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Survivor 91 Accord SE Brittany Blue Metallic Ivory Leather 61K Miles

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    I am not positive if it is the motor. I will have to search on how to test it unless you have a method to share.

    Also not sure about the nylon reed. Where is that located? I will look at it more closely this week.

    Weather is warming up a bit and rain has washed away most of the "salt" here so the car will come out of hibernation soon.

    Thanks Hiptech!



      I found this awesome walk through and Honda power antenna replacement tutorial. Huge thanks to this guy for this video.


      The Complete Guide to Honda Power Antenna Repair

      When the weather is nicer I will take a closer look at this unit and see what's going on with it.

      For now, today the battery was dead, Brittany has been hibernating through the winter and apparently the battery also decided to go into a deep sleep.

      Put it on the charger for three hours, slow charge, came back flipped the switch to jump start and she fired right up and purred.


        Glad it's coming together. Eric does a great job on Honda repairs, he's an excellent resource.

        As for the battery, a trickle charger is your friend. It's easier on the battery to maintain it's voltage than let it drop to zero and try to resuscitate it... I've had good luck with the "BatteryTender" brand. Costco seems to have good prices on these. A 4.5 amp model is what they usually carry.
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          Many years ago in another life I attended Barrett Jackson auction frequently and there was always a vendor selling a sweet battery tender that would trickle charge only when it sensed the battery needed it.

          You kept it hooked up and on but did not have to worry about it. I wish I could remember what brand that was.

          The charger I have now is Die Hard brand and I got it back around 2006 I think. I hook it up every other few weeks on I think 2 amp setting "deep cycle" "maintenance free" and leave it for a few hours.


            Did some searching and I found that the battery charger I have is this model. It has worked well for me, have had it since 2006 or so I would guess.

            DieHard 200.71222

            There is also a bunch of suggestions in this thread:



              What's up fellow CB7 crew.

              The time has come for Brittany to get replacement struts, she has become quite vocal about her old parts. Lol the squeaks and ocean- like wave driving experience fun is over, she needs to be restored to her former like- new glory.

              If you care to chime in and share thoughts, I would appreciate that, thank you.

              I am thinking of closest to stock as possible without going to Honda parts department. Sorry Honda parts person, I love you but the wallet does not allow for triple digit suspension set up.

              That leaves me with the trusted brands of the era. First thing that comes to mind is eibach. Do they make a stock ride height spring with similar rates as OEM?

              For shocks, a KYB would probably slip into a eibach spring. What are the alternatives?

              Coil overs would have to be more towards soft and I really don't need the adjustability, it's not a track car.

              Power antenna is pulled apart and waiting for the mast which I found here: (mods feel free to remove link if it violates rules, thanks)


              The no rust lower miles helped keep corrosion off this car so the antenna came apart easily, thankfully. Now to get it back together without breaking anything (knocks on wood).



                Spent some time today searching for suspension parts and I found that Summit Racing and a Pro Tuner company both have shocks and springs listed as available.

                This is a filtered search to only shocks and springs but there are also sway bar bushings and sway bar end link bushings from Suspension Techniques and Prothane, in both black and red color, listed on Summit Racings website.


                And pro import tuners:


                I was hoping to get a stock ride height eibach, but they are NLA.

                There are H&R and Skunk2 but both are lowering springs. I wonder how much they lower the vehicle.... .25 - .5 of an inch is not that bad.

                I also found a link for Tien S - Tech springs, as well as a few others, but they may be too low. Here:


                I may also replace those A arms up front, and maybe the arms in the rear, we'll see depending on how worn they are after I get them out to do the shocks and springs.


                  I found this website also that has a variety of Koni shocks for the CB7 accord.

                  Im thinking of doing the Koni yellow adjustable front, and adjustable rear if they are available, with a Mevotech premium spring, trying to stay stock ride height.




                    Update, nothing great to report. I have ordered two new antenna mats and both did not fit

                    The barbed outer sleeve diameter on the new mast is larger than the antenna unit threaded shaft, so the new mast will not slide down into the shaft.

                    It looks like I need a mast that has a smaller diameter barbed shaft, and this probably is only making sense to people whom have done this repair.

                    I'm sure some people would say, just get an S2000 antenna and be done with it. Those stubby antennas look terrible IMO, and I would like to have this working.

                    If it worked in 1991 it should be able to work on 2024. This is very frustrating.


                      I may cut off the outer sleeve on the new mast. Maybe there is a portion of the old antenna mast still inside the shaft....

                      ​​​ doesn't look like it though, just the threads for the finishing bezel to hold it in place on the body panel.

                      I'm trying to save $80 too, the local auto parts store has an entire new antenna unit with motor, but aftermarket. Maybe I will at least go take a look at it this week.

                      These old power antenna were cool to see activate but definitely were way over thought, some "engineer" forgot to KISS by simply putting a stronger antenna on the roof like they eventually did with the fins or like the Lexus IS300 screw on.