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November 2009 AOM Nominations

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    November 2009 AOM Nominations

    November is upon us. Who would reign supreme?


    - F22A1 w/ 155K (Chassis = 255K)
    - F22a6 Intake Manifold
    - F22a4 Exhaust Manifold
    - Exedy Clutch
    - Fidanza 8lb Flywheel
    - OEM Throwout Bearing
    - 2.5" AEM CAI
    -- Cut to make it a "long SRI"
    - OEM Exhaust
    - Duralast "Gold Series" Battery
    -- Relocated to Trunk
    - NGK Spark Plug Wires
    - Neuspeed Short Shift Adapter
    - Custom Welded BB4 Shifter

    - Aftermarket Window Visors
    - Acura Legend Coupe Lip
    - Toucan Industries Chrome Door Handles
    - DX Mirror Block-off Plate
    - LeBra Hood Protector
    - 92/93 Front Mudflaps
    - 90/91 Rear Mudflaps
    - "I 'Heart' Oldskool" License Plate Frame (back)
    - "Neuspeed" License Plate Bar (front) (Not Installed)

    - Clear Corner Lights w/ Reflectors
    - OEM Bumper Lights
    -- w/ Civic Sockets
    - Clear EK9 Side Markers
    - OEM 92/93 Headlights
    - 9006 Xentec 5000K HIDs
    - 9005 Nokya 2500K Yellow Highbeams
    - 92/93 Depo Red/Clear Tail Lights
    - LED:
    -- License Plate Lights (White)
    -- Reverse Lights (White)

    - 5 Panel Wink Panoramic Mirror
    - RSX C-Pillar Bar
    - Reupholstered - Burberry/Flannel:
    -- Lower Portion of Door Panels
    -- Front Speaker Grills
    -- Rear Speaker Grills
    -- Headliner
    - TypeG Polished:
    -- Ash Tray
    -- Glovebox Handle
    -- Seat Levers
    -- Integra Clock
    - Removed:
    -- Carpet
    -- A-pillar Panels
    -- B-pillar Panels
    -- C-pillar Panels
    -- Trunk Pieces
    -- Center Console
    - DIY Red Courtesy Lights
    - Pioneer DEH-P2900MP Headunit
    - 5.25" Alpine Type-S Speakers
    - 6"x9" Alpine Type-S Speakers

    - Purple Upper Front Strut Bar
    - Sprint Extreme Springs
    - Tokico HP Shocks
    - 14x6 A.R.E. Mesh Wheels
    -- 1/4" Front Spacers
    - 195/60/14 Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tires

    1993 Honda Accord LX 2004-2009
    1996 Honda Civic LX 2009-2012
    2012 Kia Optima LX 2012-2013
    2010 Honda Accord EX-L V6 2013-2018
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 2017-2017
    2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0T 2018-20XX


      Well i like would like to nominte a New_begginings, his Phoenix is sick, and he has been a big part of all OUR BUILDS

      -OEM F22A6. (293,536 miles and still strong!).
      -OEM 5 Speed Manual Transmission.
      -OEM Headers/Downpipe.
      -Battery Relocation.
      -KOYO Alum Radiator.
      -Chrome Oil Cap.
      -SPOON Oil Cap. *sold*
      -INJEN SRI (CB/CD). *sold*.
      -AEM SRI (CB/CD) (modified). *sold*.
      -AEM 2.5" CAI (CB/CD). *sold*.
      -AEM 3" CAI w/Bypass Valve (BB6). *sold*.
      -AEM V2 Intake. *current*.
      -AEM Mini SRI. (7th Gen V6---backup).
      -APEXi World Sport 2 FULL Catback System w/CATCO.

      -Chrome O~Rings (cluster).
      -Jamaica Boxing Gloves (rearview mirror).
      -OEM DC2 white clock
      -OEM Floor Mats.
      -OEM Burgundy Seats, Panels, etc.
      -JDM "H"/"HONDA" embroidded Black Leather Neck Rests. (Dr. & Front Pass).
      -JDM Registration parking sticker.
      -OEM Honda Element shift knob. (black).
      -Black Suede Red stitched shift boot.
      -Black Suede Red stitched e-Brake boot.
      -YEAMANS Short/Short Throw Shifter.
      -PSPEC CB Short Shifter. (still in box).
      -PSPEC CB Leather Shift Boot. (still in box).
      -PSPEC BB6 Shifter Knob. (still in box).
      -OEM 7th Gen Accord RED Courtesy Door Lenses.
      -20% Tint (rear glass). (backup).
      -20% Tint (side glass). (backup).

      -OEM Honda/Acura Cellular In-Dash Phone. (storage).
      -OEM Honda/Acura FM/AM/Cass. (storage).
      -OEM Honda/Acura CD Changer. (w/extra magazine). (storage).
      -OEM Honda/Acura 7-Band Equalizer. (storage).
      -OEM Acura Integra GSR Tweeters. (in door panels).
      -Pioneer AVH-P4100 Touchscreen.
      -Pioneer 2-way 6.5" front speakers.
      -Pioneer 3-way 6x9 rear speakers.
      -Pioneer NightVision Backup Camera. (still in box).
      -Viper Remote Start/Car Alarm System.

