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**Official Cell Phone Picture Thread**

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    Keeping the thread alive...

    Evo 4G

    1999 BMW M3
    2001 Honda CR-V SE RT4WD
    2005 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71
    2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650



      HTC EVO 4G
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        Loc: La Jolla Shores, San Diego CA
        Phone: Samsung SCH-i500 Galaxy-S Fascinate (Verizon)
        Originally posted by scudweiser
        it will go vrooooooom bauggggghhhh mmmmmmaauuugggg. Still no mmmmmbAAAAAAAUUUHHHHHHH though.
        Originally posted by deevergote
        Do you have anything intelligent to offer, or are you just trying to whore up your post count?


          found an old pics I took with my Samsung Propel:
          probably one of the best I took with a cheap cell phone

          location: St.Croix River, Red Wing, WI/MN, 2009

          ...........AE86-GTS: SOLD.................................................. ........CB7-DX: SOLD


            J-Tiki's cell phone pics

            Camera: Blackberry Tour

            Mountains of North Carolina

            1931 Old Town Canoe

            The best slip-n-slide ever

            Old Engine Oil beer

            Team Hondaworks

            Lexus long-arm kit

            1961 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

            1970 AM General Deuce 1/2

            Sunrise Downtown Greensboro

            70's flashback

            One fresh M6

            Finishing up the swap
            '92 CB7 H22a M2B4


              Originally posted by foamypirate View Post
              RAZR ftl...

              Oh, and yes, you can see my license do 500 people everytime I drive my car...

              LOL im still using a RAZR V3......i could get a new fone but at the moment it still works fine
              there are more important things to spend my money on like MY CB7

              Id rather lose by a mile because I built my own car, than win by an inch because someone else built it for me. Your car is your story, so dont let someone else write the book.
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                Evo 4G

                Marry Jane


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                    Samsung Focus Windows phone 5 Megapixel and 720p video..............

                    Big apple in Colbourne, Ont

                    K20 Mini

                    Some dude on a mission from god on the 401 ............. LOL

                    And my car

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                    MRT -

                    1993 Accord Ex


                      iPhone 4


                        This was taken from a Blackberry cellphone:\

                        My CB7. I will take more cellphones pics.

                        MY MRT


                          Evo 4G:
                          I love this phone and the camera rocks! I have A LOT of pics and will get more up later.

                          My Bay.

                          Used some built in camera effects, LEDs built into a table and smoke from a hookah at the hookah lounge me a few friends were at, came out awesome.

                          Random flower:

                          Giant Mushroom

                          Last year at Halloween, My Buddy wore a Bumble bee costume helmet and we painted with that "clear neon" black light paint...phones suck in the dark but this came out aight.

                          Keg for my home brew:

                          I have alot more pics, I went to the Houston zoo and natural science museum and got some great pics there, all in all I love the camera on this phone it works great under the right conditions.

                          Sold too: Grumpys93, '93CB7Ex, Bunta, prodh22accord, SSMAccord, fleetw00d


                            I take too many photos with my phone not even half of them.

                            new flush mount and antenna delete:

                            MMmm lambo on the highway.

                            GeoCacheing fun:

                            Freak snow storm here in Texas.


                            My foot can easily fit into my bay through the grill.

                            Houston Multi-gen Spring meet

                            S2000 CR


                            Lazy cats

                            New window decal

                            NBA Development League

                            Sold too: Grumpys93, '93CB7Ex, Bunta, prodh22accord, SSMAccord, fleetw00d


                              LG Optimus 3.2 mega pixle wish this thing had a filter so the grass wasn't so dark.

                              Taken from my dad's backyard at about 7:30am
                              3 CB's gone....
                              1 WK Overland....

                              Still miss the CB though......maybe one day.


                                Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S

                                Click picture to see my mrt
                                Instagram: sikz6