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KC8ENB : 1992 Accord EX

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    KC8ENB : 1992 Accord EX

    I'm been around the forum for awhile and Im just now feeling I have something worth posting. I've had my accord about 5yrs now and nearly stock the whole time. Time for some change.

    Day One:

    At the lake w/ fellow accord (don't worry eBay projectors are gone):

    This Fall, w/ my EK and background of BFE:

    New Interior Pic

    F22a6 auto
    DC Sport Short Ram
    eBay stainless header
    H22 upper plenum and tb (soon to come)
    Bisimoto Intake Gasket (soon to come)
    diy spacer (soon to come)
    2.5" stainless exhaust w/ eBay muffler (sounds great for $50)
    Chipped and Tuned P06 w/ datalogging (waiting til intake is done)
    EGR delete (after ecu)
    ABS delete (soon)

    5% tint (changing to 35%)
    blackhousing headlights w/ yellow high beam

    Eclipse cd3000 cd/mp3 player
    Polk Momo 6 1/2 (not really all that impressed)
    Polk DX9 6x9 (great speaker)
    Acura CL heated leather seats w/ power driver (all functional)
    black center console

    Bye Bye 18"s, rollin on stocks
    17" custom powder coated ADRs

    Coming By Fall 09:
    black leather door inserts and dye armrests
    ES master bushing kit
    adjustable balljoints
    Acura CL rear sway bar
    all new stereo minus deck
    cd5 type r lip

    Long Term Ideas:
    Rust repair and paint Mercedes triple black
    Build my H23 VTEC
    *H22A head ported
    *H22A pistons in a H23A1
    *Crower or Bisi cams
    Small drop (tein s tech on kyb agx?)
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    Coupe looks clean buddy...
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      nice car, do you have an amp on those polk's
      if not, then no shit they arent gona sound good. they need like 100 watts rms to be sufficient, and not the 20 watts your deck is pushing.

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        You should lower it before you do any more mods.

        It'll look so damn sick!

        CrzyTuning now offering port services


          cleanjdm: yeah no amp to the door speakers but do u have comps or coxial? mine are coxial and max rms is 60watts. im replacing everything although.
          alpine type r 6.5 comps w/ type r 6x9 and a alpine 100x4 rms amp. then a alpine type r 10" in a ported box w/ 600w rms alpine mono amp.

          d112crzy: i want to but never can make up my mind what setup? and cant go very low w/ my 18" rims


            black cars are teh sex



              I agree man. I would lower it before the audio stuff. Wheels will look very good with lowering done. And better handling
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                its about time Tom...DAMNIT!

                its about time you made a MR thread!

                take some more detailed pics!!
                92 LX. A6 with GUDE bullfrog Cam. M2S4 transmission..Gutted H23 intake mani. The rest you will just have to find out!

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                  X2 on the pics. i just added some to mr thread. i like the car and what you plan on doing to it.
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                    car looks real good man
                    WE MISS YOU JO(9-04-2008)


                      nice i wanna see it sittin high on the rims

                      smoke tires, not drugs.


                        did i see rust?

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                          man that paints so shiny @__@

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                            Slammed, ull see it runnin high on rims in april. btw the sound system is bought but not installed so... gotta go w/ that first. once i get into the suspension, i doubt ill be able to stop, lol.


                              Looks good Keep us posted

                              Hustle Hard! This is a design of some gear I've been workin on.