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Accord SiR : 1992 Accord EX

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    Accord SiR : 1992 Accord EX

    engine/peformance Ver. 3.0

    Polished JDM H22A sleeved by Golden Eagle
    IB Spec Wiesco pistons coated by Swain Tech
    Manley Rods/Turbo Tuff w/ ACL bearings
    Prodrive oil pump gear
    Moroso 5.5 quart oil pan
    Genuine H22A Type S Red Valve Cover
    Carbon Kevlar Spark Plug Cover
    Mugen Reservoir Socks
    H23A1 Manual Tensioner conversion
    Power Enterprise Timing Belt (need to install the new belt)
    Crower valve springs & retainers
    Ferrea Competition Valves
    H22A Type S cams
    Skunk2 cam gears (need to install new set)
    ARP head studs
    Skunk2 Intake Manifold
    RPM Services Throttle Body w/Omni 4bar map sensor & Omni tps
    AEM fuel rail & AEM fuel regulator
    B&M fuel pressure gauge
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    AEM power steering pump & alternator pulleys
    MSD SCI-L with Blaster SS coil
    GM 3bar map sensor
    SS Equal Length Top Mount Turbo Manifold
    w/Presicion Turbo SC61 w/custom braided steel oil return line
    Precision Intercooler w/modified endtanks
    custom intercooler piping all around w/Full Race Couplers
    Precision 1000cc Injectors
    44mm Tial Wastegate w/Earls Fittings and Braided Lines
    Custom 3" downpipe and custom 3" exhaust with Apexi N1 Muffler
    F22 Trans w/Quaife diff. & Hersons Hondaclutch clutch & lightened flywheel
    PWR Civic half sized radiator w/SPAL fan
    Earls power steering oil cooler
    Engine bay wire tuck(minor)
    Earls Fitting and braided clutch line

    Ver 2.0:
    FMAX turbo kit <---- FOR SALE! BUY ME! NEEDS A NEW HOME!

    Sparco EVO2 racing seats(in storage)
    Skunk2 shift knob
    Integra Type R red stitch shift boot
    DC Sports Short Shifter adapter
    Mugen Pedals
    JDM Si CB3 Gauge Cluster Amber w/Carbon Fiber Gauge overlay(in storage)
    JDM Si CB3 Amber Clock
    JDM CB7 Aluminum Trimmed Door Steps
    JDM CB optional map light(same as the USDM CD optional map light)
    5th gen Accord dash switches
    Amber backlighting on dash switches, climate control and gauge cluster

    JDM CB3 2.0 Si one piece Headlights retrofitted with TSX projectors w/
    HID conversion, 4300k d2s bulbs w/hella ballasts and PIAA ION H1 driving light bulbs
    Fiber Images' Carbon Fiber hood
    OEM CD7 front lip/painted(in use)
    OEM CB7 front lip/painted (in storage)
    JDM Chargespeed Front Grill
    JDM CD6 SiR badge
    JDM CB7 Power Folding Mirrors
    JDM CB7 Taillights
    JDM CB Sunvisor
    JDM CB7 window rain guards
    JDM CB7 engine bay fuse box cover w/Kanji letters
    JDM CB7 Accord engine bay vin tag
    JDM CB7 Accord Bold Eagle badges(complete set)
    JDM CB3 Fog Lights(Finally! Finally! )
    JDM CB3 Intersection Lights
    JDM CB3 Clear Side Markers
    JDM CB3 Amber Side Markers(in storage)
    JDM CB3 2.0 Si bumper turn signal(half clear/half amber)
    JDM CB1 Bumper Turn Signal Lights(in storage)
    JDM Half Antenna w/relay and switch
    JDM Yellow License Plates(in storage)
    JDM Alarm/Tracking Sticker
    JDM TypeOne OilChange Sticker
    OEM Flush Mount Spoiler(finally installed)
    Modded Mugen front lip(in old pics/destroyed)
    APC Projector headlights(blacked out) Retrofitted w/Valeo projectors(in old pics/sold)
    Vision amber style corners(in old pics/sold)

    Skunk2 coilovers w/Koni(yellow) adjustable shocks
    ESP Traction Bar System w/Torque Mount Kit
    DC Sports F/R/Lower Rear tie bars
    Energy Suspension bushings all around
    VOLK III 18x7.5 Rims
    Yokohama Parada Spec2 215/35/18
    Legend daul piston front brake calipers
    Prelude rotor over hub conversion
    Brembo f/r Cross drilled & slotted rotor with axxis pads
    Goodridge braided stainless steel brake lines
    Russel Speed Bleeders

    Kenwood don't know the #'s Head unit (fried)
    Kenwood don't know the #'s EQ (fried)
    PPI a600 amp
    PPI ax404 amp
    PPI a400 amp
    MB Quart components set in the doors
    MB Quart 6x9 in the back
    2x15" Rockford Fostgate Punch Subwoofers
    Optima Yellow Top Battery
    Apexi AVCR boost controller
    Apexi Boost gauge
    Apexi EGT gauge
    Apexi Oil Pressure gauge
    Apexi Turbo Timer(pencil size style)
    Tech Edge Wideband O2 (fried)
    Hondata S300 ems

