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    93twodoorLX : 1993 Accord LX

    1993 Honda Accord LX Coupe

    Hey guys, this is me and this is my coupe. I've been a member since a little after the birth of this site 2003-2004) and have grown up with it. I turned a bone stock 93 CB with 63K on the clock into this mildly tuned street car. Long story into short, this baby is alotta fun to me, and i have made little to no compromises in its building

    old skool sig

    DIY arcadia green valve cover
    AEM Short Ram intake
    F22A6 intake manifold swap
    H22 upper plenum (polished but not ported)
    H22 Throttle body with 95 civic TPS
    Phenolic intake manilfold spacer/gasket
    throttle body coolant bypass
    IACV coolant bypass
    FITV removed
    AEM Dryflow air filter
    Air filter heat shield
    MSD cap
    HKS style 7 point stealth mode grounding kit
    Removed Cruise control
    NGK premium wires
    NGK plugs
    Ebay 4-2-1 header
    DEI 2" header wrap
    K&N oil filter
    Ebay Hi-Flow cat
    2.25" mandrel bent exhaust
    DTM straight through muffler
    new radiator
    Optima Red Top battery (c/o deevergotes wrecked DX)


    Arcadia green pearl paint
    Ex Front lip
    DIY Blacked out grill with DIY Silver mesh inlay
    Blacked out door trim
    OEM JDM Accord Coupe badge
    OEM EDM 2.2i badge
    AEM Black decal black decal


    NEW- PIAA Hyper white 9005s converted to low beams (Silverstar 9006's back ups)
    NEW- Nokya ion yellow 9005 high beams (Silverstar 9005 back ups)
    Silverstar 1156's in bumper n reverse lights
    H3 foglights-Silverstar/PIAA Ion yellow
    JDM Coupe corners (one bulb clears)
    Diy bumper light conversion
    Led corner lights
    led brake lights (cadillac style bitches)

    \\Brakes & Wheels//

    94 prelude 15" sawblades
    (NEW) BFGoodrich G-force Sport 205/55/15
    (OLD)futura touring HR 205/55/15
    Graphite honda hub caps
    Yokohama Avid T4 185/70R/14
    H&R Sports
    Neuspeed Strut bar (black on black)
    Megan Racing lower tie bar
    Megan Racing rear strut bar
    Brembo Rotors
    Brembo Sport brake pads
    Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines
    New OEM honda lower balljoints


    Fushigi RES short Shifter (discontinued)
    Bucket drop
    Aluminum Pedals
    customized stock shift knob.
    custom black door panels
    professional vinyl insert wrap (tan)
    Tinted dome light and door lights
    NEW- Tan and re wrapped EX 6x9 speaker pods
    OEM 94 accord floor mats (tan)


    (Front) Pioneer 220 watt 3-way 6 1/2s
    (Rear) Pioneer 300 watt 3-way 6 x 9s
    Alpine CDE-9843 HU

    \\Future plans//

    1. Accord of the month lol
    2. working IAB box ( mine is fried somehow)
    3. alignment (adjusted toe)

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    Hit the clutch Hit the gear Hit the gas and i'm GONE>>>
    Arcadia Green Crew #10

    great clean car. im starting to get some competition.

    why is ur power steering pump blue?

    damn those are low miles, thats like me in 3 years.
    What makes me laugh about forums, is that no matter how much you try to help someone, they dont take the advice. Go ahead and do it the hard way.

    You got to respect what you drive, and appreciate what you have, making the best of what you got. and if that means putting CAI, HID's, a phat stereo system, and a idiot in the drivers seat...then so be it!



    I love nooBs...They make me look good


      I was wondering when you would finally get some pics up! Not bad for a nearly 12 year old car! Good 'ol Cornell sure took care of that thing... I just spent $670 on bodywork and paint for my car. I'm so jealous of that near-perfect stock condition!

      What are your future plans for it? Performance, appearance, luxury? You pretty much have your choice of directions to go with that one!


        good question as to why its blue i didnt do it, got it that way. I figure im going in a luxury direction deever, as me and cpmike discussed i dont have alot of income to play with for the performance, Im thinking some nice EX,SE alloys 6,7 spokes keep my stock suspension, itz super nice right now smooths riding honda i've even been in. Im gonna do JDM lighting mods such as my corners if i ever get em lol, eventually go for 9005,9006 sylvannia silver stars, repaint or remove my heat shield, black leather inserts in my stock seats front and back to match my odd black dash. still looking for more ideas as i go so keep em coming
        Members ride 15.927 @ 86.76 (f22a1)

        Hit the clutch Hit the gear Hit the gas and i'm GONE>>>
        Arcadia Green Crew #10


          Sounds good... The seat inserts would be really nice... It'll definitely tie that gofy dash into the whole scheme of things!

          You could always look into a new carpet as well, since yours isn't in great shape (unless I'm not remembering it properly...)


            nah my carpet is in great condition, my floor mats are just wrecked i want some stock replacement ones that say accord but i cant find em, n e one gotta place?
            Members ride 15.927 @ 86.76 (f22a1)

            Hit the clutch Hit the gear Hit the gas and i'm GONE>>>
            Arcadia Green Crew #10


              looks good sean, glad to see that you finally got some pics of it up, but the pics dont do it justice its a very clean car in person
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                looks great sean! glad you finally got some pics up. you are very very lucky to have such a perfect car for that price... only going on 70k miles.... man.

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                  nice clean cb7. and super low miles.

                  i think all black leather seats would look better than black leather inserts in the current seats. ah well, different strokes for different folks.

                  absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


                    Inserts are certainly cheaper though!


                      Ya well complete leather would kill my money matter, so inserts could be sick enough 375 for all seats done up right. just wish i had lumbar my back hurts from no support of those seats sometimes....
                      Members ride 15.927 @ 86.76 (f22a1)

                      Hit the clutch Hit the gear Hit the gas and i'm GONE>>>
                      Arcadia Green Crew #10


                        wear i live,ican get all 3 seats with real leather(any color) and the honda H on the back of the 2 front seats,and on each side of the back seats for $1000.00,thats a killer price.thats installed too.


                          nice and clean love the paint
                          R.I.P 1993 ACCORD LX ::::7-23-05::::


                            itz so great that everyone is supportive let me see if my sig works i jus put it up im seeing if it works
                            Members ride 15.927 @ 86.76 (f22a1)

                            Hit the clutch Hit the gear Hit the gas and i'm GONE>>>
                            Arcadia Green Crew #10


                              super clean man, i like it. just keep it that way and things will be swell.
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