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GhostAccord : 1996 Honda Accord EX

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  • Boost_Lee
    Very nice! I love that DIY EPM!

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  • GhostAccord
    Updated with a few pics in second post. More to come!

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  • sonikaccord
    In for pics...don't make us wait.

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  • GhostAccord
    Oh there are lots of pictures to come. The two reserved posts are for images.... �� I have to take some time to go through them all first....

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  • af_1132
    Even though you are going to do most of the detailed updating in your blog, I hope you populate your summary posts here with pictures

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  • GhostAccord
    and More.......

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  • GhostAccord
    Intake Manifold & Throttles

    GSXR 46mm vs Ducati 54mm

    Go to my blog for the full Build


    Engine Position Module (EPM) made out of a stock F22 Distributor.

    Coil Over Plug (COP)
    This is the original setup using Suzuki pencil coils. My new setup is the same configuration only it is using the smart coils from a K24 Accord.

    Cylinder Head & Vale Train

    F22A6 Cylinder Head Porting



    Combustion Chamber

    Valve Train

    Engine Block

    Sleeves, Rods and Pistons

    Polished Pistons

    Waiting to send the block and all its parts out to the machine shop soon!

    Header & Exhaust System

    As it sits now.....


    Cooling System

    Yonaka 2" Core 1/2 Rad w/Maradyne 13" Slim Fan

    Decided to make up an aluminum bracket for mounting the slim ties aren't as cool as people think!

    Fan itself never touches the rad and it is mounted using rubber isolation bushings

    Remote H22 Thermostat

    This will be mounted somewhere on the frame rail.

    Drilled and tapped for AN fittings

    Next step is welding 20 AN bungs onto the inlet and outlet. I will be welding all of my aluminum components at the same time...

    Suspension & Steering

    Fresh paint and busings

    Swaybars and brakes

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  • GhostAccord
    started a topic GhostAccord : 1996 Honda Accord EX

    GhostAccord : 1996 Honda Accord EX

    ENGINE, 2.4L F22B2/A6 w/Individual Throttle Body Induction

    EXTERIOR, In process - Highly Modified - Images and specs to follow

    INTERIOR, In process - Fiberglass w/Race Trim - Images and specs to follow

    SUSPENSION/WHEELS - Race Modified - Images and specs to follow

    AUDIO/ELECTRONICS - 1996 JVC cassette deck with a couple beat up 6x9's..... anything that won't be loud enough to hear over the sound of my engine!

    FUTURE PLANS - Lots, stay tuned and you can see for yourself!

    Well I broke down and finally decided to add a members ride thread to CB7Tuner for my aptly named "GhostAccord" Build. I will most likely post up the initial information about the build and then post small link/posts when I do my blog updates. Hope that's OK????

    I will skip the beginning, as I started with a set of 01 GSX-R1300/1000 throttles that ended up being way to small for my engines specs. 46mm throttles are a bit small for a 2.4L engine. So I decided to use a set of Ducati 999r (shower top) throttles. I had to buy 2 sets as the Ducati is a twin..... 54mm at the throttle plate will be perfect for my build.

    by GhostAccord


    Model - 1996 Honda Accord EX
    Engine - 2.2L SOHC Non VTEC I4 (F22B2)
    Body - Sedan
    Colour - White



    Intake Manifold/Induction System
    • Ram Air Hood
    • Fiberglass Air Box
    • 4 x 54mm Ducati 999r Shower Top Throttle Bodies
    • Custom F22A* Intake Flange Adapter Plate
    • Thermal Gasket

    • K24 COP Upgrade
    • Custom Engine Position Module

    Fuel System - 2 Stage
    • DeatschWerks 300LPh Fuel Pump
    • AEM Fuel Filter
    • -AN Fuel lines
    • Stock F22A Fuel Rail
    • AEM Electronic Pressure Sensor
    • 1st Stage - Port Injected, DSM 450cc Peak & Hold Injectors
    • 2nd Stage - Shower Top Injected, 240cc Ducati Saturated Injectors

    Cylinder Head & Vale Train
    • KMS Titanium Retainers
    • Manely 7° Locks
    • KMS Valve Springs
    • Custom Ground Camshaft (Delta)
    • AEM Camshaft Gear
    • 34mm Ferrea Intake Valves
    • 30mm (+1mm) Ferrea Exhaust Valves
    • Race Port & Polish

    • Modified F22 Oil Pan (Tucked for header clearance, and stretched for increase oil cap. & baffles)
    • F22A6 Stock Windage Tray
    • Stock F22B2 Oil Pump
    • ARP Main Studs
    • OEM Honda Bearings
    • Carrillo H22 Pro A Rods
    • Wiseco Custom Slipper Skirt 89mm Pistons
    • Darton M.I.D Sleeves
    • ARP Head Studs
    • Cometic 89.5mm MLS Head Gasket

    Header & Exhaust System
    • MAC Kustoms Tuned length, 3 Step, 4 - 1 header w/Merge Collector
    • KTeller Mandrel 3" Stainless Pipe Kit
    • Magnaflow Resonator
    • Vibrant StreetPower Stealth Muffler

    Cooling System
    • -AN Braided Hoses and Fittings
    • Yonaka 2" Core 1/2 Rad w/FFC Billet Mounts
    • Maradyne 13" Slim Fan
    • Meziere 35gph dual stage Electric Water Pump
    • H22 Thermostat Housing/remotely mounted

    Transmission & Clutch
    • Stock F series Trans
    • Quaife Helical LSD
    • Fidanza 8.5lb Aluminum Fly Wheel
    • Fidanza 2.3/4 puck clutch kit

    Suspension & Steering
    • DIY Manual Steering Rack
    • Energy Suspension Poly Bushings Front and Rear
    • Suspension Techniques Front and Rear Sway Bars
    • KYB AGX Struts
    • Skunk2 Racing Springs
    • 17" Drag DR19 Gold w/Cooper 225/45R17 tires.

    • Xenocron Brake Booster Delete Kit (w/Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder & CNY Performance aluminum adapter plate)
    • ROH V6 Caliper and Rotor Upgrade
    • Stainless Hard lines w/Wilwood braided flex lines.
    • Rear Disc Swap
    • Adjustable Proportioning Valve

    • Xenon 4pc kit
    • Ram Air Clam Shell Hood
    • Shaved rear doors and trunk
    • Active Spoiler
    • Rear Fender Flares

    pics to follow!
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