      -OEM Rosewood Brown (YR-503M) to include all mouldings/mudflaps.
      -JDM One-Piece headlights (clears).
      -JDM One-Piece Headlights (colored Rosewood Brown/backup set).
      -JDM Foglights.
      -JDM Coupe Window Visors. (storage).
      -OEM Foglights w/harness, relays, switch. (Lexus yellow caps). *sold*
      -McCullough 5300k H4 HID lighting system.
      -Xenon Bi- 3000k HID lighting system (foglights).
      -INSIGHT Daytime Running Light Module.
      -OEM Clear Bumper Lights.
      -OEM CB Front Lip. (backup).
      -OEM CD5 Front Lip.
      -OEM KA8 Front Lip. (backup).
      -OEM F/R Mudflaps.
      -OEM 90-91 DIY Front Grille.
      -OEM Front Grille. (backup).
      -OEM Badgeless Grille.
      -JDM CB3 Sidemarkers. (storage).
      -JDM JAF 30th Anniversary Sticker.
      -JDM HOA emblems. (unique style ).
      -JDM Wakaba decal.
      -NA is Best decal.
      -2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink Decal.
      -Neuspeed Front License Plate Bar.
      -I AM JDM ( decal.
      -I AM JDM License Plate Border.
      -EDM Accord Coupe Badge.
      -OEM Nose Bra. (3 pc set). (storage).
      -OEM Honda S2000 Antenna (full unit and operational).
      -G~SQUARE Eyelids. *sold*.
      -OEM CB Flushmount Spoiler. *traded*.
      -OEM CB Flushmount Spoiler. (replica from Chan`The Man) *sold*.
      -OEM CB Flushmount Spoiler. (color matched).
      -Chan`casso Rear Window Coupe Visor. (coming soon).

      -OmniPower FULL Race Coilover System.
      -OEM Springs & Struts. (backup).
      -Tokico HP/Neuspeed Race Springs. *sold*.
      -Tockico Illumina/Tein S. Tech Springs. *sold*.
      -OEM 5th Gen Accord EX VTECHfront Sway Bar.
      -ST Rear Sway Bar.
      -Generic Front & Rear Strut Bars. *sold*.
      -Megan Front Upper Strut Bar. *sold*.
      -Megan Rear Upper Strut Bar. *sold*.
      -DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar. *sold*.
      -DC Sports Rear Upper Strut Bar.
      -DC Sports Rear Lower Tie Bar.
      -Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Bar. (chrome).
      -SPC Front Camber Kit.
      -SPC Rear Arms Camber Kit.
      -Techno~Fit Stainlees Steel Braided Brake Lines. (still in box).

      -OEM 5th Gen 15" EX 7-spoke wheels. *sold*.
      -OEM 4th Gen 15" EX Coupe/Anniversary wheels. *sold*.
      -OEM 4th Gen 15" Prelude SE wheels (Blades). *sold*.
      -OEM 4th Gen 15" Prelude Fanblades. *sold*.
      -OEM 4th Gen 15" Prelude Fanblades. (Bronze). *sold*.
      -OEM 4th Gen 15" Prelude Sawblades. (POLISHED). *sold*.
      -.OEM 4th Gen 15" Steelies. (winter/backup set). *sold*
      -OEM 1st Gen 16" Acura CL wheels. (5 star-split spoke/polished).
      -OEM 1st Gen 16" Acura CL Mesh Wheels.
      -15" 96-Spec Integra Type-R wheels. *sold*.
      -15" VOLKS Gram Lites. (Bronze). *sold*.
      -16" Blitz 2pc Wheels.
      -15" Blk ROTA Slipstreams (f), 16" ROTA Slipstreams (r). *sold*.
      -17" Nissan Spec-V wheels. *sold*.
      -17" Racing Hart C2's (backup). *sold*.
      -17" Konig Imagine wheels. *sold*.
      -17" Club Linea Wheels. *sold*.
      -18" ADR polished wheels. (crazy mad offset) *sold*.
      -19" Axis CRUX wheels. (still in the box).


        I would like to nominate breeziebabyyy, the most "realist" female tuner on this site!


