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UrDoneSRH : 1992 Accord EX

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    UrDoneSRH : 1992 Accord EX

    SOLD JUNE 16 2009

    USDM F22a6 w/165k miles
    AEM Cold Air Intake
    H23 Intake Manifold Swap
    H22 Throttle Body
    DC Sport Sport
    Megan Racing 2.5" Exhaust
    Megan Racing Header & Downpipe
    High Flow Cat
    MSD Blaster 2 Ignition Coil
    9mm Spark Plug Wires

    VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
    JDM Sidemarkers
    JDM Blackhoused One Peice Headlights w/Sylvania Xenon Bulbs
    Custom Grill w/Red H Emblem
    Clear Fronts w/Sylvania Xenon Ambers

    Pedal Covers
    Integra Type R Clock
    Gauge and switch amber/orange conversion
    Pedal Covers

    BF Goodrich Traction T/A Pro Touring
    Pilot Front & Rear Strut Bars
    AEM Nissin Ceramic/Kevlar Brake Pads
    Tein SS Coilovers w/Pillow Ball

    Kenwood DNX5120 Double Din w/GPS & IPOD
    Rockford Fosgate 360.2 Signal Processor
    2x Alpine MRP-850
    Rockford Fosgate 1 Farad Digital Capacitor
    Rockford Fosgate Amp Kit -4 gauge
    2 Alpine Type-R 12" in tuned sealed boxes metered at 124dB one 1 amp
    '07 Alpine Type-R 6.5" Components
    '06 Alpine Type-R 6.5" 2-Way
    Alarm w/Remote Start and Keyless Entry
    120+ sq ft of dynamat
    Optima Yellow Top
    4 gauge grounds from block, alternater and battery
    Exterior Camera Mounted in front bumper below license plate to prevent scraping during parking

    Waiting for Install:
    Energy Bushing Master Kit

    TASPRO Camber Kit
    H22 or Cam regrind, Springs & Retainers, Chip & Tune
    Alpine 4ch
    Motegi Traklite 15"-17" (unsure of size yet)
    Big Brake Kit, Stainless Steel Lines
    F & R Sway Bars
    Refinish interior to black (and maybe red accent) suede
    Paint Exterior and Engine Bay Black or same Factory Color
    Relocate Battery and maybe add a 2nd one
    Upgrade Alternator
    Racing Seats customized to match interior
    Modify my bank account to have more money to pay for all this!

    Parts I've Moved On From:
    Polished Heat Shield
    F22A6 Intake Manifold
    USDM Headlights, Corners and Signals
    Factory Grounds
    H23 Throttle Body

    Thanks for checking out my ride. Please Comment.

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    NEW PICS as of March 9 2008

    So here they are finally, winter is over, my check engine light is gone. I've decided not to sell it and it passed smog (with a lil help from the technician ).

    I took a drive today and snapped some pics, nothin too special, just trying something different from the same ol angles I always use.

    Gas'n up at Shell

    Blackhoused One Piece Goodness

    Random Picture While Driving

    Random Out Of The Roof While Driving

    Parked @ a school

    Parked @ a school still...

    F22a6 w/H23 I/M - Changes during the winter: new IAT, new O2 sensor, H22 Throttle Body & TPS sensor, numerous coolant lines, an Optima Yellow Top, and in this picture a short ram intake (I removed the lower half because it was raining really really bad, the cai is back on now), Tein Super Street Adjustable Coilovers w/Pillow Mount.

    So so nice

    That dent pisses me off so much. I jacked my car up in my new garage (I moved outta my parents house this winter btw) and my storage cabinet for parts, well I left the door open and when I jacked up my car from the driver side it pressed up again my fender and dented it. I was furious (and hammered). Hopefully I can fix it when it warms up more and projects resume.

    The audio setup... still unfinished. I decided over the winter season I really dont like how it looks and will probably end up redoing it over this year. I intend on buying a 4 ch alpine amp amp, alpine 9886 and another set of component type r 6.5". More dynamat as well when i swap the dashboard for a black one someday. I want to do my alternator and move my battery to the trunk to free up the engine bay for other things.

    Here's one with the red logo in front. I'm working on a new one because I didnt like how the other one turned out.
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      awesome looking cb7 I like the grill and the wheels


        clean one man, I always wondered what the MR exhaust sounded like.
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          thanks for the quick responses, i barely got these posted and already had comments. love the feedback, keep it comin!

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            Yeah, Preludes

            Originally posted by deevergote.
            Why can't people just search OT to see if someone else posted the same random thread?


              damn clean ride, man,

              so that switch on the shifter is to turn off the bass,

              damn maroon interior, other than that clean
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                thanks! ya i hate the maroon too, thats why im gonna redo the whole thing.

                the switch is connected to a relay, the relay is connected to the remote turnon for the amplifiers, i split the line right before the relay so i have a remote to my 4ch and a remote with a relay to my subs amp. that way if any pigs pull up near me ive got immediate cutoff and the LED on the switch is on when the system is off incase i bump it on accident or something so i dont go trouble shooting for nothing.

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                SOLD MY CB JUNE 16, 2009
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                  New items on the way!

                  JDM Integra Type R Clock

                  JDM Sidemarkers

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                  SOLD MY CB JUNE 16, 2009
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                    UPDATE oct 8 06



                    OLD & NEW

                    NEW & OLD

                    NEW INSTALLED

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                      so iam guessing ur down for kottonmouthkings?


                        very clean car. the clock looks very cool, i've never seen an amber clock in a cb7.


                          nice and clean man, i really like it
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                            Damn, that's hot! Extremely clean looking in and out! Very nice!



                              I'm down for my krown, straight K-I-N-G for L-I-F-E. I love them man, everything about them, been into since I was 13, im almost 22 now. I've got a spade tat'd on my leg... so in short, yes im down lol.

                              yea i LOOOOOVE my amber clock. im going to redo my LEDs through my whole dash and gauge cluster sometime next week probably (i blew all my money this week on my dc headers, the clock and the sidemarkers).

                              Thanks for all the comments guys I love reading the feedback on my car, and clean is the route im trying to go. not JDM, OEM or Rice... somewhere in between where I dont have a category.

                              Thanks again guys

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                              SOLD MY CB JUNE 16, 2009
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