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HF22T : 1992 Accord LX

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    HF22T : 1992 Accord LX

    so i pretty much just started on the cb7 well, might have well just started it had a bad encounter with a minivan as seen in the first pic. so as of right now it looks like a cow.

    next pic this one is in the middle of the kit install after i replaced the core support and whole front end thats the gf in the trunk

    rear end view

    new grill

    sides partially installed

    this is the motor temporarily


    so mods so far i have a cai off a 90 hatch works really nice
    dual apexi knock offs 4" tips
    and a ported head

    soon to come

    gotta love bdays got all except the turbo and the h23 head for my birthday mostly from my gf gotta love the gf

    plus i have a full race port planned as well as new tints silver paint, 450cc dsm injectors that i have , full build on the motor the h22 trans has already been taken in to get built not sure on gearing yet plus plans of a co2 kit and exedy clutch
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    the build and demise
    buy stuff i want a new car

    Originally posted by erikm
    OMG You brought that bitch back to life, and you are going to give it life with a H22/F22 swap? With turbo?!!! NICE
    yo you sneaky bastard. Busted ah mean Boosted anyway where did you get that grill
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      nice accord those mufflers look cool too show pics when your done with the project


        i made that grill if you want one i can do more of them i do have like 3 extra grills

        oh i believe i did state h23 head

        the build and demise
        buy stuff i want a new car


          I'm personally not a fan of body kits, but it looks good so far.

          Congradulations and good job on bringing that Accord back to life!


            car looks good so far keep it up


              Lookin good man! Oh how I miss green grass and long warm days!!! Sorry I saw some grass in your pics and made me miss summer.Good job on fixing it back up, it looks really good!!We have like almost the same interior! You copied me!!!! nah lol just kidding around.Later man


                Hey great start, glad to see that you fixed it instead of getting rid of it, where in michigan are you located?


                  its back from the dead, good shit. those sides have to go cuz they are for a 4dr not a 2dr. nice front and rear with those mufflers. sorry to point this out but Spoon Sports doesnt make shift boots. oh yea fix ur mods list before the mods do it for u


                    why is your dash so shiney? is it painted black or does it have a dressing on it? later.
                    Avoiding dirt at all costs


             that's a determined CB7Tuner!!

                      ...and you're gonna go boost??

                      good stuff man, best of luck...keep us posted!!

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                        well the shift boot is still sexy dont car if its real or not
                        fix my mods list?

                        yes its been painted and cleared was also just cleaned

                        and the sides are for a 2door now they are anyway dont have an updated pic but they are fully molded now and look really good

                        i know alot of people arent fans of body kits but i got a great deal on it and t looked better than the uglyness of no front end just for the record im not a fan of graphics liek yours or 3 foot spoilers because thats exactly what they are spoilers

                        but i should have pics of the mounted turbo and h23 head soon

                        im in rochester michigan says your in holland is that holland MI?
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                        the build and demise
                        buy stuff i want a new car


                          update some ofthe new toys are in

                          UPDATE: so some of the new toys are in the guage assembly was fun the stainless bezel was a PITA had to shorted the clip mounts so the lock in but heres a picof that and the shif boot is in the counsole

                          the build and demise
                          buy stuff i want a new car


                            lookin good


                              so i started the tear down and mocked up the head it will be in acid bath (paint thinner) this week them i just wait for the internals well money for and do the p&p any tips for the h23 head swap would be helpfull

                              just for the record i was in a non heated shed in about 4 degree weather so i didnt finish the tear down i couldnt feel things

                              updated pic of the car its self

                              and for some gretuitus boobage

                              the build and demise
                              buy stuff i want a new car