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H311RA151N : 1993 Accord EX (2)

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    H311RA151N : 1993 Accord EX (2)

    Another MRT. Like I dont have enough.

    If you follow my 1992 Accord EX MRT then you've seen and heard of this thing.

    Picked it up for $300.

    Engine :

    A/C delete
    Power steering delete
    Balance shaft belt delete
    Cruise control delete
    Modified factory air box
    All new timing components

    Interior :

    Headliner removal

    Exterior :

    1996? Accord LX sedan wheels?

    Future Plans :

    Dont know. It runs/drives.

    Stripped to the max, super economical DSM turbo? Idk. Who knows. I have literally everything to fully mount a 16g on one which I also have (very decent 16g) plus other items. I would need custom oil supply and drain lines, new gaskets and a couple new bolts. I even have 550cc RC DSM fuel injectors. As well as the front half of a 1G AWD DSM Megan 3" downpipe.

    Basically what would be left is a 5 speed swap + decent clutch, Walbro 255 fuel pump, probably a fuel press reg, tunable ecu w/ software and hopefully a remote tune, generic intercooler with quality (thicker, to weld) piping and then some forged pistons. See about 85mm custom Arias, ball hone and possibly a ridge reamer. Head studs. Gaskets throughout and what ever the bearing situation would be. Cheapo boost gauge, I have a manual boost controller. Then a wideband. Tuning software compatible. Just a thought.

    Before part swapping began. (Left) Complete factory fogs included.

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    Long story kinda short, the hood on my 1992 EX got vandalized in a sense and I needed a new hood. The next morning I found this on FB marketplace for $500 on the other side of the state by one of the Dakotas. It was the right color, year and had factory fogs. Done.

    The listing states it leaks a ton of oil on the driver side. Like bad. Ok, it's the balance shaft seal probably. No big deal. I call up and he says now the fuel pump is bad and he'll take $250. I tell him I'm on my way and if he'll hold it I'll give him $300. Not that the car was going anywhere anyhow but I might end up in trouble if I drove that far and the car was gone. I had that happen on a Del Sol 10 years ago. Never again.

    Anyhow, I grab a repaired main relay I had, leave, drive 3ish hours with a truck and trailer to meet up. Dudes cool. Come home with it. Good deal.

    First thing I do is swap the factory main relay for my repaired one and it starts right up. +$200 theoretically speaking.

    It didn't have a battery but luckily I saved a cheap-o super start crap battery from the '90 Talon I parted out last year. Free. Good to go on that.

    I wanted it for parts and was going to park it in my growing CB7 graveyard back home once I got everything I wanted out of it but it's actually mechanically pretty decent.


    This was the balance shaft seal. Someone had already done all the work. They just didn't use a balance shaft seal retainer. The seal pushed out and they went back in again and used some form of strange epoxy like substance. And of course it pushed out yet again. They obviously gave up at that point and sold it. I think they sold it to the guy I bought it from.

    It has new everything timing related. The balance shaft seal pushed out before they put too many miles on it after doing the timing belt component replacement. Shiny new water pump as seen. Gates stuff.

    I had a new Gates timing belt from RA I bought for $5.50ish a couple months back. I used it and left the balance shaft belt off.

    I purchased a Dorman balance shaft seal retainer kit for $10 off Amazon and installed all three pieces of said kit.

    Then I deleted the A/C compressor, condenser fan, A/C bracket, power steering pump and bracket, and a few other things.

    I picked up a Bando alternator belt for w/o A/C for $10 also.

    So after $25.50 in parts it runs and drives. Doesn't leak. Shifts good. Everything a-ok so far. Driven it a couple miles.

    Needs front tires. They are dry rotted and 205/70R15's. The rear is 205/65R15. Which are actually in good condition. So I'm getting the absolute cheapest pair of new tires in that size I can find.

    These should hold air and roll. $43ea. Shipped.

    Other than that, we'll see. It's missing some stuff like a headliner, sun visors, a couple door handles, door lock cylinders, trunk lock cylinder. Antenna. Etc. I don't think I care though.

    It's actually not rusted underneath. Just the rear wheel arches. Those are pretty shot. Axle back of exhaust is MIA. Fortunately not that loud.

    I'm just going to insure it and drive it. It's rough. But that's cool.

