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Official Street Racing Game thread

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    Official Street Racing Game thread

    Figured we could keep them all in one place. Only up and coming or recently released games.. we all know GT and such. Post any that you know of coming out or as they come out and you find them.

    For PC Based Simulation, head to for the latest in news and downloads.

    Adrenaline Storm

    Burn Out 3

    Battle Gear 4

    Enthusia Professional Racing

    Forza Motorsports by Microsoft. X
    Forza official site MS site.
    Release Date: May 3, 2005 X
    Ford Street Racing Interesting concept where you control 3 team cars and can use those cars to your advantage (drafting) or you can switch to either of the three at any time. X,PS2,PC

    Forza Motorsport 2 by Microsoft Release Date November 2006 X360
    Official MS Forza Site

    GTR-Game authentic simulator for GTR cars. PC

    Juiced by Acclaim. X,PS2,PC

    King of the Hill, for consoles that is.
    Gran Turismo PS
    Answer all FAQ from GTPLANET including song tracks. Please note this concerns mainly the Jap version.

    Midtown Madness 3 Never really was a fan of this series. Didn't run well on PC.

    NFSU 2 by EA. X,PS2,PC
    Demo Available

    Project Gotham Racing 2 by Microsoft.
    Project Gotham 3 X360

    Street Racing Syndicate by Namco.

    SCAR Added May 5th. Alfa Romeo racing game that awards Experience Points for good driving.

    TOCA Race Driver 2 , a sequel to Pro Race Driver. Underestimated game worth picking up on eBay.

    TOCA 2 offical site.

    Race Driver 2006 Awesome follow up in the series.
    Press Release on Race Driver 3

    rFactor realistic touring car racing game. Not for the weak at heart, very in depth tuning of race cars. If you think tuning in Gran Turismo is hard, don't even try this one. I think it's one of the best that's out so far, it is in beta right now.

    Tokyo Extreme Racer 3
    Tokyo Extreme Racer 2
    Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift


    Rally Genre

    Rallisport Challenge by Microsoft

    RalliSport Challenge 2 by Microsoft.

    Colin McRae 2005 offical Codemasters site.

    Older Games, mostly pre 2004
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    Simulation Racing Thread i.e. PC, PS2 & XBOX

    OMG.. how funny.. lol i was just at EB Games in the florida mall talking with the reps about all of these yesterday

    i cant wait for NFSU 2

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      Yea, Im really looking forward to SRS and should post some expected release dates for those games beside the titles.

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        WTF hey man you forgot about granturismo:4


          Originally posted by h22sparkle
          WTF hey man you forgot about granturismo:4
          Since when was GT about street racing?
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            Well they said they had some tracks in there that has some streetracing areas.


              I just preordered street racing syndicate yestarday on my lunch brake, and i was piss drunk lol.


                TOCA isnt a street racing game either....
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                  at gamestop SRS should be out at the end of this month for Ps2 and GC, Xbox comes later.
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                    SRS Review

                    Well, I finally got around to SRS. I have to say, this game fell way short of my expectations. First off, the car modeling isn't very good. They are blocky and exagerated. It looks like this game fell into the same scenario as many street racers do. Namco, in my opinion, had to get market share so getting SRS to the shelves before titles like Gran Turismo and NFS helps sales. People are liking chops wanting good street racing games and this one sneeks in and Namco gets paid.

                    The game's way too easy so far. I played it one night and I'm over half way through the street racing mode. Immediately I had an overpowered car that the competition couldn't keep up with. I bought the VW Golf, RX-7 and now the 350z with around 850HP. This game incorporates different things from various games to come together. Flashing headlights to race like Midnight Club, Extreme tuning with body kits and graphics from NFS and a points system, aka "kudos" like PGR. The physics of the cars is horrible. Tuning comes in the way of buy a part and stick it on. No fine tuning so you not so hard core drivers will like that feature.

                    Now, I don't know who's idea it was to put the girls in the game but it's really really lame. I laughed so hard watching the girls "get down" in the video section. Granted, some are pretty hot, but most of them in the first vid you open look like they are wearing sweats. This one girl looks like she's having a convulsion and calls it dancing. I mean, is everyone really that hard up that they gotta do this with a game?? I guess so.

                    Final thoughts. Well, I'm glad I only gave BlockBuster 6 bucks and not Namco 49.95. This game doesn't have much lasting power and those of you who consider yourselves hardcore will definately shun this game.

                    Of course, this is all my opinion but still yet the Gran Turismo series is the benchmark for all other street racing games in the terms of realism, detail and submersion.. with the exception there is no damage.. which SRS has, so that's a plus.

                    Any other comments? Post em up.

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                    Current Score: Cops - IV Me - V
                    Quote of the moment: "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."
                    Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
                    Simulation Racing Thread i.e. PC, PS2 & XBOX


                      yeah srs sucks, and i'm out 49.99...damn them...

                      I didnt make it up to that show at FTR, had to work, how did it turn out?
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                        Burnout 3 = ownage


                          yes the verdict is srs truly truly sux i was highly dissapointed and i heard juiced isnt coming out because acclaim is bankrupt and they gotta wait till another maker picks up juiced in order to finish it (so i heard neway) forza i think will b the best game overall u can fine tune ur car rather than pick and choose and automatically get the most out of the product w/o tuning but i juss want a game like tokyo extreme racer like i had for my dreamcast................


                            NFSU2 Demo doesnt do it justice, but just by that i kno its gonna be better than the 1st....SRS is just a cheap rip off....didnt like the graphics as good, GT4 is where its at also

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                              ATTENTION! SINCE SRS SUCKS! will anyone sell it to me for 25 dollars shipped? so i can try it out? im just asking because none of you like it.

                              thanks if you can help out.

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