        - JDM H22a OBD1
        - H2U5 5 spd Trans
        - H23 Manual Tensioner Conversion
        - Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
        - DC Sports Header/Downpipe
        - Spectre Air Intake
        - NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
        - Magnaflow Hi-Flow Cat
        - Apexi Exhaust
        - A/C DELETED
        - P/S DELETED
        - C/C DELETED
        - Auto to 5spd conversion

        - Rosewood Brown/Clear gloss paint
        - OEM two piece headlights (blackhoused)
        - 10k HIDs
        - Amber Corners
        - Black hood, roof, and trunk
        - DIY mesh grille
        - CD5 front lip
        - Fidanza 8lb flywheel (not installed yet)
        - CD5 sidemarkers (not installed yet)
        - 92-93 fog lights (not installed yet)

        - Tan/Black interior
        - Pioneer HU w/ iPod connection
        - Kenwood inner speakers wired to 700w amp
        - Punch P1’s wired to 1200 w amp
        - Kenwood tweeters in door panels

        - Function & Form Type 2 Full Coilover Kit
        - Rear sway bar
        - Upper sway bar
        - Full suspension restoration kit

        - 15’ 94-97 alloys powder coat painted Gold
        - Goodwrench 205/55/15

        - I <3 my CB7
        - I <3 JDM.
        - BreezieBabyYy
        - Import Alliance
        - Shocker (3 of them)
        - JDM EGO
        - I <3 my Honda
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        Nitrous is like a hot chick with a STD..... you know you wanna hit it, but you are afraid of the consequences.....

        ...Zex wet kit, 65 shot, dual purge, JDM H22...pure sex! .....I owned 8 CB7's in one that
        ...this thread has been graced by the new CB7 King


          i would like to nominate the dumpest cb7 on the site....Cali-Racer

          *Front Lip: 1 1/4". Oil Pan: 1 3/4". From the ground.


          -JDM F20A SOHC.
          -JDM CB3 F20A Chassis Badge.
          -Custom 4-4 headers or 4-1. (2 piece).


          -JDM CB3 Front Bumper.
          -JDM 92-93 Foglights.
          -JDM Intersections.
          -JDM Bumper Pole.
          -JDM Sedan Power Folding Mirrors.
          -JDM License Plates. (front & rear installed).
          -JDM 92-93 Headlights.
          -EDM Rear Foglight.
          -Carbon Fiber Hood.
          -Carbon Fiber Trunk.
          -Carbon Fiber Grill.
          -Carbon Fiber Gas Lid.
          -Sedan Legend Lip.
          -Benen Tow Hooks. (front & rear).
          -Positive & Negative Battery Jumper Post.
          -Bug Deflector.


          -JDM Sun Visors.
          -JDM Integra Type R Clock Block Off Plate.
          -JDM Integra Type R Dual Din Block Off Plate.
          -JDM Gauge Cluster.
          -Personal Woodgrain Steering Wheel.
          -NRG Quick Release Kit.
          -Carbon Fiber Bezel

          Suspension/ Wheels:

          -Enkei Apach Mesh Rims.
          -D2 Full Coilovers.
          -Energy Suspension Kit.
          -Megan Rear Adjustable Control Arms.
          -Carbon Fiber Lower Strut Bar. (wrapped in real carbon fiber!)
          -Rear Disc Conversion. (Accord Wagon Disc)
          -Brembo Slotted Rotors. (front & rear)
          -B-Pillar Bar.
          -C-Pillar Bar.
          -Cross Over Bar.
          -Trunk Brace.
          -Skid Plate.

          Audio/ Electronics:

          I MISS MY CB7


            ^^ For a second I thought I read "the dumbest CB7 on the site" My bad..

            I'd like to nominate Tommy a.k.a. 4cc0rdcb3 for being one of the few on here who can rock the VIP look properly, with a CB chassis that doesn't look rusty and/or bent out of shape like a junkyard beater with broken/cracked parts here and there. Big props for doing things right! Not to mention it's got the powerplant to back up the looks, and an interior to die for..And should I mention BBS RS 16x9" +15 up front and 16x9.5" +0 rear?

            This car is clean inside and out, AND it works the way it should..Rolling VIP without breaking shit under the car wins



            -F20B SiR-T
            -M2B4 LSD trans
            -P06 ECU
            -Apexi A/F controller
            -AEM wideband O2
            -Green filter
            -Removed P/S
            -Unknown header
            -Custom 2.5" exhaust
            -Cherry bomb muffler
            -OBX muffler
            -Wire tuck
            -Optima Red Top Battery
            -Battery in trunk


            -JDM 1 piece with chrome trim
            -JDM fog lights
            -JDM intersections (not installed)
            -JDM bumper pole (not installed)
            -OEM EDM side markers
            -OEM EDM grill
            -OEM EDM tail lights
            -OEM EDM flat mouldings
            -OEM EDM headlight washers
            -OEM EDM rear fog light in tail lights
            -OEM mud flaps
            -Greddy lip, upside down
            -Phantom grey metallic paint


            -JDM Integra steering wheel
            -JDM Integra R Recaros
            -Recaro sliders
            -Skunk2 gear knob
            -OEM fog light switch
            -OEM arm rest
            -OEM Power windows and sunroof

            ___//SUSP/ WHEELS\\___

            -Omnipower street coilovers
            -OEM Honda wheels 14x6 +??
            -Axis SevenMod 19x8 +38
            -Sprint Hart CPR 17x8 +32
            -Sprint Hart CPR 16x7 +43
            -BBS RS F: 16x9 +15 R: 16x9,5 +0


            -Kenwood CD player
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