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J-specCb4 : 1991 Accord EX

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    J-specCb4 : 1991 Accord EX

    ***updates on almost every page***

    i bought this car in march of 03 for 150$

    jdm H22A
    USDM m2f4 h22 trans 4.266 FD
    exedy stg 1
    edlebrock throttle body (to be installed)
    hondata intake manifold gasket
    str fuel rail
    str cam seal
    wire tuck
    removed ps/ac/cc
    blocked off egr
    Ebay header
    ITB's (being fabbed up)
    chipped po6
    aluminum radiator
    single slim fan

    oem 92-93 foglights(deciding if i wanna install them)
    oem 92-93 bumpers front and rear
    oem 5th gen lip
    oem legend lip
    oem 92-3 EX lip
    oem diy grill made by me lol
    jdm one-piece stanley headlights(blackhoused by yours truly)
    jdm power folding mirrors
    jdm prelude sidemarkers
    painted 92-3 side moldings
    painted bumper moldings
    oem style cf hood
    cf trunk (thanks joey)
    EDM rear fog

    black dash
    cheap steering wheel (winter)
    sprint suede steering wheel
    nrg quick release
    custom stains and loose change on the carpet
    EM racing C-pillar bar

    omni power
    new oem balljoints/axles/rear lower LCA bushings
    jdm 96 spec CW ITR wheels wrapped in bridgestone potenza re92(sold)(bought another set LOL)
    oem 95-6 prelude vtec wheels(blades)
    oem acura cl mesh 16s(winter)one of which is cracked(sold)
    Jdm G-square break 17x7 (sold )
    oem 90-91 ex wheels(for sale for really cheap..... really)
    90-91 factory option wheels split 5 spoke 14s
    volk superfine mesh 15x6.5 +37
    desmond regamaster evo brites 16x7+ falken azenis rt615 215-45-16
    16x7 +32 volk te37 in mercury silver with 205/50/16 dunlop direzza z1 star spec

    pioneer deh-6500 headunit (old school)
    pioneer 3-way 6x9s(teh sucks)
    pioneer 3-way 4-1/2(meh)

    Future Plans:
    12:1 mahle gold/eagle rods
    skunk2 pro2 cams
    supertech valvetrain
    ARP headstuds and rod bolts
    ACL bearings
    TWM ITB's(down the line)
    chasebays or rywire harness(probably non-milspec)
    Bisi header
    m2b4 LSD trans
    fidanza flywheel(undecided weight)
    competition stage 2 clutch
    s2000 clutch master cylinder
    i still need to drive a manual brakes car and see if its for me. i may delete the brake booster
    3 inch exhaust with an e-cutout(probably vibrant muffler)
    respray the bay with the rest of the car
    new seam sealer in the bay, and get rid of what is currently shaved

    moving along.

    new color inside and out(bay/interior/trunk/door jambs)
    oem window visors
    xenon mild front lip
    im going to fab some cf brake ducts that link directly to the rear of the rotor from the oem fog holes(ill probably use a spare bumper)
    one more set of jdm headlights ill tint the housings and cut a big ass hole in the lowbeam of the passenger one and make a velocity stack, then ill move the lowbeam dish over to the highbeam spot. i plan on using resin and making it all solid so it doesnt leak
    some sort of simple retrofit
    LED retrofit taillights
    LED bumper lights
    depending on color ill have the chrome door trim powdercoated
    edm thin moldings
    17x8 pearl white(depending on car color) volk ce28s
    various other wheels LOL
    i wont always run the cf hood and trunk(not selling it tho)
    tinted taillights and oem bumper lights again dependant upon color

    moving along

    having a difficult time deciding whether ill delete heat
    suede covered dash
    black door panels
    nardi deep corn in suede
    sparco mod 7 wheel in suede
    suede door panels
    no carpet/or black carpet
    4 point roll bar
    s2000 cluster(ideally id run a stack cluster or something like that)
    wideband and oil psi gauges in the center vents
    probably a kenwood gps double din headunit
    some 6x9s that can take some power and a small lightweight amp
    no back seats
    status/recaro/bride seats obviously still undecided
    id love to make a removeable cf sunroof plug that i can put in the trunk when i want the sunroof open it would be nice to get rid of the weight associated with the whole mechanism

    i still dont see a need to uprgrade my omni power coilovers(love them!)
    nsx brakes up front
    steel braided lines all around
    hardrace bushings
    going to dial in which rear sway bar i will need(car feels very balanced right now with the oem EX sway)
    225/40/17 sticky somethings

    old picture of my engine bay lol

    stay tuned

    from this in january 05

    to this january 06

    the new heart.....

    Large update on page 71
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    "Tucking tires and wires."
    The Chronicles.

    mmmm thats cherry popping good.


      damn ur quick clark

      "Tucking tires and wires."
      The Chronicles.



        lookin' good! best of luck with the future plans.

        absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


          thx as always elliot

          "Tucking tires and wires."
          The Chronicles.


            wow... looking good..... i like it.

            Thanks to Ronald for the great picture.

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              thx man im inspired by your cars appearence

              "Tucking tires and wires."
              The Chronicles.


                Clean, I like it.
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                  really nice, and the pics are great too!


                    thanks to everyone

                    "Tucking tires and wires."
                    The Chronicles.


                      Car looks really clean
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                        thx i only wish i had fresh paint like you

                        "Tucking tires and wires."
                        The Chronicles.


                          That Cf trunk and N1 exhaust looks siiiick! Great job!


                            well i have u to thank for that sir

                            "Tucking tires and wires."
                            The Chronicles.


                              clean, i like the grill