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November 2013 AoM Nominations

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    November 2013 AoM Nominations

    November 2013 AoM Nominations

    As the Accord of the Year for 2012, CB7H22Los, as well as past 2013 winners after May, are not eligible for AoM nomination in 2013. The other AoM winners from 2012 ARE allowed to be nominated. However, as they have already won the competition once, it is not recommended that they are nominated again. Let's get some new CBs recognized!

    Check out the Rules & Regulations - invalid nominations WILL be deleted!
    Please observe the format for nomination displayed here.

    Members must have 50 posts in order to nominate someone.
    Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
    Posts made that are not nominations will be deleted.
    Invalid nominations will be deleted.

    There is no need to second a nomination! If a nomination is valid, it will proceed to the voting stage automatically.

    Please only post ONE picture with your nomination. More pictures can be seen in the Member's Rides thread you link to!

    When nominating, please leave out any FUTURE PLANS sections. If it is not on the car, it should not be considered in the decision.

    Nominations will be Accepted until the 20th, but Voting starts the 23rd, so be Timely in your Submissions.
    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

    Originally posted by deevergote
    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...

    i nominate myself

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      Self nominations are not allowed.

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        Originally posted by tommi View Post
        Self nominations are not allowed.

        (Fred Flintstones style of cussing )


          I nominate SanJoCaF22DrAcc.



            Not only are all of these nominations invalid, but they aren't even in the proper format. I suggest you all try again....
            '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

            Originally posted by deevergote
            If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...


              keepinitclean : 1993 Accord SE


              Ebay Short Ram
              Partially Polished and painted valve cover


              Reupholstered Tan Leather
              Reupholstered Tan Carpet
              Custom "Accord" Floor Mats
              White LED Dome Light
              Blue LED courtesy lights
              Amber Bulbs in back of Cluster
              Acura Legend Grab Handles
              Chrome Strips Around Legend Map Light
              Legend Map Light


              TSX Retrofitted JDM 90-91 One Piece Headlights
              Oem Power Antenna
              17" Tenzo Miesters with Low Profile tires
              4th Gen OEM Accord Moonroof Visor
              Debaged trunk (Only Rocking a Gel filled black H emblem)
              Honda of America Silver badges
              Xenon Mild Lip
              OEM USDM 92-93 Fogs
              CB3 Intersection Lights
              New Rear Bumper
              9091 Grille With Black Gel Badge
              SpeedZone 4th Generation Accord Rear Window Visor
              Polished Door Pillars
              OEM CB7 Window Visors
              EDM CB3 Rear Fog Light
              Polished Windows
              Keepinitclean Sticker Centered on the Rear Window
              Accord Nation Sticker on the Front Window


              Function Form Type 1s
              "My FOR SALE thread - Click here"

              MEMBERS RIDE

              99 SILVERADO

              WHEEL FLIP


                I nominate Daniel, aka DJ_Hizzle.

                DJ_Hizzle : 1990 Accord EX-R

                Under The Hood:
                - JDM H22A
                - P28 ECU Chipped (Dyno Tuned by Import Auto Pros)
                - Street Port & Polished Head (by Nastie Garage)
                - Blox Dual Valve Springs
                - B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
                - H23/F22 Manual Tensioner Conversion
                - H23 5spd Tranny M2S4
                - Auto to 5spd Swap/Conversion
                - ESP Polyurethane Motor Mounts
                - Werd Werx Edition H22 Valve Cover
                - PWJDM Fender Washers and Bolts
                - PWJDM Valve Cover Washers and Bolts
                - PWJDM Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
                - PWJDM Cam Cap Cover
                - NGK Spark Plug Wires
                - NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
                - Custom Intake Coated in Plasti Dip
                - Stainless Header & Downpipe
                - 2.25" Stainless Exhaust
                - OEM Cat

                - Custom Made Harness Bar by Mochi
                - Sparco Four Point Harnesses
                - Auto Belt Delete
                - Black Leather Acura RSX Front Seats
                - Black Dash Swap
                - Black Door Panels
                - Black Rear Panels
                - Black Carpet
                - Rear Seat Delete
                - Grey 92/93 two piece Center Console
                - Grey A & B Pillar Panels
                - Grey C Pillar Panels

                - Paint = Range Rover Bali Blue / Satin Black Two-Tone (by Tim @ Mr. Old Habits)
                - Rear Fenders Pulled & Rolled
                - Shaved Antenna
                - Shaved Trunk Emblem
                - Shaved Washer Fluid Nozzles
                - 92/93 JDM One-Piece Headlights (Blackhoused)
                - 92/93 Front Bumper Conversion
                - 92/93 Rear Bumper Conversion
                - 92/93 Side Moldings
                - 92/93 Amber Bumper Lights
                - 92/93 Sedan Trunk Conversion
                - 92/93 Red/Clear Sedan Tail Lights
                - 5th Gen Greddy Gracer Front Lip
                - G Square Replica Grille (Thanks xaaronx)
                - Amber Side Markers

