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$50 paintjob underway

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    $50 paintjob underway

    Ok, I'm giving it a shot. I have 3 hoods... one painted to match my car. One carbon fiber. And one cheap replacement hood in it's original black primer... decent condition.

    So, I'll never actually use this hood on my car... therefore, it's a great test dummy for the $50 paintjob!

    Here are the necessary supplies:

    A bottle of mineral spirits
    An 8oz can of Rustoleum (Gloss Hunter Green in this case)
    A dense foam roller (this one is Rubbermaid)
    A small foam touch-up brush (probably won't need this for the hood)
    A paint tray
    A container for the mixed paint
    Some stirrers to mix the paint (not shown... I used some straws)
    And some 800 and 1000 grit sandpaper (I couldn't find 600 grit, so I'll have to start with 800! Might go 1500 later on as well)

    I carefully measured out 8oz of mineral spirits, as I have read that a 50/50 mixture works well. I actually dumped a little of this out, since I knew I wasn't going to get the full 8oz of paint out of the can!

    I mixed in the entire can of paint in the container. Sorry, no pic. It's a bowl of green stuff. You can picture it.

    Then it was down to the basement to work!

    I sanded the hood down to get any junk off of it (it was previously washed off in my bathtub as well). Then I blew it clean and rubbed it down with mineral spirits, to ensure there was no residue left on it.

    Then I put some color to it
    Here's the hood with some of the original primer and most of one coat.

    And now I've completed one coat

    I'm not too worried about the uneven appearance of it. We'll see if that goes away. If it doesn't, I still have plenty of mineral spirits left, and a can of paint is like $3!

    The sandpaper was the most expensive part so far!

    Total cost at this point, about $25.

    what does the mineral spirits do?


      nice and shiny


        Originally posted by Shadow1
        what does the mineral spirits do?
        It thins the paint, and acts as a drying agent (straight rustoleum can take FOREVER to fully cure)

        That's still wet, too... so the shine is the wetness We'll see later on if it stays shiny as it dries! I don't expect it to be too shiny with one coat, but who knows


          Originally posted by Shadow1
          what does the mineral spirits do?
          think of it as laquer thinner just not near as hot.. kinda a paint reducer/ cleaner.

          what he is attempting i personally would not because i would royally fuck it up lol!

          i am curious as to what the outcome will be.
          "Self Renewed"


            I might royally fuck it up too If I don't I'm going to attempt it on my 86 hatchback. If I do... I'll keep practicing until I get it right!


              nice you better post pics when
              its Done Drying

              Ride: 2002 Lexus IS300


                For sure. I'll get pics before the second coat. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

                I'm hoping my roller will be ok by then! It'll be another $4 to get 3 more!


                  Is that your lucky radiator in the first pic?


                    That's my "new" Koyo radiator for the 3rd gen


                      well at least you got extra parts laying around


                        I have way too many parts lying around! Engine on my front porch, random milk crates of parts, H22 heads in the basement, carbon fiber trunk, 3 sets of wheels, 2 spare hoods, a buttload of prelude parts I didn't need for the swap... It's sad, really.


                          If it turns out "that" good, I might have to "let" you do mine


                            so how much is that paint ?

                            and stuff?

                            please can you make me a list ?

                            i can to FIX MY DENTS.. and PAINT JET BLACK!!

                            but i need a garage or something

                            Ride: 2002 Lexus IS300


                              THAT can of paint was less than $4 at WalMart. A gallon of it, which is what you'd need for a full car, would be about $25. It's just standard Rustoleum enamel.

                              The roller was about $4 (rounding everything up)

                              The touch-up brush was 50 cents

                              The pan was about $3

                              The mineral spirits were (was?) $6

                              And the sandpaper was about $8.

                              I got everything but the sandpaper at Wal Mart. The sandpaper was from Pep Boys, since Wal Mart didn't have anything finer than 400 grit (which is way too coarse for this)

                              For a full car, you'd need more of the paint, mineral spirits, and sandpaper. Wouldn't hurt to have a bunch of rollers as well.