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Engine Removal for Noobs

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    Engine Removal for Noobs

    I was pulling my HF's 8v for the B7 swap and got bored so I decided to do a write-up for noobs to use. This is a pretty simple process and doesn't require a whole lot to do. Though this was done on a CRX the basic process should be the same other than having shifter cables instead of the shift rods.


    Sockets (10-20 and a 32mm for the axles)
    Ball Joint Seperator
    Jack Stands
    Wire Cutters
    5/16 Punch (bitch pin removal)
    Cherry Picker

    Those are the basic tools you need. I have a few extras I use but they're not necessary in most cases. Now onto the swap. I took a combo of video and pics every so often so just about everything should be covered.

    First get the car on jack stands. I also like to put my wheels under the sides of the car as extra protection in case anything falls. I also like having it up since it helps you avoid leaning over as much and getting a sore back.

    Once the car is up. I remove the battery, battery tray, and intake piping. The battery requires a 10mm socket and the battery tray is a 10 and has 1 12mm iirc.

    Part 1

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 1

    Once you have that done go ahead and unplug the wiring harness for the engine from the chassis harness at the strut towers.

    Part 2

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 2

    This fuel feedline to the fuel rail is a 17mm.

    I also forgot to mention to disconnect the fuel return line here.

    Part 3

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 3

    After that is done I like to take care of everything underneath the car before pulling any coolant hoses. This includes unbolting the header, disconnecting the shift linkage, and removing the axles.

    Part 4

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 4

    Part 5

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 5

    Once that is taken care of you can pull the axles. This only takes 2 bolts to do. One is the 32mm axle bolt and the other is the 17mm lower ball joint bolt.

    Part 6

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 6

    I usually position the floor jack right about here when I jack up the LCA. This helps to keep the ball joint from spinning when you go to unbolt it.

    Part 7

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 7

    Once the ball joint and axle nuts are removed, you can then pop the axles out.

    Part 8

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 8

    Once the axles are pulled you're done underneath the car. From here you can disconnect the vacumn and coolant lines.

    Part 9

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 9

    Part 10

    YouTube - Engine Removal Part 10

    Once all of this is done, the engine should be out.

    For CB's the axle nut is 36MM

    Wrong section btw.


      I put it in this section of the forum since it's directed at noobs who are more inclined to need the write-up. Thanks for adding the info on the axle nut.


        Added to the "helpful thread" index. Good job!


          My buddies and I were actually plannin on screwin around in his old preludes he has, this should be extremly helpful. other than some basic knowledge of mechanics, we really haven't got a clue how to pull an engine.


            Have you moved your pics to another storage spot by any chance?
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              You've got to quit bumping these old threads where the OP has not been online for YEARS...

              Pictures are pretty pointless. All they show are some tools (impact sockets, hammer, and a pickle fork), engine jack/hoist, front of a CRX, and picture of his intake manifold fuel system. Nothing pertaining to the CB chassis at all to be honest.
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