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Udondevil - 1992 Accord

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    Udondevil - 1992 Accord

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Udondevil -1992 Accord Coupe Lx


    220whp at 7,420 rpm and 166ftlbs at 6,520rpm 2250Lbs without driver

    H23A VTEC, 5Omotorsport 550cc Injectors, NGK Blue Plug Wires, BWR egr block off plate, Skunk2 70mm TB port matched to IM, Custom Cold air Intake, 1320 longtube tri-y header with 2.5 inch collector and 2.5 inch tubing, magnaflow straight through muffler, Fidanza 8lb Flywheel, Exedy OEM clutch, Ngk Racing plugs, Blox competition S2000 Upgraded CMC and stainless braided clutch line, VMS racing adjustable cam gears, crower stage 3 Beast cams, supertech 93lb valve springs and retainers, gates racing timing belt, delrin bushings for clutch lines and upgraded shift detent springs, Innovative 85a grey race motor mounts with 10.9 Hardware, 97 S2A4 CL transmission.

    Hondata S300 V3, Innovate MTX-L wideband, Aem EGT Gauge,

    Interior: Completely gutted, checkered sports heel plate, Hondata carbon fiber ecu cover, carbon fiber air vent block off plates, Bride vios3 bucket seat and seat mount bracket, Takata 4 point harness, NRG 350 deep dish steering wheel and NRG race quick release, Acuity 4 way shifter, Braille lithium battery, Cipher auto harness bar, Broadway 300mm Blue tint rear view mirror, Kenwood Dmx 7706s, Pioneer front speakers

    Devsport front splitter with fully torqued racing support rods, Mugen style lip, Sparco tow strap, devsport front prelude splitter chassis mounted, 9293 jdm black housed headlights with piaa solar yellow bulbs, vis racing OEM style carbon fiber hood, Apr GT mirrors, Apr GT-250 rear wing with flush mount, Deleted rear bumper, CCC Racing custom side skirts and ventus autoworks side splitters.

    Function and form type type 2 coilovers, front strut bar, rear upper and lower strut bars, megan racing rear toe control arms, Innovative mounts front traction bar,


    17x7.5 40et Volk Racing Se37 with 235/40/17 Advan Ad08r's 20mm front spacer with Arp studs, stoptech drilled slotted rotors and stoptech front pads and stainless brake lines, Front rotor over hub conversion, Rear disk conversion.
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    Found you on IG. I love the look!

    Accord Aero-R


      Well well well, look who we have here!

      You made an account after all this time! Glad to see you are still at it!
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      F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
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      15.10 @ 90.42mph
      The quest for 9s ceased, now the goal is a circuit track monster!
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        Good to see that you finally made an official MRT! Love to see this build.


          af_1132 Yeah I had to wait till my posts were up to make this mrt. This community is very important to me and I needed to get more involved on the forum. Thank you everyone for the comments!


            Originally posted by Udondevil View Post
            af_1132 Yeah I had to wait till my posts were up to make this mrt. This community is very important to me and I needed to get more involved on the forum. Thank you everyone for the comments!
            He's too involved in the CB7 discord and not enough on here.
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              Nice. & i had no idea one could use a S2A4 CL transmission, but ya very cool. I'm assuming they are long geared like the F22 vs the H22.
              Was 200HP your goal?


                Raf99 My goal was over 200whp closer to 300whp. I just installed some cams and got 220whp and 166ftlbs. But I can't update my MRT due to a glitch (edit) mrt is updated
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                  I finally moved my tablet to my line of sight and updated to the new hondata app. Looks pretty cool now! All the vitals except for my oil temp and pressure are displayed. I will be working on those two soon.
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                    Looks good. Do you daily drive this or is it a project car ?


                      Raf99 Its supposed to be on the track but until I get a truck I drive it whenever I want to have fun, which is almost every day. I also have a 1991 accord ex sedan and a 1989 honda crx hf