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apalileo is cool... so far.
September 2015 - Took advantage of the Pick Your Part Labor Day 50% weekend. Found a super clean 93 LX in Rosewood Brown Metallic and took what I could from it. Got the tail lights, rear corner trims, license plate bracket, driver's side front fender, mud flaps and the rear lower control arms (for future poly bushing installation). Found a gray interior CB7 that had all four floor mats in it... took those! Finally, found a wagon and snatched up the trunk organizer!

Old fender (left) had a bad ding up top and the paint just chipped away.

Previous owner broke off the license plate tabs. They took some of the paint with them.

All clean! Unfortunately the trunk lid on the donor car was used as a tabletop for a valve cover (looked like a B series cover) and was badly dented and scratched, otherwise I would have taken the whole trunk.
1993 Accord DX | Rosewood Brown Metallic (secret link)
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