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Spark plugs type

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    Spark plugs type

    Is there an advantage of using NGK Iridium plugs over the NGK V-Power or platinum in a motor that has no mods? Are they worth they extra $5 a plug?

    The only benefit to "better" plugs is the lifespan of the plugs. There won't be any added benefits in terms of performance or fuel economy.


      Ok I really wasn't sure. I have always ran the specified spark plugs.


        Iridium plugs works better if your regular plug(s) is fouled with oil.
        I use them and am very pleased with them.


          Oil will foul iridium plugs as well. If oil is getting into the spark plug tubes, that should be corrected.


            Oil in spark plug tubes does not go into combustion chamber until you remove that plug without cleaning that oil in the tube.

            Term "oil fouling" is used to describe the condition of firing end of a spark plug. Not on the out side, like spark plug tubes.

            If the oil in the tube cause a spark plug to misfire and oil foul, that oil leak shall be repaired regardless. That is a different issue.

            If you have good plug wire, oil in the tube does not affect all that much to the performance of that plug. I had such leak on a Civic, and it never missed a beat. No fouling, even with regular spark plugs.

            I had regular NGK plugs prior to iridium plugs on my Accord LX. #3 always "oil fouled" due to worn rings and/or barrel. Now, with iridium plugs, #3 does not foul at all. Nothing else is changed. No oil in the tubes, by the way. This is why I say, iridium plugs work better in "oil fouling condition".

            I didn't say, iridium plugs do not foul.

            It is common and accepted knowledge in my industry that the iridium plugs holds better from fouling compared with regular plugs.

            ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++

            This is what I found on the net what others are saying about benefit of iridium plugs.

            ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

            "Fouling" described.
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              It's good to hear that oyajicool found a band-aid to his oil fouling issue using iridium plugs, but NGK V-Powers are generally the best plug for our generation of Hondas, hands down.

              I run them in my wife's stock Prelude, and I run them my 500hp Accord without any issues whatsoever.

              10.2:1 F-series, 417whp, 398lb/ft Single-Cam on pump gas