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Read the rules:

Myself, and the other mods have been very nice and lenient with the rules. We have been deleting threads, and giving out warnings. Some members didn't get the clue and re-posted over and over... Now ANY member buying or selling in this section will be banned... No IF's AND's or BUT's.
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Beginner Forum Rules - EVERYBODY read! (old and new members alike!)

Beginners start here. Once you have 30 worthwhile posts (off topic doesn't count) you may post outside of the Beginner forums. Any "whoring" (posting simply to raise your post count) will return your count to 0, or result in a ban.

These are the rules. Read them. Live by them.

1) Absolutely NO flaming! "Flaming" is an outright attack on a member. ALL questions are encouraged to be asked here, no matter how basic. Members with over 30 posts will be subject to a ONE WEEK ban if caught flaming in this forum (and yes, moderators can read deleted posts). Members with under 30 posts will be subject to a ONE DAY ban.

2) Use appropriate language. Racial or sexual slurs will not be tolerated. A ban will be issued at the discretion of the staff.

3) No items may be sold in the Beginner forums. Any "for sale" threads will be deleted.

4) Temporarily banned members will be PERMANTLY banned if they are found posting on another account.

The rules can and will be added to. Any updates will be marked in the title.

The rules for the overall forum can be found here:
Read them. You will be expected to follow them.
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Beginner Forums: No Flaming! No Selling! No Whoring! No Racial/Sexual slurs!

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    Beginner Forums: No Flaming! No Selling! No Whoring! No Racial/Sexual slurs!

    Got it? Good.

    No flaming. That means no fighting. No name calling. No attacking others. No "search noob!" crap. Nothing. If you're a new member and you're found flaming, you'll be banned for a day. If you're an older member (30 posts or more) you'll be banned for a week. I don't care if you're a good friend of mine, a moderator, or some guy I really don't like... you'll be banned.

    No selling (or requests to buy). Notice that there is no "Beginner Classifieds" section. There's a reason for that. Beginner members are not allowed to sell! If you post 30 useful posts, then you gain a little credibility. Until then, nobody should be dumb enough to want to buy from an unknown person anyway! Any "for sale" threads will be deleted. If you try to buy or sell items via PM, be prepared for a rude answer from many of the older members. Those who understand the reasons behind these rules won't bother.
    Asking to buy parts is also against the rules, as is trading. Just wait till you have 30 posts.
    Any threads with any sort of request for parts will be deleted immediately. Please do not make us delete worthwhile threads because you want to ask for parts!
    Telling someone to PM you regarding a part you have for sale in the Beginner Forums is STILL SELLING. It is just not public, and even worse, because it provides NO records of the transaction. Saying "I have one of those. PM me." is as good as saying "I have one of those. $***. Paypal me at ****@****.com". Such suggestions will be dealt with accordingly. As in, you will be banned.

    If it is brought to the attention that a "Newcomer" is attempting to buy or sell items via PM or Visitor Messages, that member will be banned.

    Additionally, offering free parts is also not allowed. I understand that there is no harm in giving something away... but people will inevitably ask for items to be shipped, and then there is money involved. Keep it to the classifieds.

    Beginner members CAN NOT view the Classifieds section. This is to prevent people from attempting to buy via PM. Get your 30 posts, and you'll have full access to everything on this site. It's not that hard. If you can't wait till you get 30 posts, you are one of the people we're looking to keep out of that section!

    No whoring. That means no unnecessary posting. Any posts that have no substance will be deleted ("" and nothing else... "nice ride" in every thread that contains a picture, etc... I know what you're doing). Any effort made to "cheat the system" will be rewarded with a post count of 0. You can start all over again! You need 30 worthwhile posts to be able to post outside the Beginner Forums.

    If someone asks a question, no matter what it is... answer it, or leave it alone. NO "search" replies will be tolerated. If all you say is "search", there will come a time where anybody that DOES search will only find threads saying "search"! Give an answer. If you give the same answer 20 times, so what? When someone does search, that means they'll have at least 20 answers to choose from. One might even make sense to them.
    Saying "search" helps nobody... especially when the search function sucks! You may include a suggestion to search in your answer... especially if you know that more in-depth details can be found elsewhere... but give them something to go on!
    "search" = ban. 3 days minimum.

    No "region-specific" threads are allowed in Beginner Off Topic. No "who's from my area" threads, or meet-planning threads (without permission from the staff).

    There are organized, moderated, populated Regional Forums for every area in North America on this website already. Just wait until you get your 30 posts, and you can access them.

    Why? Because "who's from my area" threads are annoying. They don't concern 90% of the population. They make the Beginner Off Topic forum move far too quickly. And they just clutter the place up.

    Any such thread will be locked or deleted. If you re-post the thread after it has been locked or deleted once, you will be banned.

    Why are the rules so harsh? Well, here in the Beginner forum, I don't think anyone deserves to be attacked for any reason. No matter how dumb or repetitive a question is, it's welcome here. The anti-flaming rules carry on throughout the rest of the board. They just carry harsher penalties for the older members in here!

    IF YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED for any reason, DO NOT create another account and continue posting. You will be PERMANENTLY banned if you are found doing that!

    The general rules of conduct for the entire forum can be found HERE

    Originally posted by F20A CB7
    what about the WORD RICER, people direct that word to most spanish people, BUT we cant SAY *** but u can call some 1 a RICER
    Actually, "ricer" has absolutely nothing to do with Spanish people. The term refers to people to add cheap, worthless, or non-effective parts to their cars and act like they have something great.

    Additionally, calling someone a ricer on here may not be a racial slur, but it is a direct insult, and counts as flaming.

    shay91racer, I have no idea what you're trying to say...


      Originally posted by F20A CB7
      and y the hell my sig was removed, i mean people on here HAVE BIGGER sigs than me^^ i dont c them removed
      Your sig was removed because it exceeded the size limit. If people have bigger sigs, they will be removed as they are found. I'm sorry we can't see the sigs of all 10,000 members at once...

      Follow the rules instead of complaining about them and things like that won't happen!


        Originally posted by zero2sixtyr35
        ahaha. interesting.
        Looks like resetting your post count didn't return you to beginner status. I'll have to change that. Thanks for letting me know!

        If you can't respect the rules, you aren't welcome here.


          Originally posted by 1-slw-cord
          what if the only answer you can posibly give is a very short answer to some ones question? now is that whoring?
          If you answer the question, no. If it is a yes or no question, and you are the first to answer, then "yes" or "no" is fine. However, if someone already answers in that fashion, either don't post, or provide more information to back it up (which is always a good idea anyway).


            Read the sticky threads. Perhaps send a message to the owner of the site.

            $5 shipped... or delivered, depending on where you are in NJ.


              Actually, this is pretty much the rules of conduct for the Beginner Forums. This was made the day the forums were created (or soon thereafter)


                As from now on , only the Admin and Higher Moderators are allowed to post in this thread to prevent further unnecessary posting unless the Admin or Higher mods says so otherwise.

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