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    Aperture 3

    I saw that Aperture 3 come out and it has some new features which i thought are pretty cool. Has anyone Tested it out yet? I am downloading it right now.

    I watched bunch of the videos on Apple website and it looks very promising. I have used the past two versions and have been very happy with it. I think one think that Ill really enjoy is being able to switch between libraries without restarting the program. I have several Libraries organized with my personal work and paid work and switching between them will be much easier. Also the program was built specifically for 64bit processing so it should be quicker too, granted you have compatible hardware. I also like the presets making batch editing much easier. They can also be customized and you can add your own. I bet pretty soon there will be many preset profiles you can download. This update was long awaited as LR2 was a great competitor and with the LR3 in beta and on its way this was the right move for apple. Ill be sticking with Apple as I own a MBP and really like how all my programs tie in together. One thing I wish it had was a bit better web page developing with some flash effects (im a web design noob) but I don't think that will be happening... at least for now.
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