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Common Photography Forum Info can be found in here. PLEASE READ HERE FIRST

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    Common Photography Forum Info can be found in here. PLEASE READ HERE FIRST

    First things first, We assume ALL of you have read the rules.
    If you make a thread / post that goes against the rules, it will be dealt with accordingly. The rules can be seen by clicking the link below. Forum rules, PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND HERE FIRST

    This forum is for sharing photographic techniques, not sharing pictures!

    Please do not post random pictures here.

    The purpose of this forum, as said in the description, is to share information on photographic equipment and techniques (preferably pertaining to automotive photography, though general information will be useful regardless).

    This is not the place for "look at the pretty flowers I saw today!"

    If you share pictures here, please provide information on your setup, and expect critiques of your work (composition, settings, lighting, etc...)

    The purpose of this forum is for those who KNOW how to use their equipment to help those who have no idea how to use their equipment (like me!)

    So, questions? Fire away.
    Took a picture and want to know why it sucks? Post it up
    Took a picture and think it's great? Post it up and find out if you're right

    Pictures of your dog biting your grandmother? Take it to the Image Gallery.

    Photography Rules
    Photography Forum Rules

    Helpful Topics
    *Official Digital Camera Info Thread*
    Knowledge database for photography
    Online Photo Galleries

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