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      omg thats fucking insane, a built turbo h22 on lol. Don't have much time to post so i'll make this quick. I think he's got the fastest car on here hands down and in the top 10 for best looks also. I give it 2 bov's up lol. Great car, can't stress that enough
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        WOW...that is perfect, hopefully u can throw up some good number with that set up.....i couldnt imagine doing anything else to the car....already soo perfect
        90 ex-r sedan, charcoal, 95 jdm h22, type S cams, Jun cam gears, Skunk2 valve springs, P28 chipped ecu w/ uberdata, cai, exaust, B&M fpr w/ gauge,mugen lip, 17' IWC wrapped with falken rubber, Bilstein hd, coilvers, black Leather, red/clear tails, Autometer gauges. More to come


          a turbo'd built h22 on a cord! thats just you have a problem with people tryin' to dry hump that machine?
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            empera: I will try to go depends on the date of course.

            green cb7: I haven't taken it to the track yet since I rebuilt the motor.

            blamethepunx: I have a walbro intank fuel pump, just got an AEM fuel rail and switched out my SARD adjustable fel pressure regulator for an AEM one and I am running RC 550cc injectors that will be switched out for my new Sieman deka 880cc injectors a long with a GM 3 bar map sensor. Everything is controlled by a Hondata stage4bd and I haven't turned the boost up yet, well i did one day(to 10psi) but its running lean. It runs 7-7.5 psi till i get it tuned.

            93akorddse: yeah my friend t goes around dry humping my car. Is there a special spray for him to stop that?

            To everyone else thanks for all your compliments
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              mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... DOHC


                Looking good would look better if you where a Sedan but hay, nobodies perfect .
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                  thats it. there he goes finally after i first stepped up to the md meet i saw that and dropped my JAW. i was wet in my pants.

                  in person its abusolutly nice, i just hope when u get it tuned it sounds meaner with the bov and all. cuz compared to ur boys who rolled with the turbo civics theres were screaming

                  so u get the scream man and thats when i will show u the stain on the blue jeans instead of the blue dress.



                    amazing... how r u those HID's working for ya?

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                      BustedLX, the sexy look of his coupe with that intercooler hiding in there is simpily breathtaking. Once he's done tuning it he will have one of the fastest cb7s around. props on the excellent job in terms of looks and speed. love the rims.
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                        Damn yo car is supper sweet i love the wheels
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                          whats the password to your imagestation album?

                          I wanna see some more!
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                            Kickass Carlos! Great to see you finally posted some pics (well, stole em from the collection of pics from the meet, but hey... whatever!) They definitely don't do your car justice though. Everyone who saw it is right, it's much better in person!

                            If you can make it to the Philly meet (in FAirmount Park... should be great) it'll be on April 24... starting at 9am and hopefully running till sundown.


                              hey man wasup may i ask for your album pass so i can view the pics....
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                                Originally posted by BustedLX
                                Looking good would look better if you where a Sedan but hay, nobodies perfect .

                                coupes own bustedlx, i dunno what yer talkin' about

                                hehe, we'll be waitin' on those dyno numbers carlos