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April 2015 AoM Nominations

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    April 2015 AoM Nominations

    April 2015 AoM Nominations

    As the Accord of the Year for 2014, jdm_inspired, is not eligible for AoM nomination in 2015. Previous 2014 AoM Winners are ineligible as well. The other AoM winners from 2013 and beyond ARE allowed to be nominated. However, as they have already won the competition once, it is not recommended that they are nominated again. Let's get some new CBs recognized!

    Check out the Rules & Regulations - invalid nominations WILL be deleted!
    Please observe the format for nomination displayed here.

    Members must have 50 posts in order to nominate someone.
    Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
    Posts made that are not nominations will be deleted.
    Invalid nominations will be deleted.

    There is no need to second a nomination! If a nomination is valid, it will proceed to the voting stage automatically.

    Please only post ONE picture with your nomination. More pictures can be seen in the Member's Rides thread you link to!

    When nominating, please leave out any FUTURE PLANS sections. If it is not on the car, it should not be considered in the decision.

    Nominations will be Accepted until the 25th, Voting starts the 25th, so be Timely in your Submissions.
    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

    Originally posted by deevergote
    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...

    I would like to nominate 90ACCORDLXGUY

    Engine Mods:

    F22A1 w/159,XXXmiles
    [INSTALLED]2.25" catback exhaust (w/Magnaflow muffler)
    [INSTALLED]Spectre Filter
    [INSTALLED]Spoon Resevior socks
    [INSTALLED]F22A4 Exhaust manifold
    [INSTALLED]Flat Black heatshield
    [INSTALLED]24" Resonator
    [NOT INSTALLED] Bisimoto F22 Header (ceramic coated)

    Exterior Mods:

    -Original Navajo Red Paint Job
    [NOT INSTALLED]DIY Fogs (100w bulbs)
    [INSTALLED]OEM HONDA wiper arms
    [INSTALLED]92/93 EX lip
    [NOT INSTALLED]Thule Roof Rack
    [INSTALLED]DIY Amber bumper lenses
    [NOT INSTALLED]DIY Amber corner lenses
    [NOT INSTALLED]OEM HONDA Hood Bra/Fender guards
    [NOT INSTALLED]OEM 92/93 Rear Mudguards
    [NOT INSTALLED] Red/Clear Taillights
    [NOT INSTALLED]7000k bulb High beams
    [INSTALLED]Amber corners
    [NOT INSTALLED]EDM Clear Sidemarkers (broken tab)
    [NOT INSTALLED]Authentic G-Square grill
    [NOT INSTALLED]Authentic OEM Flushmount
    [INSTALLED]CD5 Rear Sidemarkers
    [NOT INSTALLED]JDM Power Folding Mirrors
    [NOT INSTALLED]JDM Amber Sidemarkers
    [SOLD]Carbon Fiber hood
    [NOT INSTALLED]JDM License Plates
    [NOT INSTALLED]8,000k HIDs (low)
    [INSTALLED]90/91 Rear Mudguards
    [NOT INSTALLED]Xenon Mild front lip
    [NOT INSTALLED]Xenon Mild sideskirts
    [NOT INSTALLED]Xenon Mild rear lip
    [SOLD]89-91 One-piece Headlights w/E55 retrofit and LED ring
    [NOT INSTALLED]Xenon Aggressive front lip

    Interior Mods:

    [NOT INSTALLED]Target floormats
    [INSTALLED]Paint-matched Door lock trim
    [INSTALLED]DIY Black Speaker covers (front)
    [INSTALLED]DIY Black Trunk/Gas lever cover
    [INSTALLED]DIY Black Center console
    [INSTALLED]Maltese Cross pedal covers
    [INSTALLED]DIY short throw shifter
    [INSTALLED]DIY red courtesy lenses
    [INSTALLED]DIY Neons underdash
    [INSTALLED]Paint-matched dash bezel
    [INSTALLED]Red Dice on Rearview Mirror
    [NOT INSTALLED]92-95 Civic shift knob
    [INSTALLED]EDM Rear Fog switch
    [INSTALLED]Authentic JDM 2.2i badge
    [INSTALLED]Authentic CB3 Vin. plate
    [NOT INSTALLED]400mm Broadway mirror
    [NOT INSTALLED]Momo Indy 320mm wheel
    [INSTALLED]300mm Broadway Convex mirror
    [NOT INSTALLED]Nardi Torino 350mm wheel
    [NOT INSTALLED]Budweiser Shift Knob
    [INSTALLED]'93 SE floormats
    [INSTALLED]Nismo Shift Knob