                Suspension/Foot Work:
                -Function & Form Type Two Coil Overs
                -Timken Wheel Bearings
                -99 Acura CL Hubs
                -Prelude VTEC 11.1" Front Rotors
                -Prelude VTEC Front Nissin Calipers
                -Prelude VTEC Front Caliper Brackets
                -Rear Disk Brake Conversion
                -Matrix Rear Lower Tie Bar
                -Ingalls Adjustable Anchor Bolts
                -5mm Wheel Spacer (Front)
                -Work Meister S1 2P - Front = 17"x8" +35 215/45/17 - Rear = 17"x9" +35 235/40/17
                -BFGoodrich G-Force KDW2 Tires

                -Valor Double Din Head Unit
                -Jensen 4 Channel Amp
                -Kenwood 2 Channel Amp (Bridged)
                -Infinity 4" Front Components
                -Infinity 6"x9" Rear Components
                -2 Alpine 10" Type-E Sub Woofers
                -Custom Mounted PS2
                -Blue Top Optima Battery
                1993 10th Anniversary MRT

                Originally posted by The G-Man
                For that money, yes. But my dick isn't big enough for that shit.

                List of all my cars to date


                  I nominate Domesticated


                  JDM H22A
                  Chipped P72 on Chrome
                  Rev Limit 8200
                  Shift Light CEL at 7400
                  2 Step at 3500
                  VTEC at 4900
                  Knock Sensor and Speed Limiter removed
                  NGK Iridium Plugs
                  New OEM NGK Wires
                  New OEM Coil
                  New OEM Igniter
                  AEM True Cold Air Intake
                  Apexi World Sport 2 Cat-back exhaust system
                  Magnaflow Hi-flow catalytic converter
                  Feel's Header

                  H2A5 5 Speed Transmission
                  OE Prelude Clutch
                  Fidanza 7lb Flywheel
                  New OE Clutch Master/Slave
                  Custom Braided Steel Clutch Line
                  New Front Wheel Bearings
                  ESP Engine Mounts (Wrinkle black, red insert)

                  Skunk2 Springs (removed because they suck)
                  Tokico Blues (removed)
                  Prothane Master Bushing Kit
                  New Upper Control Arms Front/Rear
                  Ingal's Front Camber Kit
                  Function Form Type I Coil Overs
                  New Rack and Pinion
                  Falken Front Strut Bar
                  New Tie Rods
                  ST 27mm Front Anti-Roll Bar
                  Progress 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

                  Konig Blatant 17x7
                  Kumho Ecsta AST 215/40/R17
                  TAS Auto 11.1" Front BBK Conversion (calipers/rotors/pads)
                  TASPRO Stainless Steal Brake Lines
                  HAWK HP Plus Front/Rear

                  Kenwood Deck
                  Alpine Type S 6.5"
                  Sony Xplod 6x9"
                  New Blower Motor

                  One Piece Headlights
                  Smoked Corners
                  Yellow Stained High Beams
                  Audi A6 HID Retrofit 6000K
                  JDM Yellow Foglights
                  Accord Inspire Side Markers
                  Honda Window Visors (Wrapped in 3M Di-Noc)
                  Carbon Fiber Radiator Brackets
                  Engine Bay Dress Up Hardware
                  Hella Supertones
                  Greddy Gracer Prelude Lip

                  All New Fluids
                  New Coil
                  New Igniter

                  TAS Auto Big Brake (11.1") conversion with rotors, pads, calipers.
                  Rear pads and rotors
                  Stainless Steel Brake Lines
                  New Brake Booster

                  Kumho Ecsta AST 215/40/R17

                  Prothane master bushing kit
                  All new control arms
                  All new ball joints
                  All new steering linkage

                  New Blower Motor

                  Carbon Fiber Radiator Brackets
                  Dress Up Hardware

                  New Cruise Control Module
                  Permanent AC/DC Power Converter

                  Function Form Coilovers
                  New brake booster
                  New rack and pinion
                  New P/S pump

                  AEM true CAI
                  HAWK HP Plus front and rear

                  Magnaflow HI Flow Catalytic Converter
                  Apexi World Sport 2 Cat-back system

                  ST 27mm Front Anti-Roll Bar
                  Progress Rear bar on back order until late October.

                  Feel's Header

                  DDM 6000k D2S

                  5 speed trans
                  Prelude clutch
                  Fidanza flywheel
                  Clutch master
                  Slave cylinder
                  Honda MTF
                  Honda power steering fluid
                  Custom braided steel clutch line

                  Progress rear sway bar install

                  Kenwood Deck
                  Alpine Type-S 6.5
                  Xplod 6x9
                  Innovative Engine Mounts
                  CEL jumper switch installed
                  Hella Supertones

                  Greddy Gracer Lip
                  ESP F22 Auto to 5SPD mount kit

                  Originally posted by scudweiser
                  i farted while i was getting head once, i was drunk.


                    Nominations Closed
                    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

                    Originally posted by deevergote
                    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...