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owequitit : 1990 Accord EX

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    owequitit : 1990 Accord EX


    ITEMS IN RED = NEW stuff since last update

    Last updated: 3/31/08


    -DC Sports Ceramic coated 2.5" collector header
    -Carsound 2.5" high flow cat
    -Removed balance belt
    -USDM P13 ECU
    -Skunk2 Pro Series adjustable cam gears
    -Hondata IM Gasket
    -"poor man's" Type R/fizzbob IM conversion
    -Energy suspension front motor mount insert
    -RS*R catback exhaust (pre EX-Mag)
    -Modified stock airbox with 3" inlet and velocity stack (it is still quiet most of the time)
    -OEM Honda Aluminum oil filler cap

    -5 speed swap using the "no weld" method and Prelude tranny mount
    -M2B4 LSD Prelude tranny
    -ACT Streetlite 11lb flywheel
    -ACT HDSS Clutch kit
    -PSPEC short shift kit


    -Neuspeed Sport Springs
    -Tokico Illumina shocks
    -REV Model X 17x7" wheels (forged aluminum)
    -Toyo Proxes T1R 215/45-17 tires *this wheel/tire combo weighs the exact same as stock size tires on my Prelude blades
    -Prelude sawblades w/ 195/60-15 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
    -Rear disc brake conversion
    -Front rotor over hub conversion
    -Prelude VTEC front rotors and calipers
    -Energy Suspension Front Master Bushing Set
    -SPC balljoint camber kit
    -Progress rear anti-roll bar 3 point front strut tower bar 2 point rear strut tower bar


    -JDM 90-91 OEM fogs with wiring & switch
    -Pilot Hyper White Fog light bulbs
    -JDM amber side markers
    -JDM 90-91 OEM 2 piece blackhoused headlights
    -94-95 OEM Honda Accord front Lip
    -Painted side moldings
    -Red/Clear tails with blacked out center stripe
    -Shaved trunk emblems
    -USDM amber corners modified to work with JDM 2 peice headlights.
    -DIY amber bumpers
    -RAYBRIG H4 low beam bulbs
    -S2000 antenna
    -Tinted windows
    -DIY Honda stickers in the rear wing windows
    -Color matched, and mesh grill


    -Full 1991 SE Black Leather interior
    -OEM Honda BB6 cluster conversion
    -DIY OEM style amber interior light conversion, including all switches and buttons
    -1991 Prelude SI steering wheel with Katzkin leather cover
    -"JDM Personal Box" ashtray compartment
    -PSPEC Leather shift boot
    -Skunk 2 10th Anniversary weighted shift knob


    -Optima Red Top Battery
    -Alpine Head Unit
    -Eclipse 6 band analog equalizer
    -Infinity speakers all around
    -RF amps all around
    -Integrated XM satellite radio
    -Ipod integration


    -Fix the damage from being rearended
    -OEM rear suspension bushings
    -Perhaps blacked out window trim (powdercoated, not painted).
    -A chipped ECU with tunable software solution
    -H.I.D. lightbulbs

    I bought this car with 67,000 miles in December of 1998. Here are some more pics.

    Thanks for checking out my ride!

    None of these have been photoshopped in any way shape or form.
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    WoW! that is a clean cb, lovin the rims. Show us more pics.


      a winner in my book
      Check out what used to be mine
      Click Here


        Thanks for the compliments guys.

        I have thought about the OEM fogs, but most of the time on the 90-91, it just looks like a huge square light with the bumper signal. Those aren't even hooked up anymore, and I think they have been unplugged for close to 2 years now. I just didn't remove them because of the holes cut in the grill.

        I have tons of pics, maybe I can get some more up later.

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          wow that is one hell of a clean cb7 your engine is so clean the red clears look good and so does the color


            NICE!!! those wheels/tires couldent fit ANY better! great job man, what tint do you have in the front windows?...anyways nice check mine out!


            thanks to phempa for teh sig!


              u got a lovely lookin cb there bro more pics


                nice....the steering wheel is a nice touch. i like how clean the motor is, people often overlook it. later.
                Avoiding dirt at all costs


                  Looks really clean for a 1990.. Your pics turned out well..
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                    nice car and nice pics

                    '04 SB AP2 211whp 150wtq


                      I realize it's been said before, but VERY nice. It's nice to see some time and devotion spent on making our cars look very presentable. By the way, if you think you want to come off that gauge bezel, pm me.
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                        damn scott lookin much better since the last time ive seen it....I like the wheels and the stance
                        1991 Honda Accord Ex
                        Pics of the beast!

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                          Wow, amazing everything on this one, great pics, ext, int, and esp. the engine bay! Great work on that! I like what you have planned too What's the mileage on it now? And what Honda engine did the OEM alum. filler cap come off of? That's awesome!



                            woah who stole grandma's car lol,ive gotta give scott shit hes the one that helped me do my swap and the one i hope to go into business with doing swaps weve done quite a few and all have turned out guys have to see this car in person to see how damn clean it is my vote for cleanest accord next to type-g's ride talk about meticoulus.or however its spelled.
                            im finally back in a cb7 its like coming
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                              Hey guys thanks a lot. I found some more pics to post. I will add them.

                              The car has just under 208,000 original miles on it as of yesterday when the pics were taken. I will have over 208,000 by the end of the week (I average about 25,000 miles per year). The car still has the original paint job, except for the rear end. Unfortunately, I was rear ended about 3 years ago, so they had to repair and repaint the rear of the car. It was pretty much the trunk and the rear quarter on the passenger side. They didn't do a bondo repair, they actually replaced all the stuff. They also blended the paint, so you can only tell it is different under the most extreme night flourescent lighting conditions.

                              As far as maintenance goes, I haven't had a single unscheduled failure of any kind. I replaced the radiator due to an untraceable hairline leak (I spend way too much time barrelling through the desert in 120+ degree heat to chance it). My main relay will need changed soon, and the shocks that are on the car as well as the front brakes (except the pads) are all original.

                              Granite CB7 - The oil cap was an OEM "accessory" that was sold at the dealerships for awhile. It was pricey, but mine is the only one I have seen.

                              Crazemonie - I don't know what the percentage the front tint is, it is just called "legal" in Arizona. That is the darkest they can be and still be legal. It is probably 50-60%. The rears are 20% I believe.
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