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honda83 : 1993 Accord LX

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    honda83 : 1993 Accord LX

    These pixs were taken before i put the Springs and Struts on so as you can see the car is at stock height. am trying to find my pixs with the coilovers on it.

    AEM Intake
    New Water pump
    Timing belts
    Axle (tie rods.Balljoints,Rotors,Brakes)
    Greddy Style Exhaust
    Valve cover gaskets
    Bosch Spark Plugs

    2 12" Rockford Fosgate
    P5002 Rockford Fosagate Amp
    2 5 1.2 Infinity Kappa Door Speakers
    2 K69 Kicker 6 by 9
    2 R19 Kicker Tweeters
    Verge 4 Channel Amp
    Boss Crossover
    Dash Strob Lights

    (Pixs are before i put the Springs and Struts in)
    Kyb GR2 Struts
    Ebiach Pro kit Springs
    18" ADR GT White Wheels
    225/18/35 Falken ZIEX Tires

    AEM Signal Mirrors (Blue)
    Front Storb lights
    Groundeffects 4 bar neon lights (Red)

    Burgandy (Glitter Flakes) (Dont no if you can notice it in the pixs)
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    dude the links are all messed up fix em


      my bad people. it wasnt uploading and i dont no why it made 2 threads. sorry. am trying to fix it now.

      Thanks alot guys and sorry for that again.


        Ok.. Finally got the pixs on here after about a hour. My computer was acting up bad as hell. but ya there on here. Tell me what you think people.


          those are some bright ass wheels, get more pics of it in the day and of it dropped. welcome aboard playa


            ya. well i had the rims on it. took them off and chanced the coilovers to the ebiach pro fit. so am hoping i got them around. but am changing the wheels on it. so this might be all i got til i get the chrome feet on it.also.. changing the paint job so just silver flakes.


              Nice rims

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              Nice job so far cant wait to see the drop. I like the rims they look pretty sick do you plan on keeping them for a while? Well peace out dude keep updating.

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                got any motor shots? damn, those are some white wheels. later.
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                  No am not keeping the wheels. i still have them but am selling them to my boy for $600. they need new tires cuz they been thru 2 summers already. ya with the coilovers i had it droped all 4 inches. it was sick as hell. but am not sure if i got any pixs of them. when i take it out soon ill take some pixs more pixs. and ill try some of the motor also. and with the new rims when i get new ones.

                  I dont no if you remember this car but i bought the rims off him a yr ago. but i guess he put his car apart and sold everything.

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                    damn i like the while drums too!

                    really makes the wheels look WHITER!

                    get some better pix!


                    thanks to phempa for teh sig!


                      nice accord i like those white wheels


                        Welcome to the site buddy. Hmmm im not feeling the rims but other than that it looks pretty clean and ohh engine shots needed please.....
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                          how come you have one name, and the title of the thread is another name? It's supposed to be your name, or did you change your name?

                          either way, nice start. Yea, you should get some pics up of the dropped cb7.

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                            i called the car glittereye. i didnt no we had to put are user name on there first.. but ya i forgot the drums arn't white anymore. i colored them the same color as the car along with the flakes on the drums and callipers also.

                            i dont no why but the pixs look wayy clearer and better on my PC then on here. you can actually see the glitter and everyone on my pixs.

                            and ya am going to try and get some pixs of the car droped.
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                              Originally posted by honda83
                              I dont no if you remember this car but i bought the rims off him a yr ago. but i guess he put his car apart and sold everything.
                              Yes, I remember this car, H22 w/ nitrous and then modded the DSM mani to fit the H22.

                              Looking very clean, I thought that was stock paint in the first shot! Def. get some daytime pics w/ pics of the motor. Auto? Manual?