I was gifted a Tamron-F for Olympus 85-210 f 4.5

Im looking to adapt it to my 550d(t2i)

I know ill lose af and aperature etc

I can handle that on my own, im a big boy lol.

I have a Promaster 28 2.8 for minolta that is adapted and its full manual and I get razor sharp images from it, so I know my way around a manual lens.

Im just wanting to see if anyone has any insight on the adapter for this.

Im familiar with Pentax and Minolta, but not with Olympus.

I know they make an OM-EOS adapter....Im just not sure if it will work with this particular lens, so Im hoping someone here has a little insight.

I asked on POTN, and the consensus was that it should work, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any other info.