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Boost_Lee : 1991 Accord EX

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    Boost_Lee : 1991 Accord EX

    Note: car is under new ownership as of 8/16.

    Boost_Lee (formerly known as 91accordexr33) 1991 Accord EX Sedan

    Project Name: Throwback


    Bottom End
    • F22B1 Golden Eagle Sleeved Block
    • 87mm Arias F22 pistons
    • Crower H23 rods
    • ARP rod bolts
    • ARP main studs
    • ARP headstuds
    • ACL main/rod bearings
    • TOGA high volume oil pump
    • Kaizen Speed balance shaft elimination kit

    • F22a4 Sohc Non-Vtec Head
    • Bisimoto Engineering Stg 1.2 Cam
    • Bisimoto Engineering Adjustable Cam Gear
    • Bisimoto Engineering Valvesprings

    Turbo Setup
    • Custom Mini-Ram Manifold
    • Precision GT3076R
    • Fast-Turbo Oil Line Kit
    • Fast-Turbo vaccum block kit
    • Tial 38mm wastegate
    • Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV
    • AEM Boost sensor (boost by gear)
    • Allstar Performance catch can
    • GM 3 bar map sensor

    • AEM High Volume Fuel Rail
    • Fast-Turbo Fuel braided line kit
    • Aeromotive FPR w/ gauge
    • Precision 1000cc Injectors
    • Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump

    • PBTuning 74mm Throttle Body
    • H23 intake manifold, IAB plate removed, gutted
    • KMS EGR block off plate
    • Bisimoto Engineering heat-shielding intake manifold gasket
    • 3" chargepipes
    • 3" K&N Air Intake Filter
    • FMIC , 3" core, backdoor inlet, 3" outlet

    Ignition / Cooling
    • MSD 6a ignition
    • MSD cap
    • MSD Blaster SS Coil
    • Trigger Box / Ignitor eliminated
    • NGK V-power R5672a-8 3 step colder plugs
    • Aluminum Dual Core Half-Radiator
    • Flex-A-Lite electric fan
    • 170-degree Thermostat

    Weight Reduction/Removed parts
    • Heater bypassed
    • AC system components removed
    • Power Steering removed
    • EGR System Bypassed
    • Cruise Control removed
    • Emmisions box removed
    • Charcoal canister removed
    • Battery Relocation to bumper
    • Stripped interior from B pillar back


    • Automatic-to-manual conversion
    • Quaife LSD
    • H22a M2A4 tranny
    • Drive Shaft Shop lvl 2.9 axles
    • Legal Speed Designs 6 Puck Clutch
    • Legal Speed Designs Dragger Pressure Plate
    • Forbidden Motorsports BB4 Prelude Short throw shifter


    • 3" downpipe
    • 3" flexpipe
    • 3" KTeller stainless steel exhaust
    • 3" Vibrant Stealth dual-tip Exhaust


    • 92-93 Front bumper
    • Xenon Mild front lip
    • Xenon Mild Sideskirts
    • Rear Xenon Mild lip
    • JDM 90-91 1-piece blackhoused headlights
    • TSX Projector retrofit
    • TSX 4300k HID setup
    • JDM Powerfolding mirrors, relay/switch
    • Red/Clear tails
    • BlizzGrill
    • LED rear plate lights
    • BlizzShade
    • JDM Window Visors
    • OEM flushmount replica
    • Repainted Seattle Silver
    • Tegiwa engine bay washers (purple, blk bolts)


    • 17" 5Zigen FN01RC - Matte Black with purple pinstripe
    • BLOX Purple lugs
    • XXR 15x8 et 0, gloss black, purple lip
    • Mickey Thompson ET Street 235/60/15 drag radials
    • Omnipower Street Coilovers
    • Front and Rear camber kit
    • Rotor over hub conversion
    • Prelude VTEC 11.2" rotors, crossdrilled and slotted
    • Prelude VTEC Calipers
    • HAWK pads
    • Rear disc brake conversion
    • 4040 Prop. Valve
    • Techna-fit Stainless Brake Lines F / R
    • Rear drilled and slotted rotors
    • Progress Rear Sway Bar
    • Energy Suspension front sway bar bushings
    • Energy Suspension front sway bar endlinks
    • Explicit Speed Performance CB7 front 2pt strut bar
    • Explicit Speed Performance CB7 rear 2pt strut bar
    • Explicit Speed Performance CB7 Traction bar system
    • Explicit Speed Performance CB7 adjustable front torque mount
    • Explicit Speed performance CB7 motor mount kit (auto-to-manual)


    • Sparco Sprint V full bucket seats
    • Bride Type MO seat rails
    • Crow 3" 4pt harnesses in purple
    • Wrapped headliner, purple fabric
    • Harness bar
    • 4th gen Prelude BB4 shift base
    • Blox Gunmetal shift knob
    • 92-93 Manual Seatbelt conversion
    • OEM Integra Type R shift boot
    • Red LED Dash Cluster with Wagon Speedometer
    • Stewart Warner 2 5/8" Gauges - Boost, Oil Pressure, Water Temp
    • MOMO Hub with generic Wheel and "H" Horn
    • Purple NRG quick release ver. 2.5