    Suspension/Stopper Mods:

    [NOT INSTALLED]Neuspeed Sport springs
    [NOT INSTALLED]DIY washer camber trick
    [INSTALLED]Explicit Speed Performance 2pt front strut bar
    [INSTALLED]Explicit Speed Performance 2pt rear strut bar
    [INSTALLED]Tokico Master Cylinder
    [NOT INSTALLED]OEM Brembo rotors
    [NOT INSTALLED]AEM Front pads
    [INSTALLED]Tanabe Sustec Pro-SS Coilovers
    [INSTALLED]Progress Rear sway bar


    [NOT INSTALLED]14x5.5 Stock steelies
    [NOT INSTALLED]15x6 Prime 293
    [SOLD]15x5.5 Sawblades
    [SOLD]18x7.5 5Zigen (BSA)
    [SOLD]15x6 Prime 292/American Racings
    [SOLD]18x7.5 Unknown brand twin 6-spokes
    [SOLD]16x8 Work/16x7 Riversides
    [SOLD AGAIN]15x6 Prime 292/American Racings (2nd time)
    [NOT INSTALLED]16x7 Volk Racing CV-Pro (pair)
    [SOLD]15x6 Cheviots
    INSTALLED]15x5.5 CD5 EX 7-spokes
    [NOT INSTALLED]16x7 Racing Hart F24s (+35 offset)
    [SOLD]16x7 MB Motoring 5-spokes (pair)
    [SOLD]15x5.5 OEM Nissan Steelies, Pink Edition
    [SOLD]14x6 Enkei Apache Mesh (+18 offset)
    [BORROWED]17x7.5 Rota (multi-spoke)
    [SOLD]15x5.5 92-93 OEM EX wheels
    [SOLD]14x6 AEW 6-spoke
    [NOT INSTALLED]15x7 Enkei 92s (+0 offset)
    [NOT INSTALLED]17x7.5/8 Sterns (5x114.3, acquired if 5 lug happens)
    [NOT INSTALLED]16x7 Club Linea Sport Meshs (+32 offset)
    [SOLD]16x8 -63 to -76 6-spoke old school wheels
    [SOLD]17x7 Enkei RF-2s?? (+38 offset)
    [SOLD]15x6 '97 CD5 SE 5-spokes
    [NOT INSTALLED]17x7.5 Kosei K1 Racings (+47 offset)
    [NOT INSTALLED]15x5.5 +50 OEM 92/93 alloys
    [NOT INSTALLED]17x8/9 +38 Riverside Stitchs
    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

    Originally posted by deevergote
    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...


      Ah, Yes! Now I get to do what I've wanted to do for a long time!

      I would like to nominate the king of CB7 turnarounds, Theos92VR4 and his new CB7!

      D2s e39 retrofitted in diy blackhouse lights
      OEM fogs
      Rear fog
      CD5 rear side markers
      CD5 side skirts
      OEM mudflaps
      G Square replica grille
      GTS Bug guard
      Legend coupe from lip
      CD5 Rear lip
      OEM rear wing spoiler
      Red clear tail lights
      Amber corner lights
      Ebay visors
      OEM moonroof visor
      Full repaint Honda Tafetta white

      20% tint front, 5% tint back
      Legend shift knob
      Dc2 amber clock
      SE black leather door panel inserts
      New shift boot and console
      SE black leather seats
      SE black ebrake handle
      Fugen pedals
      Full LED lighting converison
      92-93 optional armrest
      Leather wrapped Steering wheel with honda emblem
      Dark burl wood dash kit

      Ebay intake
      Ebay Full exhaust with vibrant ultra quiet resonator and OBX dual tip muffler

      16x7 Katana Regamaster reps
      205/50 16 hankook ventus
      Koni STR.T shocks
      Neuspeed race springs
      *** Think of others before thinking of yourself. ***
      ********** Spread love, not hate. ***********
      ****Lift others up with kind and helpful words****

      F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
      "Nothing a little prayer can't fix."

      Selling on Ebay!

      15.10 @ 90.42mph
      The quest for 9s ceased, now the goal is a circuit track monster!
      Current fastest Laguna Seca Lap: 1:52.889