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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
I forgot that the T28 had a broken bolt in the exhaust housing. I was going to remove the exhaust housing and have a machine shop extract the bolt. However when I did I noticed a slightly bent fin on the exhaust wheel. So I made a decision. It will probably need a new exhaust wheel which may or may not be a part of the shaft. I decided to send it off to Forced Performance for a rebuild. I sent it off today.

I imagine it will be $500. I could get a 16g for that, or my 16g rebuilt which was the original plan. However I already ordered the gaskets and such for the T28.

The T28 is only slightly less lb/min than a small 16g. I will just run a couple more lbs of boost on the T28 than I would the small 16g. And have better spool. So no loss there.

The HKS axleback arrived. Very pleased in the catbacks condition.

Gaskets from STM.

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