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John Conner18: 1991 Accord LX

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    John Conner18: 1991 Accord LX

    UPDATE: September 28 2006 turbo kit Page 2
    Well ive been a member for quite some time, My name is Jack and i decided why not post up some pictures. I got the car in 05 may, i bought it for $50 yes its a steal, but it needed a new bumper, hood, headlight, and fender, and she was good to go. I wrecked my old car i had about 2 weeks after i got this, so i'm stuck with the honda, at first i hated it, but loved the 5 speed, it grew on me 3 on the tree, to a 5 speed is quite thrilling.

    -250k miles
    -ram air
    -cleaned iac, tb


    -Diy short throw
    -painted guage face surroundings


    -Flat black
    -Diy red tails
    -New windshield


    -Front lowered, rear next

    Future Plans:

    -Swap motor a6 preferable
    -header, full exhaust
    -Coil overs
    -Repaint Gloss Black
    -Jdm Fogs
    -Have JDMcb7 make me some blackhoused/yellow hi beam headlights

    i put a decent sterio system in it, works ok for me. Just recently i decided to flat black her I had previously fixed a big hole near the trunk and painted the fiberglass/filler flat black, i had been sugested to flat black it for quite some time i finaly bit the bullet and did it

    When i got it:

    (it wasnt that shinny still so i flat blacked it, or else i wouldnt have)

    f22a1 crappy and slow and only gotten slower since i owned it

    Flat black:

    i dont like the corners either it was a quick fix to breaking the lense when trying to black house the corners...long story

    yes i am going to wet sand it, but kinda busy this week so i'll do it probably on thursday or something. I'll post some more then and engine shots, not a big deal though. WTB: rims, springs, corners lights(badly) and some new tires mine are slicks

    This is my 69 cuda when i get it road worthy more money will go into the cb7. including a paint job in my auto body class. All i got left is to fix the other fender, that is put on a patch for it and get it straight, then put the front end back together and then lots of burnouts
    ok enough offtopic
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    My Ride17.34 @ 78mph with 260k on her

    Looks good, especially for 50 bucks. Cant beat that at all.
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      Wow dude thats a steal buying it for $50.....
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        wow that wasnt a steal, it was just a big ass tip. not bad for $50 enjoy it while you can. welcome aboard. keep us posted on updates.


          great price. & it looks like a rally car with all that dirt on it

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            I finaly got some rims even though they are alloys they look better then the steelies and i fixed the big rust around the rear wheel wells i'll have pics up tomorrow for you guys
            My Ride17.34 @ 78mph with 260k on her


              50dallars dam...dats wuzzup!


                50 bucks!?! I never come up on deals like that.

                Good luck and keep us updated!

                Oh and I love the screen name. T2 is the best movie evaaarr! Unless that is really your name...
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                  ^^^Indeed...50 beans is MOST DEF a come up deal! 50 beans for a'd best bet your ass thats a deal not to pass up!!

                  good luck on the progress mayne!!....

                  keep us posted!
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                    hey buddy, CLEAN that engine bay ASAP! Wet sand your car,blackhouse your headlights,pop that dent out of the bumper and you will have a nice lookin cb7! Congrats on the wheel purchase those will make a world of difference in the appearence of your car.Take care man!


                      Originally posted by accordme93
                      50 bucks!?! I never come up on deals like that.

                      Good luck and keep us updated!

                      Oh and I love the screen name. T2 is the best movie evaaarr! Unless that is really your name...
                      ahha no its off t2 which is a good movie my name is jack
                      hmm trying to think of how to get the dent out, i'll take pics soon
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                      My Ride17.34 @ 78mph with 260k on her


                        nothing a little heat gun and a 2x4 cant fix

                        i presume these are for edm fogs? correct me if im wrong, wait maybe just to hold the reinforcment bar on

                        i took some bigger full car photos but they look like crap cause its dark out i'll post em later
                        My Ride17.34 @ 78mph with 260k on her


                          not bad platform to start from.


                            good investment...

                            flat black = stealth mode
                            1992 Accord LX - SOLD


                              50 bucks

                              Originally posted by deevergote
                              Yay. You're an asshole.