    • Radio Delete
    • Code Alarm w/ remote start and 2way pager

    Engine Management / Tuning Electronics
    • Hondata S300
    • Zeitronix Wideband 02 LCD display unit
    • Bosch Wideband 02
    • Zeitronix electronic boost sensor


    • "St00pified" by Jason Herrera


    • Prothane bushing kit or spherical bearings
    • new GE block
    • Rollcage or rollbar setup
    • CF Hood and Trunk / painted


    Engine: Fully Built F22A4 SOHC non-Vtec

    Misc pics

    R33 front and M3 sides pictured here

    special thanks to ALL members on this board, especially carlos, antoine, todd, john[s], steve, mike[s], eric, francis, adam... all u guys

    new muffler: pg 17
    new motor build up: pg 18
    jdm 1 pieces: pg 18
    GT3076R: pg 19
    new rims: pg 20
    new exhaust and video clips of car: pg 21
    Cf Hood: pgs 24-26
    new pistons: 30
    traction bar w clips: 30-31
    New FMIC: pg 31-32
    Built motor after paint and machine work: pg 33
    Assembly of motor: pg 36
    Engine bay makeover: pg 39
    Wiretuck progress: pg 40
    Legal Speed Designs Clutch review: pg 40
    Engine assembly previews: pg 41-47
    Running engine pics: pg 48
    New camera shots: pg 52
    Dyno chart: pg 56
    Sway bar endlinks/coilover install: pg 58
    2-step video: pg 58
    New pics: pg 61
    Teardown: pg 66
    Projector retrofit progress: pg 67-69
    Manifold pics: pg 71-72
    Bisimoto parts / head: Pg 74
    Mock up pics with manifold: Pg 77
    Blizzshade : Pg 93
    Back-on-the-road pics: Pg 94
    Last edited by Boost_Lee; 08-05-2016, 12:21 PM.

    Formerly 91AccordExR33
    11.68 @ 127mph
    Sold: 8/2016

    lookin good man, VERY glad to hear you're ditchin the chrome

    it'll be sweet, one question, why BW rear? just what you like? Appearance Specialist - PM me with any bodywork questions


      yeah, can't wait to see it w/ a full kit on some gunmetals

      i would also reccommend selling the altezza tails and purchasing a set of red & clear tailights. i think those would look clean on your accord!

      welcome to cb7tuner!


        Thanks for the criticism guys. Yea, I like the Black Widow Wing, so I decided to match it with the rear bumper. Plus Im looking to do a dual exhaust. I like red clear lights too, but I want to see how my TYC's come out. Im going to paint them to match so you'll only see the lights and no carbon fiber. If I dont like them, I'll go for red/clears or some all red ones.

        Formerly 91AccordExR33
        11.68 @ 127mph
        Sold: 8/2016


          very nice front bumper

          lol and real good work


            not bad br0, keei it up


              Its about time...I ditched the chrome guys!

              I got me some ADR Spades....Gunmetallic with a Polished Lip

              Pics of updated car will be posted sometime next week ( I took about 20 pics today)

              Car will be in the bodyshop Monday for about 2 weeks for repaint and bodykit.

              Should I post the new pics as a Reply or should I edit the originals?
              Last edited by Boost_Lee; 04-05-2004, 11:37 AM.

              Formerly 91AccordExR33
              11.68 @ 127mph
              Sold: 8/2016


                Originally posted by 91accordexr33
                Should I post the new pics as a Reply or should I edit the originals?
                both. but you should keep the old pics so that people can see the transformation.

                absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.



                  nice ride. i am diggin the front bumper

                  R.I.P. Molly, you will be missed. Only 16 and your life taken away from an irresponsible driver. (10/14/08)

                  Sold to: Boost_Lee | Cby0 | CB710AE | CB7lx91 | Davids92Accord | Driftspec310 | F22HB | sunburn | Wed3k


                    yeah me too. can't wait to see the car with the new rims.

                    V-TAK FTW!!1!


                      MEMBER'S RIDE

                      i was driving along today and the check engine light came on.
                      i pulled over and looked under the hood.
                      the engine was still there...
                      ...silly light!


                        New pics are up guys...I love the rims and i love the tires. Hope you like them.
                        The car is getting the kit put on (M3 sides, BW rear, thruster wing) and repainted as we speak and should be completed by next Friday. I will get pics a.s.a.p.

                        Formerly 91AccordExR33
                        11.68 @ 127mph
                        Sold: 8/2016


                          your car improved more with your new shoes (Wheels)
                          R.I.P 1993 ACCORD LX ::::7-23-05::::


                            Thanks Im glad to hear that.
                            Keep the criticism comin guys

                            Formerly 91AccordExR33
                            11.68 @ 127mph
                            Sold: 8/2016


                              body kit and paintin'....that accord will look much sweeter when it gets out the shop what color are you going with? the original?
                              are you removing the side moldings or just painting em'?
                              I also wanna get a better pic of the taillights if you have one
                              I don't lie, I bullshit