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April 2006 Nominations

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    April 2006 Nominations

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    April-06 StickyDilJoe

    StickyDilJoe's member ride link

    I am nominating StickyDiljoe's accord because it is the only cb7 to make it to honda tuning magazine! There is nothing else to say. If it's good enough to make my magazine, it should be AOTM! I cherrish that issue.

    JDM Addzest Double-Din CD/MD Head Unit
    Bride Brix I (Gradation) seats
    Bride Super-Low Seat Rails
    Takata MPH-340R Harness (Driver Side)
    Willans 4-Point Harness (Passenger Side)
    Nardi VO Arrow 35 Steering Wheel
    Autopower 4-Point Rollbar
    COACH Interior Door Panels
    COACH Glovebox
    COACH Speakers

    Lamborghini Verde Hydra Metallic paint
    CF1 Carbon Fiber hood
    CF1 Carbon Fiber trunk
    CFType Carbon Fiber gas lid
    Hmotorsports front lip
    Chargespeed front grill w/eyeline
    JDM CB Front Bumper w/Carbon Fiber Lip (Show Only)
    JDM 1-Piece Headlights (courtesy of Manny/Accord_Inspire)
    JDM Stanley EG sidemarkers
    EDM Rear Fog Light
    McCulloch 8000K HID Lighting System
    JDM Accord Inspire emblem

    JDM H22A Engine Swap
    JDM H22A Valve Cover
    A'PEXi Power Intake
    Greddy/Trust Headers
    NGK sparkplug wires
    Denso Iridium plugs
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    TC Sportline carbon kevlar wire cover
    Mugen radiator cap
    Mugen oil cap
    Mugen resevoir cover
    Chipped P28 ECU
    P0F Euro-R TCU

    *One of only few H22A CB7 Accord swaps w/working power steering, cruise control, ABS, and a/c* COMPLETE SWAP!

    JDM 16x7 Sprint Hart CP-R wheels (REAL SHIT, SORRY GUYS, FUCK ROTA's)
    JDM 16x7 Stark Rennsport wheels
    205/45/16 Yokohama Parada Tires
    Omnipower coilovers
    Cusco Front Strut Bar
    DC Sports Rear Strut Bar

    CB3 formerly hondaracer33


      Accord Inspire
      because both of his cars are seeeckkkkkkkkkkss

      accord_inspire: 93 honda accord lx
      - ebay headers
      -ractive short ram intake
      -apexi WS2 Exhaust system .
      -jdm h22 (auto) SiR Motor

      ::wheels suspension::
      -17'inch adr's customed painted
      -h&r sports springs
      - falken ziex 512 reinforced tires
      -AEM BBK w/ oem pads ..

      -jdm pwr fold mirrors
      -jdm front bumper with fogs/ amber lights/inter. lights
      -jdm inspire markers
      -jdm lic. plate
      -jdm rear bumper foglight (yet to be installed)
      -jdm pole (not installed)
      - jdm 91 grill filled (H)
      -jdm inspire emblems
      -4300k's hid g35
      -jdm 1 piece lights
      -red/clear tails
      -jdm oem tail lights
      -5th gen lip
      -jdm parking permit
      -jdm safety driver decal
      -jdm road flare
      -jdm signal auto decal *the stage of street*
      -oem flush mount spoiler
      - jdm g_square
      - jdm 2.2i exclusive emblem
      - oem style c/f hood . (c-wings)
      -jdm 2.0si clr w/amber insert bumper lence.(rare)

      -jdm cluster
      -jdm climate control (not installed)
      -jdm armrest with (pole . half switch .headlight washer (ukdm) ,and optional fog lights switch)
      -fuel ratio & volt meter
      -jdm air purifier
      -jdm non smoker ash tray (rare)

      ::future plans::
      -blk leather
      1993 Honda Accord LX Coupe

      My Members Ride's Thread

      StickyDilJoe: "JDM may be a fad, but making your car look like shit... thats forever"



        Member's Ride page

        I am nominating timmy0tool for AOTM because he has successfully managed to make his car different than any other Accords on this site..A low and wide stance (thanks to the 32mm adapter) gives this car a very aggressive look, with a taste of JDM here and there..The flushmount spoiler, 5-lug conversion mated with Volks and the roof rack just seals the deal..Truly unique! Simplicity at its best I think he deserves it..

