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April 2014 AoM Nominations

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    April 2014 AoM Nominations

    April 2014 AoM Nominations

    As the Accord of the Year for 2013, Mr.PHIL, is not eligible for AoM nomination in 2014. Previous 2014 AoM Winners are ineligible as well. The other AoM winners from 2013 ARE allowed to be nominated. However, as they have already won the competition once, it is not recommended that they are nominated again. Let's get some new CBs recognized!

    Check out the Rules & Regulations - invalid nominations WILL be deleted!
    Please observe the format for nomination displayed here.

    Members must have 50 posts in order to nominate someone.
    Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
    Posts made that are not nominations will be deleted.
    Invalid nominations will be deleted.

    There is no need to second a nomination! If a nomination is valid, it will proceed to the voting stage automatically.

    Please only post ONE picture with your nomination. More pictures can be seen in the Member's Rides thread you link to!

    When nominating, please leave out any FUTURE PLANS sections. If it is not on the car, it should not be considered in the decision.

    Nominations will be Accepted until the 24th, but Voting starts the 21st, so be Timely in your Submissions.
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    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

    Originally posted by deevergote
    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...

    Id like to nominate DanCan's 1992 Accord EX-R, a stellar ride from every angle.

    Engine: Currently 220,000km

    Manual Trans w/F22A6
    NGK Plugs n`Wires
    Optima Yellow Top Battery
    Mobil 1 or Mobil High Mileage(Whatever`s on Sale)
    Just Replaced Fuel Tank, Straps, Filler Neck, Sender, Pump, Hoses...etc.


    Brand New 92 Acura Legend Front Spoiler/Lip
    Type-R "Style" Grille w/ Type-R Badge(Badge Removed For 2014)
    Offset Front Licence Plate
    3 Wire Civic Sockets For Bumper Light Signal Mod
    GTS Bug Deflector #71400S
    Depo Amber Corners(w/Putco 280003A Amber T-Type 194 LEDs)
    Sylvania Silver Star Ultra`s 9006
    Putco 239007JY Jet Yellow 9007
    JDM OEM Vent Visors/Moon Visors
    OEM Sunroof Visor/Moonroof Visor
    94-01 Acura Integra Side Mirrors
    15% Window Tint & Limo Tint Front Window Brow
    1/4" Red Pin Stripe on Molding
    Putco 280003W White Type-T 194 Licence Plate LEDs
    Nokya NOK5210 Hyper Red 1157 Brake Light Bulbs
    CD5 Rear Marker Lights
    EDM Rear Fog Light-Purchased From CB7tuner Member, tommi
    SS Tip Welded on Stock Replacement Muffler
    Removed Wiper Arms(Rain-X Instead)(Plus I Don`t Drive In Rain)
    Removed OEM Spoiler(LED Used as 3rd Brake Light)
    Removed OEM AM/FM Antenna(Leaked, Does Yours???)
    CB7TUNER.COM Decal Decal
    Air Freshener Hanging From My Rear Stock Tow Hook(Why?, The World Stinks)

    Suspension/Wheels: (Project:Black Skittle)

    Almost Prothane Everything
    Yellow Koni Sports - Perches Set - Front Lowest - Rear Middle(Stock)
    Green Tein S-Tech Springs - 1.7"F - 2.1"R
    Orange CD5 Rear Sway Bar
    Midnight Purple Powder Coated Cross Member
    Red F&F LCA`s
    Blue Megan Racing Toe Arms
    Black SPC Full Camber Kit
    Rebuilt Front UCA`s with Prothane Bushings and SPC Adjustable Ball Joints(Not Installed, Yet)
    Polished eBay C-Pillar Bar Covered With Insulation Foam
    Bright White ESP Rear Upper Strut Bar
    Bright White ESP Rear Lower Tie Bar
    Bright White ESP 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar(Not Installed)
    Bright White ESP Traction Bar W/Torque Mount(Not Installed)

    Tire/Rim Packages

    98-02 Accord 15" w/Pirelli P5-195/60R15
    XXR 531 Platinum 16" w/Falken Azenis 205/40R16


    Stock Grey & Light Grey Interior w/Black Highlights
    Trunk Panels Gutted(Rest of Seats and Panels Will Be Gutted For Future Trip to Body Shop)
    B-Quiet Sound Deadening Material Everywhere
    Black Acura Integra 94-01 Cloth Front Seats
    Black Leather Rear Seats
    Black Generic Floor Mats
    Black Custom Dash Mats(HONDA H and Accord Silk Screened in White)
    Black Custom Door Panels(KICKER Silk Screened in Rear Lower Door Panels)
    Black Speaker Grill Mesh Front n`Rear
    Red NRG Short Hub #110
    Red NRG Quick Release 2.5
    Black NRG Leather w/Red Stitching Race Style Wheel
    Type-R Integra Shifter Boot
    Type-R Integra Titanium Shift Knob
    JDM Flare Case n`Holder(Expire Date Stamp was 1990-1994)
    Blue Ambient Lighting Under Front Seats and in Trunk/Stereo Area.
    Putco Vanity Festoon LEDs 230003
    Putco White Festoon LEDs 231125 in Stock Locations
    Full Blue n`White LED Dash Conversion, Done By Co0chysCB7
    Domo and Android Robot hanging out in the back seat area
    Fire Extinguisher......Just in case......


    Deck-Pioneer DEH-80PRS w/iPod, USB, etc...
    Sirius Starmate 5 Plug n`Play
    Highs-Kicker KS690(6"x9") & KS400(4")
    Lows-Kicker 10" L7 in Massive 2.25 cu.ft Ported Box
    Power-Kicker ZX350.4(Highs) & ZX750.1(Lows)
    Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT
    FLD500 Dashboard Camera
    Marksman X4 2-Way Security System w/Shock, Glass & Proximity Sensors


      I'd like to nominate Kevin Chinnn and his 92 EX Coupe. Loving his style so far and I like where the build is going.

      MOD LIST:

      Cool Air Intake
      RMF Header
      AEM Fuel Rail
      H23 Manual Tensioner Conversion
      Innovative Engine mounts (driver side and rear)
      ESP Auto to 5spd Tranny mount
      Engine bay shaved and painted (VW Brown Toffee Metallic)
      14" Vibrant Performance Resonator 2.5 in
      Flowmaster 40 series Muffler
      2.5 Full Exhaust Piping

      Megan Racing EZ Street Full Coilover System
      Front lower Traction Bar (No name from eBay)
      Ingalls front and rear Camber kits (-2 in rear)
      Megan Racing Rear LCA's
      Megan Racing upper Strut Tower Brace

      Redline Wheels 16x9 +15
      KUMHO ASX 195/50/16

      JDM 1-pc Headlights (blackhoused)
      USDM Stanley Foglights (93 bumper) sold
      JDM Stanley Foglights (91 bumper) installed
      JDM Stanley Intersection Lights
      EDM Stanley Clear Side Markers (soon to be installed)
      EDM Honda CB3 Headlight Washer Nozzles sold
      OEM CB7 Flushmount Spoiler
      GTS Bug Guard Hood Visor
      Side Mirror Visors
      Skyline Grille
      94-95 Acura Legend Coupe Front Lip sold
      240SX Greddy Front Lip
      Xenon Mild Side Skirts
      Xenon Mild Rear Lip
      Pulled Rear Quarter Panels for wheel fitment
      Mugen Style Window Visors
      Rear Window Sticker Spread

      Custom painted black doors
      Kenwood Deck
      Amber Clock