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For the most part you all have caught on without this post, but there have been a few habitual offenders that forced me to say this.

Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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    I was wondering if i could run the VAFC instead of the AFC. The reason i ask this is becasue i found a good deal on the VAFC, and the guy told me he would sell it to me cheap and that it would work ona non-vtec car, is this true...i will be using this for my turbo set-up

    The VAFC just has the option of hooking up VTEC.... so yes is your answer, just don't hook up the wire... simple enought

    also looking at your future plans i don't think the Delta 272 regrind is a choice i would go for boost
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      thanks for the response...yeah i have heard that about the 272 regrind, i know one guy on this forum who is running a turbo and the regrind, so i will experiment and see what happens, i know that might sound stupid, but how would anybody know until someone tries it! thanks again, i found a VAFC for like 100, so i will jump on it


        very true..... it should work for u in the end, ull take it ot if all doesnt go well, but do think abut it, cause u want to pack all the boost into the chamber, if u over lap, u basically get sputtering and lose bottom end power, because it is like a boost leak, like u have a hole drilled into ur pipes or something..... when u get overlap, boost is going in, but it is also going out because the exhaust valves have begun to open, and charged air (from the turbo) will wanna rush out like if u broke the nozzle of a CO2 tank.....


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