        -F22A1 (200k-miles and still strong as of 11/11)
        -busted alternator (whines like a supercharger, stupid harmonic dampener/crank pulley)
        -5-speed tranny (unreplaced original from factory stock clutch )
        -old school original CARB-legal RS Akimoto short ram intake w/velocity stack
        -Greddy SP cat-back exhaust system
        -Koyo OEM style radiator
        -stock genuine honda everything else down to the oil filter and spark plugs (NGK)

        -OEM rosewood brown honda paint
        -OEM EX front lip
        -OEM emblemless 90-91 front grill
        -OEM foglights (tinted yellow with DC integra center-console switch)
        -OEM flush mount spoiler
        -JDM G-Square grill
        -JDM OEM two-piece headlights
        -JDM OEM bumper lenses (clear w/amber insert)
        -JDM OEM sidemarkers (clear)
        -JDM OEM taillights
        -JDM OEM rain guards
        -JDM OEM power folding mirrors
        -JDM OEM "accord coupe" badge
        -JDM OEM "2.2i exclusive" badge
        -JDM OEM "honda of america" eagle badges
        -relocated front plate (prior to foglight install)
        -bumper light modded to be on w/parking light and still blink (dual-filament bulb NOT used here)
        -HID headlights (Lexus GS400 ballasts w/Philips D2R bulbs and Autolamps shields)
        -Yakima roof rack and fairing w/Gary Fisher Joshua XO mountain bike
        -custom dents and scratches

        -OEM floor mats
        -Razo shiftknob
        -Razo pedals
        -Neuspeed short shift adapter
        -Autometer sport-comp tach w/shift light
        -Autometer sport-comp air/fuel gauge (useless, but it was free)
        -Broadway 240mm flat mirror
        -Recaro cellphone holder (my celly can withstand the lateral g's )

        -Omnipower coilovers street (about a 3" drop yikes!)
        -Ingalls polyurethane camber kit in front, washer-trick in rear
        -generic front upper strut bar
        -ST front and rear sway bars
        -5 lug swap (odyssey knuckles front, prelude hubs front and rear)

        -prelude vtec calipers with 25T brackets
        -rear disc conversion
        -4040 proportional valve from an 90-93 integra RS
        -made-in-china front and rear rotors (hey they get the job done )
        -OEM pads
        -DOT4 synthetic brake fluid

        -14" stock LX steelies with hubcaps (185/70/14 Bridgestone Potenza RE-92) *sold*
        -15" OEM 90-91 EX alloys (195/60/15 Bridgestone Potenza RE-92) *sold*
        -15" OEM 7-spoke alloys (195/60/15 Bridgestone Potenza RE-92) *sold*
        -15" 96-spec 4-lug integra type-r (205/50/15 Falken Azenis Sport) *sold*
        -15" 97-spec 5-lug integra type-r (no tires yet)
        -17" Racing Hart CP-035 in winning gold (215/45/17 Ventus HR-II)
        -16" Rota GT3 in red (205/55/16 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4)
        -16" Volk Racing Group A 7"(f) 8"(r) (205/50/16 Hankook K106) *now w/32mm adapter/spacer (r)*

        -Alpine mobile security system
        -Alpine 7893 headunit
        -JBL GTO 6.5" 3-way speakers all around
        -RF 400.4 amp and 8awg wiring
        -2 10" Eclipse subs in a sealed enclosure

        future plans:
        -JDM OEM bumper pole (already have, just need to install)
        -leather steering wheel from a CD (already have, just need to install)
        -S2000 steering wheel (already have but needs a custom install)
        -prelude 89 si steering wheel (already have, just need to install) *sorry i can't choose the wheel i want to use*
        -larger front lip
        -cf hood
        -sedan trunk w/EDM tails/fogs and license plate garnish
        -ultimately the almighty H22 (already priced one)
        -repaint with the same color

        |~~~~~~~~~~~~- Project CL1 Euro-R continues -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|



          Laguna7, because he has put a lot of work into his car and it shows. this car should be featured on ABC's extreme makeover. it's gonna be real nice when it's done.


          H22a Conv. *stripped*
          Jdm Valve Cover
          Modified Valve Cover... Pics pg. 9
          AEM Prelude Intake
          MaxBore Throttle-body
          Modified Intake Manifold
          DC 4-2-1 Headers
          Modified Cat
          Greddy SP Cat-Back Exhaust
          Clutch Masters Stage 3 Clutch
          Kaiten Flywheel 9.6 lbs
          HAMP Oil Filter
          NOS 75-shot Dry *haven't used yet*
          More stuff on the way....


          Full Custom Roll Cage...
          Tein SS w/upper pillow mounts
          *chrome* Front, Rear & Lower Tie-Bars...
          Spoon Socks
          18" Motegi Rims w/Prelude si center caps...
          215/35/18 Tires...


