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SedanTom : 2002 Honda Civic EX

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    SedanTom : 2002 Honda Civic EX

    Introducing my 2002 Honda Civic EX or "Scooter" as my family calls it.

    First joined my family sometime in 2014 I think, my dad bought for a commuter since I had taken the Accord from him. I think he bought from the Original owner family (seemed to be a hand-me-down) with 120ish thousand miles. It was lowered on lowering springs and everything else was stock but my dad quickly reverted those back to original suspension. My dad then gave it to my sister once she got her license, she drove it for about 4-5 years until she had an accident in 2021(not her fault), she bought my RSX to replace the civic. I had just moved back to AZ from my military endeavor so she parked it in my yard. Unfortunately a year later, my sister was driving on a backroad spun out and bent the rear subframe on the RSX. Turns out the RSX's corrosion was worse than I thought when I bought it and the rear lower control arm bolt pulled through the sheet metal on the subframe.

    So she needed a car again, thankfully she had a bit of money saved and I had already determined that Scooter was repairable so we bought some parts to get it back on the road, skip forward about 3 months later and my sister and I got Scooter operational again. She drove it until my Mom bought a new car and she got her car. I never asked her for money for Scooter's repairs since she bought all the parts, so when it came time to determine Scooter's destiny, she asked if I wanted it so of course I said yes. Since I put all that labor in it I figured I might as well drive it for a little and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    Surprisingly, this car is very fun, and gets great gas mileage, and with a decent amount of aftermarket support(thanks to the EP3 and RSX) I am sure I can make it even more fun!

    Mod List (that I've done):
    03-05 EX Special Edition Wheels- 15x6 w/ Yokohama AVID Ascend GT 195/55R15
    Circuit Hero Short Shifter Adapter - PN:CH-SSA-DC5
    K&N 57 Series FIPK Cold Air Intake- PN:57-3513

    My goal is to keep this daily-able (so no big power mods) but tune up the suspension to aid spirited driving, and get some seat time on the track.

    Future Plans:
    Track day/Autocross wheel and tire setup
    Bigger Rear Anti-Sway Bar
    Chassis Bracing
    Adjustable Arms for Camber correction
    Honed Developments Brake Booster Delete
    Maybe a Magnaflow Exhaust?

    This picture was the day I finished putting it back together;

    Engine Bay:

    And here's the before, sorry for the poor quality, I didn't think to take any pictures before the rebuild. Still a clean title actually, never made any insurance claims.

    Engine Bay Before:

    I'll post more pics later of things that have changed since then.
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