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Stanley fog light harness wiring diagram?

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    Stanley fog light harness wiring diagram?

    Anyone know where I can find a "factory" wiring diagram for a 90-91 Stanley 3 piece US spec harness? Got the e-Bay fogs, wiring and switch installed but don't have power in the blue/red trace wire to the lights; also appears there's no power at the switch as the neither the indicator light nor the fog light icon light up.

    In the course of the install, I added an unloader relay in the right front corner of the engine compartment so the lights get power directly from the battery - when the relay is jumped from a hot circuit the fogs come on, so I'm 99% sure the issue is somewhere between the connection behind the under-hood fuse box, the interior fuse box and the switch.

    Will be a lot easier to troubleshoot with a diagram......

    That will be a hard one to find, if you are referring to the color of all the wires for the harnesses. Never seen it before to be honest, just the manual you seen the other day. Most don't worry / care as the OEM harness has plug and play clips / connectors. Stupid Q, If you have no power to the SW it may be because the lights need to be on for fogs to activate? (like testing intersection lights or bumper pole, they only activate with lights on).

    Besides this, just back track. The 12V your getting from the fuse box is it giving 12V ?


      Harness wire that powers the lights themselves is blue/red trace - have run through all the options with the fog light switch both on and off - park lights on/off, headlights on/off, low/high beams, all with ignition both on and off. That wire never gets power, and neither the fog light icon or the "on" indicator light bar on the button ever lights up.

      Based on that outcome, I'm presuming power is not getting to the fog light button - haven't had time to back-trace the harness (should get to that this afternoon). Was hoping to find a color coded diagram so I could figure out the power flow on paper first, but it sounds like that may not be an option.

      From the info I've found to date, my understanding is that the fog lights only illuminate when the headlights are on, and on low beam - presumably that means the only time the fog light switch gets power is when those conditions are met. Do you happen know which fuse box terminal (and which wire) should be hot to supply power to the fog light switch when those conditions are met?


        The fog lights / button power source is the 2 pin fuse box connector under the hood. (the only 2 pin wire under the box). I think this feeds to fuse # 22 or #27 , can't remember. But you don't have a Honda harness so I doubt you would use this spot.


          Harness that came with the fog lights and switch was a factory Stanley 3 part "plug & play" harness, but I was never able to resolve two issues: a) the fog light switch was always live with the ignition and headlights off and b) the "illumination" circuit that's supposed to power the internal bulb that lights the fog light icon on the face of the switch never got power.

          Wound up removing the entire B and C sections and making my own harness - wanted to be able to run the fog lights with both the parking lights and headlights, but NOT have the circuit powered when the park/headlight switch was off. Took power from the switched side of the park/tail light circuit at the steering column harness plug under the dash up to the fog light switch, then out to an "unloader" relay near the underhood fuse box. Power to the fog lights is pulled from the battery connection at the fuse box via the switched side of the unloader relay; spliced into the dash light circuit at the rear window defroster switch to power the indicator bulb inside the fog light switch.

          The unloader relay's switching circuit only pulls about 300 milliamps (under a half an amp), so there should be no issues with the extra load in the park/tail light circuit and the harness is greatly simplified - one short jumper from the fog light switch to the defogger switch, one ground wire, one wire from the fog switch to the column harness plug, and one wire out to the unloader relay.


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              Originally posted by Adolfo85 View Post
              ..........From the information I've gathered so far, it appears that the fog lights only come on when the headlights are on and set to low beam. This suggests that the fog light switch only receives power under these specific conditions. Do you happen to know which fuse box terminal (and which wire) should be hot to supply power to the fog light switch under these conditions?
              Correct. Fog lights do not work with your high beams on. Set by the manufacturer. It's a under-dash fuse/relay box which is the gateway between the headlight power side and the fogs. But also that the switch may be supplying two power feeds to make this happen. You would simply supply 12V to the fog light switch to confirm. Are you still trying to figure this out?