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Uslspct : 1991 Accord DX

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    Uslspct : 1991 Accord DX

    Lots of pics page 4 and 8!!!

    Engine bay: 1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!
    F22A1 Auto 230k miles 2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!
    Candy Red Valve cover3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!
    Unorthodox Racing SS pulleys4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!
    MSD Ignition, Wires, Cap, Blaster 2 coil5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!
    B&M FPR and gauge6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!
    Odyssey battery ~15 lbs7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because
    130 Amp Alternatorof his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!
    Upgraded Grounds8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

    AEM Short Ram w/AFE filter and custom heatshield
    H23 IM/TB Maxbore'd
    Megan SS header
    Vibrant metal cat
    Hedman glasspack
    Dynomax VT muffler - will have audio clips soon...

    Koni Yellow and Skunk2 springs
    Suspension Techniques rear sway bar only
    Neuspeed front upper strut bar
    Tenzo rear upper and lower bars
    Megan rear arms
    Ingalls front ball joint and rear arm camber kits
    Prelude SE 5-spoke blades w/ Eagle GT 195/60R15 tires
    Energy Suspension bushings kit

    ROH conversion with new prelude VTEC calipers
    Powerslot rotors
    Hawk HPS pads
    Goodrich SS brake lines

    Red leds replaced oem puke green lights
    Integra white clock w/red filter
    White gauge faces
    Black Ultrasuede inserts in doors
    New black carpet

    JDM 1 piece headlights retrofitted with TSX projectors
    Red/Clear tails w/ LEDs
    Blackhoused bumpers w/ Sylvania signal bulbs
    Fogs w/ Nokya yellow bulbs wired to oem switch
    Carbon fiber hood
    TAS mesh grill
    20% tint

    Elemental Designs 6.5" in Q-logic pods
    Image enhancing tweeters on A pillars
    No rear speakers
    13Ov2 Elemental Designs Sub in sealed box
    Hifonics Amps custom mounted
    Kenwood deck
    Audiocontrol EQL in glove compartment

    Rear disk swap with new E-brake lines & new rear calipers
    New hubs and bearings
    New upper control arms, lower ball joints, outer and inner tie rods
    New front torque mount with insert (red)
    New rear mount and urethane insert (red)
    Urethane filled side mount
    Added oem spoiler-self painted
    Fuel Injectors cleaned and flow balanced
    New steering rack.
    Removed A/C, ~45lbs
    Wolo Maxi sound Horns

    Future Plans:
    By fall
    Install Bisi header
    Refinish alloys - anyone local want to do it?
    Install EX Master cylinder and Brake booster and 40/40 prop valve
    Fix rust, install new black body moldings, and repaint car
    Install Delta 272 cam with head done by Wed3k and new timing belt
    Properly loop P/S and install new UR single accessory pulley
    Tenzo Racing seats or equivalent (Not spending $1000+ on seats)

    Nissan 6 spokes:

    Black 7 spokes:

    You like my TUNA fish?

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    How much does your wheel/tire combo weigh? Post here!
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    nice little coupe, good luck with future plans
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      looks nice man

      '04 SB AP2 211whp 150wtq


        Looks good so far, the head and tail lights flow nice toghter....
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          Sweet...the elusive bright red 90/91 DX coupe....not nearly enough of these around. Very nice and clean, keep up the good work.
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            Im not a fan of 90-91's but im sure loving your car. its the colors and the black bumpers. Hot man hottt


              Another nice looking BBB but she needs a drop like soo bad . Good luck with future plans
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                Looks good! I'm not sure about Nissan rims on a Honda though. They look good, it's just a brand thing. Anyway...Keep it up!
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                  nice bbb man! bad transmission choice though

                  change out those center caps and you'll be golden
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                    Originally posted by uslspct
                    Kill everyone
                    LOL WTF, did i miss sumthing....

                    By the way, I thought you had a white '91 4dr EX. I think im confusing
                    you with somebody else. Nice car tho, lately i've been liking Nissan wheels
                    I wanna get some '04 SE-R Spec V Rims, they are much nicer...

                    Originally posted by uslspct
                    Is that BURNS i see


                      Near Future...
                      Install ES bushings
                      Koni/Neuspeed shocks and Race Springs
                      Camber Kit(s)
                      one piece JDM headlights w/ HID
                      A6 IM swap, bore TB, portmatch plenum
                      Delta 260 regrind and adj. cam gear
                      ECU chipped
                      Remove A/C
                      Kill everyone LOL did anyone else see that, eh no one reads these things
                      Fuel stuff
                      SS brake lines
                      Maybe a Head Mill
                      CF or FG hood
                      Paint car including ugly black bumpers and mirrors
                      Members ride 15.927 @ 86.76 (f22a1)

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                        hey, i got the same kenwood mp3 player. too bad it broke after a year. wont play mp3 discs anymore. TOC error. watch out for those!

                        nice car by the way.

                        S A N D I E G O


                          Thanks for the compliments guys. Yeah that's Burns Honda. I posted a copy of the original sales invoice a few months ago. So I didn't chose this transmission.
                          I wondered how long it would take for someone to spot my "true" future plans.

                          The wheels look better with the center caps. Another guy had these wheels, but he painted them to match his car so the Nissan letters were gone. But I can't do that. The color is perfect. I could sand down the letters and try to paint match the wheels, but it wouldn't come out right.

                          I had my original reciever stolen from me. Then I got this one used. It does have some occasional problems reading MP3s.
                          Metal Metal and more Metal!!!

                          How much does your wheel/tire combo weigh? Post here!
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                          "I was hoping the Wolverine would finger one of those Japanese girls and then extend a claw into her b hole just for fun, BUT that never happened and I was extremely unsatisfied with the movie because of it." -Macaqueistrong


                            looks good, id like to see the bumpers painted. not diggin the BBB on red car


                              DUDE !! i like ur cluster !! heheehehe buh yeah wussup wit em OEM nissan rims..hehhehe.. u killed d honda throwback rims..hhe.. j/k.. lookin good so far..keep it up..and yeah as they said..GOOD LUCK on yo FUTURE PLANS... hope ya with the Lottery so ya could hook up everyone on here with an H22A swap(for those who have F22A's hehehe) dont worry dude ill pray for that to happen!! j/k!
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