          Custom "Le-Mans Sunset" Complete Paint Job...
          94-95 *mugen* Lip (BMW) Carbon Metalliac Black.....
          92-93 *everything* Bumpers, moldings, Lights, ect...
          JDM CB3 2.0 Si Park Lamps
          JDM CB3 Side Markers
          JDM CB3 Corner Lights
          Misc Jdm Emblems & Stickers....


          Completly *Stripped*
          I My Honda/Option2 Stickers
          Sparco Formula Steering Wheel
          Carbon Fiber Guage Bezel...
          Custom black w/black suade door panels
          Custom shift boot...
          97' Integra LS Clock...
          *chrome* Type-R shift knob...
          ...Paint Coming Soon...


          OEM 99' Integra CD Player...
          Front Door Speakers only...

          Future Plans:

          Alot More things to come....
          *Props go to my brother Jamison a.k.a JZA for guiding me through all my motor work*
          *props go to Tony *Raceboy* for helping w/ my valve cover project*

          Avoiding dirt at all costs


            I'm nominating my man Mike (accordwarrior). He's come so far with his ride and he's always offering help and advice to others. He does a great job moderating and is a great guy at meets. His cb7 is one of the only one's with rear quarter rust removed the right, painted up nicely, etc. His impressive efforts to do modifications to the cb7 the right way are down right impressive and admorable. The cb7 may look stock now, but i know Mike has big plans. Thanks Mike for being a great influence and a great overall guy on the board.

            AccordWarrior's (Mike's) Ride:



            Gasoline Powered Internal Combustion Powerplant
            4 Valves per Cylinder


            Apex'i World Sport 2 Cat Back Exhaust
            Generic SRI
            PT6 ECU
            F22a6 Intake Manifold (uninstalled)
            DIY Catch Can


            B-49m Laurel Blue Metallic
            OEM Fog Lights
            OEM Hood Mask (uninstalled)
            OEM CD5 Front Lip
            OEM Rear Mud Flaps
            OEM Spoiler w/LED
            OEM 92-93 Trunk Lid

            JDM Quarter Panels
            JDM Power Folding Mirrors (uninstalled)
            JDM Parking Pole (uninstalled)

            Clear Corner Lights with hyperwhite/amber bulbs
            Clear Bumper Lights
            Bumper Light Conversion with Hyperwhite 1157 Bulbs
            Hella Yellowstar H3 Fog Bulbs
            Eurolite Xenon Fusion 9006 Headlights

            92-93 Red/Clear Tail Lights
            Green Reverse Lights

            Generic Mesh Grill Mod


            Plush, Velour
            Seating for 5


            OEM Floor Mats
            OEM DC2 White Clock
            OEM DA9 Open Headrest Conversion

            7 Color Indiglo Gauges
            Red Needles
            Blue LED Indicators

            91-93 Accord Shifter Conversion
            DIY Flip Plate Reduced Height Mod
            Neuspeed Short Shift Adapter

            Vibrant Performance ITR Style Shift Knob
            Black Leather w/Red Stitch E-brake boot
            Ractive Chrome/CF E-brake Handle

            Blue Neon Dome Light
            Blue Neon Under-Dash Lights
            Cobra Radar Detector
            Kidde Fire Extinguisher

            Suspension, Tires, Brakes

            92-93 Accord EX Sedan Alloys - 15x5.5

            Black, Pneumatic

            Neuspeed Sport Springs
            KYB AGX Struts
            Neuspeed Front Strut Brace
            Generic Rear Strut Bar
            OEM EX Wagon Rear Sway Bar (Uninstalled at present)

            Consistently retard forward motion, while making lots of noise



            Future Mods



            Megan Racing Rear Lower Tie Bar
            Suspension Techniques Rear Sway bar(?)


            OEM 92-96 Prelude Seats
            92-93 Manual Seatbelt Conversion
            Trust GREX Shift knob
            JDM ITR/CTR Shift Boot
            OEM Armrest Console
            Complete LED Dash Conversion
            A couple of Autometer Gauges
            OEM Legend Maplight assembly (?)