    Pretty much as far as I got it tore down before rolling the 92 EX in to start swapping parts onto it taken off this. It's back together now though. With the poor condition parts from the 92 EX to go in place of what I took from it.

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      Hey, if any mod see's this. Can I get a favor? I forgot I already have another 1993 EX MRT but I sold that car to olblue in Minnesota. There is a lot of tech info in that MRT with pics which I'm sure is/was/will be benificial to people. So, can I get a (2) on this MRT at the end or my other MRT can go under olblue's S/N or something? You pick. Just so they are differentiated from each other. Big thanks!


        So there's a different roof for the models with a sunroof right? Like more bracing and stuff up there....


          There is quite a bit of structural difference other than just the sunroof components from what I can tell.


            I drove this to work a couple times recently. It runs and drives surprisingly well. It needs tires still on the front. And the cv shafts make noise but all in all it's not bad. It shifts really well.

            I may put PS back on. Maybe A/C as well. I don't really know. Or I could leave it as is. Idk.


              Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
              So there's a different roof for the models with a sunroof right? Like more bracing and stuff up there....
              Not really.

              If you look at the "Outer Panel" section under "Body" on Majestic's site there is no cross bracing under the roof panel on any of them.
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                Originally posted by fleetw00d View Post
                Not really.

                If you look at the "Outer Panel" section under "Body" on Majestic's site there is no cross bracing under the roof panel on any of them.
                Huh. Thatís good though! From my standpoint anyhow.


                  So I'm getting this ready to daily now. It doesn't look horrible but it's basic AF.

                  PS, A/C & cruise removed. No balance shaft belt. No headliner or rear deck/speakers. Stock cassette (flashing anti-theft?)

                  I have a full set of super cheap Ohtsu FP7000 195-60R15 tires on the way. $45 shipped each.

                  I installed a Spectra distributor today. From RA.

                  A set of NGK ZR5FGP plugs on the way along with a Fram fuel filter, fel-pro VC gasket, Gates upper rad hose, Stant rad cap, NGK wire set, NGK oxygen sensor, Standard PCV, Cardone driver side CV shaft and a pair of wiper blades.

                  The CEL is code 41. Oxygen sensor heater, primary.

                  It needs an exhaust and a couple door panels and such. It could use a hood and a new rear bumper.

                  I'm going to drive it for the foreseeable future. It sat in the weeds for 3 years or so near Sioux City, then was dragged a couple hundred miles east and I started switching parts and stripping it down to necessities for fun during Covid. It sat there for 6 months. Then it was dragged 400 miles away and sat for 4 months. I went to the most recent location it was parked and drove it 80 miles home on 3-4 year old fuel and a bottle of Heat fuel treatment. The battery was dead so I jumped it. The front tires were dry rotted and flat so I put some 14" steelies on the front and left the 15" aluminum CD5 wheels on the rear with dry rotted tires. It drove home ok and coughed and missed a little early on. But the trashing on the way home helped.


                    Like I said, she's rough. But it runs pretty well. Today I installed NGK plugs and a Fram fuel filter.


                      Ok, I don't understand the new version of vBulletin. I can't find this thread or any others of mine without specifically looking for them. They aren't coming into the feed. The recent feed displays only several threads since the beginning of the year.

                      edit... I can confirm that no one is seeing this.

                      I did however figure some other things out. still learning.
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                        The new post and subscription features are a little different. I got emails just now saying you posted, so something is working!


                          I'm slowly getting the hang of it! Like a newb again!

                          This is a tremendous help. Help - CB7Tuner Forums


                            I went to the JY today and found a maroon hood and black driver side fender as well as a driver side headlight.

                            For the first time ever I found a complete set of USDM 90/91 fog lights with the A B C harness and a flawless switch. In incredible condition. Almost new like. Too bad it's 90/91 but I'll take it.

                            I still need a rear bumper and fuel door. Hoping to get a red fuel door and a white bumper or visa versa. Might as well complete the mismatched body panel look.


                              I found a full 90/91 fog system years back as well, even though I prefer the face-lifted bumper. I only sold the lights themselves. And now that I scored 92/93 fogs that were lacking the switch and harness, I'm glad I kept the rest!

                              And: ooh, a Harlequin Accord build?