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A few pics from work

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    A few pics from work

    There were a few shots that I thought looked good at the shop, especially with the time difference giving me lighting that I liked better. Used a GE point and shoot, but I figure the idea is the same, even if the quality isn't the best.

    Pretty cool looking shot of the Nismo 350Z we have.

    A Supra SE (slow edition) that is in for work.

    Pretty cool GLI we are working on. Called a Fahrenheit Edition. Limited run, but well done on the inside and out.

    A very special 350Z that's in for some very special work. I'll let you guys try and guess what it is.

    One of the boss man's cars. Pieced together from various cars we have bought and returned to stock.

    370Z Akebono brakes on a 350. Pretty cool setup.

    Thanks for taking a look.
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    Dang son. All I got to see and drive were porsches, land rovers, and maseratis, few other stuff bit is rather be around those all day

    C-3PO's MRT USDM yo!

    then i see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy,
    It all makes sense when i look into her eyes


      Ewwwww them 3 spoke wheels r nasty. I like!

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        That very special 350 has an LS swap by any chance?


          A V8 yes, but an LS no.


            VK56 yeah?

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              Bingo. Got to ride in it today. Fun as all hell.
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                One random pic I happened to snap at work while waiting to leave for the day.


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                    Another quick shot I grabbed. Both cars on LE37's, both with single turbo setups.


                      wtf you work at turbo toys? haha ive been there a bunch of times... my buddy bought his g35 there and i was discussing a v8 swapped 350z with the owner.

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                        lol. Never expected anyone from here to mention the shop much less know what the hell it was. Yeah, I work there. Strange you didn't say anything. My car is always posted up out front.