            OEM EX 6x9 rear pods
            Upgraded rear speakers


            Unsure...but I want 190 whp at least
            Audi A4 2.8 Quattro Sport


              my nomination this month goes to accord driver
              i didn't even realize he had a wagon until i started browsing the members rides forum. his cb9 is kitted -n- clean of course, and
              unique in its on way(92 coupe tails) along with his cb7 sedan w/ Lexus GS3/400 tails.
              we share similar views in custom work/fabrication, keeping it clean and simple, but at the same time, standing out from the rest of the crowd.

              accord driver's cb9

              Shaved Moldings on Doors and Bumpers
              Shaved Rear Emblem
              Shaved Rear Squirter
              Shaved Rear Bodyline Between Rear Door and Rear Window
              1992 Coupe Taillight Conversion
              Erebuni Sigma Lip Kit Style 129

              Dyed Factory Carpet
              Color Swap to Black and Silver Metallic

              MSDS chrome Intake and Universal Filter
              Custom Exhaust with a Tsudo Muffler

              Diamand Audio 6.5" Components
              6.5" Phoenix Gold Coaxial in Rear Custom

              R-1 Racing Wheels
              Neuspeed Race Springs
              Tokico Blue Shocks

              FUTURE PLANS:
              Last edited by PRIMOCB7; 03-08-2006, 01:17 AM.
              5.6L V8 32V DOHC
              JDM HERITAGE - US BUILT


                97Lude - April 06

                97Lude's Member's Ride

                I nominate 97Lude for AOTM April 2006. His car is so clean and very tastefully done. His lights are very unique. His leather swap is out of this world and his scheme flows real nice to create an all around sweet ride.

                97Lude : 1992 Accord EX


                Custom Fitted Audi RS6 ECE Bi-xenons
                Custom full black housed headlights
                92-93 OEM fogs custom Ion Yellow

                Generic cold air intake w/K&N filter
                Thermal R&D exhaust


                94-95 Accord EX rims, custom Bronze (got them for 75bucks)
                Bridgestone Potenza's
                Neuspeed Sport springs
                KYB AGX shocks
                Ingalls camber kit in front/back


                JDM power folding mirrors
                Custom black housed headlights
                J-Spec corners
                DYI tail lights
                Painted body kit trim
                20% tint
                DYI black matching grill
                Debadged EX and ACCORD
                Custom fitted 94-95 Accord front lip

                91' Accord SE black Front leather seats
                91' Accord SE black rear leather seats
                91' Accord SE black leather door panels
                91' Accord SE Black rear seatbelts
                03' Accord black flootmats
                Rest of interior custom black
                custom DYI cluster mod


                Eclipse Head unit 55320( i think thats the number)
                Eclipse speakers(same for four years, still sound great)
                2 12" JBL Wb7 subs
                JBL Amp
                PM me if you found this!!


                  92WhiteAccord : 1992 Accord DX

                  92WhiteAccord's members ride thread

                  I nominate 92WhiteAccord for April AOTM because to put it simple, his car is the best BBB evar! It's so damn clean and beautiful!

                  Sittin on 17" Konig Absolute
                  Black Bumper Beauty

                  White Face Gauges

                  Sounds System:
                  Sony HU
                  Alpine Type S 10"
                  Verge Amplifier

                  Aerospeed Coilovers

                  Aerospeed Intake
                  Aerospeed Exhaust

                  Futre Plans:
                  UMMMM Alot of Stuff...(turbo, suspension upgrades, paint job....etc)

                  CrzyTuning now offering port services


                    I nominate BILLIE. Ever since i seen this car i loved it. It has the best of both worlds. sweet/sexy out side mean under the hood. Its a winner in my eyes. From a sweet turboed F22 to a H22. Its definitely a canidate for APRIL 06

                    Bille : 1992 Accord EXRi


                    New Engine: H22 NA

                    Shift Light, Launch Control.
                    Dc-Sport Manifold 4-2-1 with 2,5" collector.
                    2,5" Exhaust.
                    Fuel Pressure Regulator.
                    Oil Cooler in the front.
                    Oil CatchTank.
                    HeatWrap on manifold.



                    Recaro, Integra type R
                    Momo Steering Wheel
                    Type R shift knob
                    Oil temp Guage
                    Oil Pressure Guage


                    H&R springs 3"
                    Koni gas shocks
                    Brembo brakes front 282mm and rear 260mm (drilled)

                    Future Mods:

                    Brembo brake kit, 328mm


                    Front bumper (made by Bille) from Accord 93' and civic 95' parts.
                    Rear bumper (made by Bille)From Accord 93' and Accord 99' parts.
                    hood( By Bille)
                    headlights, xenon (By Bille)


                    7x17" Kosei - Toyo 215/40-17.


                    Sony MD/CD
                    Denon DCA800
                    Attached Images
                    Attached Files
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