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Dukehoopskm: 1990 Accord EX

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    Dukehoopskm: 1990 Accord EX

    Hey all, I've kinda been off and on with this project, so hopefully I'll stick with things this time. The camera I used kinda sucked, but here are some pics!

    Mine and my friend's 5th gen... we painted his stock wheels and put them on my car. We attempted to paint the wheels so that there would be a polished lip, they turned out pretty good imo.

    Yea I need to re-do the black trim paint... didn't do it right the first time lol

    I only got a few mods as of right now, but here they are:

    AEM Cold Air Intake
    2.25" Custom Catback Exhaust with Magnaflow Muffler

    White Reverse Glow Gauges

    DIY Blackhoused Headlights
    Blackhoused corner lenses
    Clear bumper lenses
    Black Painted Trim and Grill
    Tinted tail lights

    Tein S-Tech Springs on stock struts for now

    5th gen EX wheels painted gun metal
    Potenza Tires

    Future Plans
    DC Sports Header/Downpipe
    High-Flow Cat
    92-93 Front Bumper Conversion
    Mugen Style Front Lip
    M3 Sides
    Erebuni Style129 Rear Lip
    Carbon Fiber OEM Hood
    Paint Job (Re-paint stock color, or Satin Silver)
    30% Tint
    Tokiko Blue Struts
    18" Motegi FF7's, Black with polished lip
    H22 with manual transmission conversion (possibly??)
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    im loving that color is different. nice car men.


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      Originally posted by chicohonda91
      im loving that color is different. nice car men.
      i second that, the color of the cb, really sets everything off well

      as for the rims, i'm kind of feeling them, but its hard to tell cause all the pictures are from a far.

      that 5th gen looks real clean, the rims are looking awesome!
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        cars lookin really nice man, just do that black trim, i just had to do redo mine, cause i too didnt do it right the first time either. likin the rims too


          Cool car, your attempt at gun-metal rims w/polished lip actually......looks really nice. Good luck with future mods....
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            Looks sick dude! It all flows real nice
            PM me if you found this!!


              nice ride man, id like to black out my trim for that all black look, but im lazy. needs a drop and youd be set. p.s. get your boy to put the rims from his 5th gen on your whip, that would be sick.


                nice !!!!!!!!!
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                  very nice...btw how long hav u had Tein on ur stock shock??

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                    looks good. like the color scheme.

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                      nice lookin ride man, also nice job painting those wheels
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                        Clean ride man like the color

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                          Looks great looks to me like your headed in the right direction dont turn around now keep the good shit rolling peace.

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                            Originally posted by Accordlx
                            very nice...btw how long hav u had Tein on ur stock shock??
                            I've had em on for almost a year, the reason it doesnt appear lower is b/c the pic was taken almost right after we put the new wheels on... so the springs havent settled yet.

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                              nice start
                              i LOVE jdM