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1991 Honda Accord SE Gold Edition

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    I got a message from the original owner last October but didn't see the PM until now. He did offer to let me buy the car and at least see it before it was sold. But alas life got in the way and I wasn't on the forums much at all the past year. Anyway below is the relevant part of his post about this car.

    I was a little shocked to see my car featured in your post. I am the owner of the gold edition SE that was in the mall parking lot. It is fun to see people's assumptions in the post. The gold package came that way when I ordered it from Peterson Honda in Missoula. I recall it being shipped from Spokane. You are clearly an enthusiast. I never did see anything hung on the car as mentioned in the post.

    He got it this way from the dealership. I'm not sure what we want to classify this one as. Possibly a really done up Accord from the Spokane dealership, or did he somehow get every option that no one else ever got?
    MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


      Gold plated hubcaps though? The dealership obviously had these hub caps and added the gold for a selling feature maybe. The rest of the gold (minus the hand made one on the trunk) I've seen before.
      There was a Canadian SE which I think had the gold stripes too with ABS, rear disc, cd changer, etc. There are so many combos I learn about more and more. Especially when you get into the cb3 / cb4 market. Like trying to find headlight washers...