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98vtec is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by CyborgGT View Post
^230 with just mild cams and pistons, and it sounds like you're saying that's a low number?

Over the past couple weeks I have been realizing that I could easily surpass my comfort level with this project and be in way over my head doing the assembly myself. It won't be as fun in the meantime not being able to build as I get parts, but it's looking like that part will be best left to the professionals.
My post was based on you bad low cam power post.

Really building an engine isnt hard. Its time consuming and can be a bit expensive up front as far as tools go. I was a tech for awhile so i have a pretty good assortment of tools.

You can slap it together and hope it works out, buy the tools and do a lot of research, or leave it to a honda professional
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