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About to go into this H2b swap real soon

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    About to go into this H2b swap real soon

    As you all may already know I'm about to do a swap into this hatch. Now with this hatch its going to be a h2b swap something simple and since noone that I know of has done an in-depth video from beginning to end has done one that I could find I figure I do one. I may need some video equipment or perhaps I should use my cellphone to do so or portable videocamera to do so. So far heres what I have everyone sofar

    h23 longblock
    sirII transmission w lsd

    Still gotta get my hands on

    qsd kit
    integra axles
    integra mounts
    integra -intermediate shaft
    integra oem flywheel
    integra exedy clutch
    p28 chipped ecu

    Did I miss anything? ohyeah perhaps a plm header I'm sure I can modify the stock header too.