    New parts waiting to be installed:
    Cusco Brake booster brace(need to fab the mounting area)
    New VIS hood(goes on when new manifold is installed)
    New front lip that I'm working on.
    And many JDM goodies!
    JDM Climate Control complete with all sensors(researching/working on it )
    JDM Lude 4 button Steering Wheel
    JDM CB3 Bumper pole w/complete wiring & Pole switch(in storage)
    JDM CB3 Bumper(in storage)
    JDM CB7 Accord Coupe Badge and 2.2i exlusive badge
    JDM CB3 Accord Sun Visor w/Kanji Letters
    JDM CB9 arm rest(goes in when I install my Sparco Seats)
    JDM TypeOne Stickers

    Turbo Upgrades:
    Gator Axels
    Mugen oil cooler adapter, Earls Oil Cooler & Earls Braided Lines (gathering parts)
    Moroso Oil Catch Can (working on it)
    And max out the SC61 and make way for a the new snail
    Custom Braided fuel lines w/AN fittings(working on it)
    New Fuel Pump Setup(working on it)

    Future Plans:
    Engine bay Shave (coming soon)

    2/3/2008, New pics out and about on Page 37

    1/1/2008, Pics of oem flush mount spoiler installed, new bumper painted with jdm foglights on Page 34
    9/19/2007, Some more pics of wire tuck and some engine bay shaving AND NEW TURBO SETUP PROGRESS PICS on Page 29-37
    7/6/2007, Some pics of wire tuck and repainting of the engine bay on Page 28
    5/27/2007, And more pics on Page 26
    6/25/2007, Some pics of my accord and my mr2 on Page 27
    5/27/2007, And more pics on Page 26
    5/15/2007, Few New Old pics on Page 26
    4/27/2006, Teaser pics of equal length manifold and downpipe on page 20
    3/10/2006, Teaser pics of JDM one piece headlights w/TSX projector retrofit on page 19
    1/21/2006, Pics of intersection lights wired up on page 18
    10/31/2005, Pics of CB3 Si clear/amber bumper turn signals on page 17
    7/24/05, Hooters car wash pics on page 14
    5/29/05, New pics on page 14
    5/10/2005, Pics of power folding mirrors installed on page 14
    3/30/05, New pics on page 11
    2/19/05, Pics of intersection light installed on page 10
    2/18/2005, Pics of JDM taillights installeded on page 10
    11/7/04, Pics of Valeo Projector Retrofit in blacked out APC headlights and Chargespeed Grill install on page 8
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    finally, u got the car posted. nice car man. lovely.


      Yeah, I have been mad busy, plus I was in Miami for a few weeks.
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        man i wish i coulda gone to that meet, to see the car in person. u should come down for the philly meet.


          there he is!!!!! beautiful car man, i wish i got a chance to tell u that in person... a true role model car.

          its about time u got one of these up

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            whats your 1/4 mile time?


              Beautiful ride. I was wonderin whos car that was in the video from the meet. I love every part of it, very clean, and the engine makes it even better!

              Formerly 91AccordExR33
              11.68 @ 127mph
              Sold: 8/2016


                nice, nice... finally got the pix up

                it's 10x as great seeing it in person. so when are you taking it in to get dyno tuned? anytime soon? i wanna see that thing at twice the psi you're runnin now


                  pure SEX!!
                  Patastinky's parting out thread. Everythings GOT TO GO!!

                  c0up3z r3pr353n7 !!!1!
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                  MY VOUCHE THREAD !!


                    hey carlos looks good man. its so much nicer in person. glad to see your finally got a members ride going
                    cb7 sold
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                    95 accord lx daily driver


                      Wow!! That's the only word I can find to describe your car. Very nice. I love it. The wheels look uber nice. I am starting to like mesh wheels. I can't wait to see the new pics.
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                        That is just simply crazy...awesome job clean...


                          I didn't get a chance to dyno it yet cause I ran into some grimlens the week of my dyno session so I had to back out. An allan bolt from my new cam gears backed out dropping into the timing belt area and shreading up my Power Enterprise timing belt. Lucky for me I caught it just in time before any damage was done. Now I am going to get it tuned the first week of May. MASE from is coming up from Florida to tune some peeps cars and mine happens to be one of them. So I will post up some pics and numbers(maybe a small movie on the dyno) after it gets tuned.
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                            gorgeous, man. love the turbo H22

                            how much the turbo setup run you, and what fuel delivery mods did you havbe to do?
                            how much boost you running?
                            MEMBER'S RIDE

                            i was driving along today and the check engine light came on.
                            i pulled over and looked under the hood.
                            the engine was still there...
                            ...silly light!


                              wow. not much else to say about the car.
                              if someone doesn't think a cb7 can be beautiful, or doesn't think they have the potential to haul ass, i'd show them this car (amongst others of course).

                              i'm highly impressed from the exterior alone. volk iii's- not many folks, none i can think of, rolling on those, esp. 18s. carbon fiber hoods are always a plus, as are modded cd5/5gen lips.

                              and then there's the engine. hope you get good results on the dyno in a month.

                              simply amazing. i guess there was a whole lot to say about the car after all.

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