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    Back to Central Oregon and it feels GREAT! First AutoX this weekend, damn near beat my cb to shit, hard winter driving, gonna need rebuilding next winter, fogs, smoke signals and legend lip back on, replaced passenger wheel bearing, rotor and axle, working on the drivers side, purchased SA rated helmet for road race and autox, currently saving for racing seat and steering wheel.

    CA Winter Off Season

    my niece posing
    93 Coupe........AutoX


      *used transmission
      *CenterForce dual friction clutch
      *surfaced stock flywheel
      *drivers side axle
      *oil, filter, coolant

      July AutoX - Oregon ShootOut Invitational - Aftermath
      93 Coupe........AutoX



        '90 Accord EX(project)
        '88 CRX SI(DD)-SOLD
        '95 Prelude SIVTEC-SOLD


          wow, 3 years has gone sorry

          ive moved back to Bend, Oregon June 2014 and working for Mt Bachelor as a Lift Mechanic. The CB7 made its venture back to Bend about a month ago after sitting for over 2 YEARS in my gparents storage! I didn't want to register, smog, license plate it back to CA so i parked her and bought a 2003 Durango for snow/towing/luxury/gas hog status.
          I raced a couple AutoX in Sac and Stockton 2012 summer before parking her and she ran great. I took a train down, played much disc golf and drove her back to Bend without a serious issue, over heated twice but a cool down and she didn't hesitate the rest of the way. NOT a oil change or coolant, everything looked great and i didn't get the first issue until i was 8000' and 200+ mile after starting her from sitting.

          Got plans, cause she is BEAT from me driving in the winter and sitting in a garage. BUT i cant focus too much on her right now, it is important for me to save and show my job i am there to do work and be there for a while.
          This winter: before April
          *tear out suspension and rebuild
          *rebuild brake system
          *steering wheel, seats, harness

          Not much has changed to the CB7, i get some pictures up soon...once i stop feeling bad about her for leaving her stuck, loosing air in the tires for 2 years
          93 Coupe........AutoX


            OMG! 2021!

            A lot has changed!

            Working another job, bought land, living off grid, CB is sitting healthy and I think I found a daily 92’ that will be prefect! Comes with many parts for autox CB..
            updates to come!

            back to the CB7tuner game! OGs unite!!!
            93 Coupe........AutoX


              Was that the old Osiris shoes logo on your hood? Anyway, it's cool to see an old member return, looking forward to the updates.

              How's off-grid living working for you? It sounds like the smart thing to do these days, with 'the system' going completely to shit. I do often wonder how much time America as we know it has got left; if we're the next fall of a great empire.