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  • evil_demon_01
    Traditional Classifieds

    1. No profanity or vulgar posts.

    2. No spam.

    3. No selling your soul or grandma's booger posts.

    4. Members with less than 30 posts are not allowed to post in the Classifieds sections.

    5. Anyone that abuses this forum may be permanently banned from it.

    6. If you have multiple items for sale, you may only post up one thread at a time and list all the items in that thread in consideration for fellow cb7 members.

    7. We are not responsible for anything that goes on here. Use this forum at your own risk, we are only providing this to you as an option.

    8. Please be descriptive in your Thread Titles as to what you are selling.

    9. If you created a thread to sell or request an item, please let the public know once it has been sold/bought (if its within a timely manner- you dont need to bring up a thread from 2 months ago to say "SOLD").

    10. ABSOLUTELY NO THREAD HIGHJACKING. If someone has posted up a for sale thread and you have the same item for sale, do not leave a post stating that you will sell yours less than the other user. If you do, the post will immediately be deleted and a warning left. If you know of someone offering a better deal, keep it to yourself.
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  • evil_demon_01
    Ebay Only Classifieds

    This is the ONLY classifieds forum endorsed by While it is not 100% foolproof, Ebay provides the most protection possible when buying and selling on the internet. To avoid losing your money or parts, we encourage you to ONLY partake in transactions through ebay. Any issues can be handled through ebay at that point, and there is a chance you may be reimbursed.

    ONLY links to YOUR products may be posted. If you are not the seller, please do not post a link!

    Descriptive titles will help you sell!
    Please do not request items to buy.
    There are no "testing waters" threads permitted in this forum!

    ALL disputes MUST be settled through ebay! Disputes are not to be discussed publicly here on
    Please respect each other.

    Anyone posting items for sale that are not on ebay in the "Ebay Only" forum may be banned for a week. You may also lose the privilege to access ANY of the Classified forums as well!
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  • evil_demon_01
    started a topic Classifieds Rules

    Classifieds Rules

    Welcome to the Classifieds rules.

    Please remember that CB7Tuner is not here to provide a Buying / Selling / Trading service.
    The Classifieds section is something that Deevergote setup as a privilege to members.
    Do not sell any items to members with less than 30 posts, If you are found doing so you and the beginner will be banned.
    If a beginner with less than 30 posts sends you a pm regarding a sale, please PM that person this link to the beginner rules.
    If they continue to hassle you, please forward the PM conversation to a moderator.

    Please do not Advertise your classifieds in Signatures Disclaimer

    Negative CB7 Tuner sentiments will absolutely not be tolerated. These offenders will be warned promptly and if the problem persists they will be banned and IP's will be logged. This includes bashing on or using as a staging area for attacks on other sites.

    If you break these rules, your post will be deleted without warning. Multiple offenses will lead to banning. There are many ways to be traced, don't try ripping people off on the internet.

    Once your auction is over and the item is sold, please delete your thread to keep this forum neat! The mods will not do it for you!

    Here are some tips on selling your item.

    - Please post up a picture. Everyone wants to see the product you are selling.
    - Please be specific as to what you are selling so there is no "accidents".
    - Please post up your contact info.
    - Please clearly post up a item price (No best offers allowed) and a shipping price if possible.

    Make sure to get all the persons info your trading from , name , phone number , address , call them and verify things. Have them call you to verify on caller id , check the internet and verify their phone number and address. Ship with verifications and signatures needed , keep an open line of communication. Dont trade/sell something and become unavailable. Dont use or trust yahoo/hotmail/freebie mails. Make sure its there isp email , ask them to email you from and for them to even verify a code sent to them via there email so you know theres is real is well.

    For your own safety it is advised that you post pictures for sale, with your username and date on a piece of paper in the photo, so that people know the seller is selling a legitimate part that they own.
    If you want to buy a part that doesn't have this in it, please request it before buying, or buy at your own risk.

    PLEASE NOTE (People trying to Access the Classifieds)

    Because everyone keeps asking how to get into the classifieds Please refer to the picture below.
    From now on that is all you will get, If you are too lazy to read properly you won't get anywhere.

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