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Prelude brake upgrade master cylinder change

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    Prelude brake upgrade master cylinder change

    Hey there cb7tuner. Just wanted to ask, I just got my rotor over hub conversion done and did the prelude vtec calipers and rotors while I was at it. I got everything bled but my brake pedal doesn’t feel right. Do people usually change master cylinders when they do the prelude brakes or? I have a rear disc conversion in my near future and was planning on running an integra 40/40 prop valve once I did that, but in the meantime? Thanks for any help

    How doesn't it feel right?
    If it feels soft, go back and re-bleed. There's probably still some air in the system. The prop valve should give you better balance from front to rear, but your pedal should feel just as it did before the upgrade, to my knowledge.


      yea it does kinda feel soft. I’m gonna drive it around a little tonight and re bleed the system tomorrow and see how it feels. Thanks