. It should be pretty smooth sailing after this point.


                      ^ That's what I was thinking, but then I remembered that this is me we're talking about. Something will happen.

                      Originally posted by Rilas View Post
                      Just noticed that your coolant temp wire is broken as well as your secondary fan switch, for when the car is shut off to bring the temps back down.
                      Yeah, that harness is super brittle. I also ripped a pinhole in two of the coolant lines while lowering the automatic. One's on order (comes out from under the throttle body), the other (lower rad hose) I'm just going to find a cheap way of patching until the new one I have goes in with the H. The wires should just be a quick solder job, though. I have two other harnesses to pull parts from if needed.


                        Screwed up my sleep schedule and ended up with a bit of free time today...

                        Installed the main beam on the traction bar, along with the torque strut:

                        Went to install the Valex line, wondering why it was so damn long, then why it wouldn't screw into the second soft line in the system. Turns out it goes all the way to the slave! From reading the conversion DIY, I got the impression that this wasn't the case; did they change the design? (*ED. - Just double-checked that; yeesh, I need to slow down when I read. Coulda saved myself from buying that P2M line!). Hopefully skipping the damper doesn't make it annoying to drive. I'll have to put in better effort in routing and securing the line when I clean up the bay for the H.

                        That, of course, cleaned up the top of the trans a bit. Not bad.

                        And finally, I bolted up the starter, and the little bracket to hold the rad hose:

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                          Trans conversion is just about done. I'm pretty much down to fluids, taking care of those broken connectors, and wiring in the new manual-specific circuits.

                          I had just enough clear film left over from my failed attempt at covering the headlights to protect the fogs, so they got the treatment. I also found some yellow bulbs on eBay; hopefully they're not cheap crap. I got a couple pairs just in case. I'm really trying to not give in to temptation and grab the next Seattle Silver sedan bumper I see at the junkyard... stay focused on the engine, stay focused on the engine...


                            Took care of the shifter wiring. Proper neutral safety set-up can wait for warmer days.

                            I could't very well let those ABS brackets go back in caked with dirt.

                            Hate to say it, but I was waiting for fitment issues with the ESP parts. The plate on the traction bar is trying to hold the ABS pump just a tiny bit too close to the frame rail, so the bolts connecting the two factory plates aren't lining up. Fortunately this one isn't a big problem. I should be able to simply elongate the holes in the lower factory plate to slide the whole assembly sideways.

                            The interior's all buttoned up again. I was afraid the shift extender was going to feel awkward, but I'm actually really liking it.

                            I don't even smoke, I just like the period-correctness of the cigarette lighter ^ ""Oh, that town, that's like 20 years behind the times, that fucking place." Book me there. I had fun 20 years ago. What, I can still smoke indoors? Ecstasy is still pure, uncut and readily available? Oh, shit, what cavemen they must be." - Doug Stanhope

                            Off to put the snow tires back on the daily, though. The temperature dropped and the forecast suddenly changed...
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                              This looks like a holiday well spent!!! I’m glad this went so smoothly.


                                Brought the back half of the center console home for cleaning. There was an unopened Starburst with a brown wrapper in there, if that hints at all toward how the seller left the car.

                                Some generic black floor mats are on order to help break up the monotony of the interior a bit... and cover up those stains.

                                *ED. - took the console back for a final install, and this decent shot for the front page:

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