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"Other Automotive" Forum Rules

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    "Other Automotive" Forum Rules


    1. please post threads dealing only with non-cb7 import topics. This is not off-topic; this a forum for other car makes/models in general

    2. don't start a thread to another user, it will be deleted, that's what our feature is for.

    3. Do not start flame wars nor participate in any. Simple as that.

    4. please do a search before you post any information or questions. Most of the time a lot of information has already been posted and the thread has just been pushed back to a different page. For purposes of deleting threads and taking up space, if a thread has been created on a particular topic of which you have information on, just reply to it, do not create another thread.

    5. Be constructive with your comments and no whoring.

    6. Please be more descriptive on your Thread Titles; that's what they are for.

    FLAMING/POST WHORING RULE: Any thread which contains an extra amount of either post whoring or flaming gets deleted. Not closed, DELETED. Disclaimer : Negative CB7 Tuner sentiments will absolutely not be tolerated. These offenders will be warned promptly and if the problem persists they will be banned and IP's will be logged. This includes bashing on or using as a staging area for attacks on other sites.

    thats it for now... thanks.. and good posting..

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