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acura cl side skirts?

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    acura cl side skirts?

    Just left the junkyard and saw an acura cl 99 I believe which had good looking side skirts and rear lip. Can the be put on the cb?
    93 Honda Accord Lx
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    anything can be done, it just matters how much time you want to put into it. The next time you're in the junkyard, measure the sideskirt's length and compare it to the length of the accord's. The wheelbase is virtually the same, 106.8 inches for the CL vs. 107.1 for the Accord, so you may luck out and they are close enough to work. The tabs might not line up, but if you cut up the stock accord skirts, you can use bumper-weld to glue the mounts to the right places in the CL skirts. This is assuming the CL skirts are the same general shape as the accords, but it appears they do.

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