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evil_demon_01 is someone to admire evil_demon_01 is someone to admire evil_demon_01 is someone to admire evil_demon_01 is someone to admire

*** If this link was posted in your sig, there's a 99% chance it was TOO BIG. If you don't think it was too big, please read below to find out why it was removed. ***

You are allowed a personalized signature. Each signature may contain text and/or pictures totaling no more than 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. Anything over will be removed and you will be notified. ANY offensive content in your signature (picture OR text) will be removed by a moderator and you will be notified or banned, depending on the severity of the offense. Links to offensive content will be treated no differently. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary (and eventually permanent) ban.
No flaming of other members is allowed in signatures, just as in posts. That goes for "scammer" sigs as well. Protect yourself and you won't get scammed. Flaming in signatures will be removed, and a ban may be issued at the moderator's discretion.
SIGNATURES MAY NOT CONTAIN OFFENSIVE IMAGES OR LANGUAGE! That is your warning. Any signature deemed offensive by a moderator will be removed without warning. This can include anything political, religious, sexual, violent, profane, or drug related.

If you your signature is removed, either accept it, or PM a staff member to find out why it was removed (they may or may not respond... please be polite.) Any public complaining about a signature being removed will result in the loss of signature privileges altogether.


SN names can be changed by asking Deevergote.

PLEASE NOTE - This costs at least $5, please do not hassle Mike if you are not willing to spend.

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