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    Originally posted by pwrusr
    If you're going to spend money on a decent intake spend it on one that really works well:

    I borrowed a iceman once and loved how it sounded and performed compared to my AEM intake
    would one of those ice man throtle body fit? thinkin jus keepin my stock f22a engine right now


      get this

      its what i always tell everyone to get. its the cheapest intake ive ever seen that comes with a carb sticker... AND k&n filter for that matter.


        ^^I agree, it's not gonna make 10-15 like it says, but it will perform just as well as an AEM, and its less then half the price.

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        where you been, is something wrong?
        i try to just smile, and say everything’s fine.


          Go for a full flow system before you dump considerable money into any one part... Intake, Header, Exhaust... Preferably the Accord intake (cold air or short ram, doesn't really matter for cheap systems), ebay header ($100 or so), and a 2.25" mandrel bent exhaust (I would spend more money on that than anything else). Getting an intake and a bigger throttle body won't do much if you're trying to push that extra air through the stock exhaust manifold and exhaust piping! The F22 won't ever make enough power to justify the cost of really expensive bolt-ons... at least not without internal work! Spend $50 on an intake (or $100 if you need the CARB sticker), $100 on a header, and $400 on a good exhaust system (apexi world sport is my favorite for performance and sound... though the looks don't thrill me!)

          With the F22A, you're making what, 125hp? 140hp? An expensive intake will give you about 8 more horsepower. A cheap one will give you perhaps 6 more. Same goes for a header. Is that 2hp really worth THAT much more? Go for the full package and you'll make more power, even with cheap stuff.

          If you get the H22 in the future and have serious NA plans, THEN I suggest getting the expensive stuff. 2point6 of Collective Racing is working with Iceman to develop an intake for an H22 equipped CB7 that actually makes something like 2 pounds of boost when driving... It sounds very interesting


            be different and go with the injen...everyone has an AEM CAI...but it performs well...they all do the same thing...whethere its short ram...aem or ebay .......or cold air aem...or again ebay....
            if you go with AEM try to go with V2


              <---wasted his money on the AEM CAI 2 years ago. Just get the Ebay intake and call it a day.


                LMAO! hmmm it depends i guess...on the size of ur bank account....i actually just ordered an AEM CAI, but hey i can afford it and plan on doing internal work and such, plus i just ordered a DC sports header and APEXi WS2 exhaust and Delta 260 cam, and AEM 5 bolt cam gear and unorthodox underdrive pulley set( alt, p/s, crank). I think that buying higher end products will be more beneficial here versus ebay intake/header/and custom madrel bent exhaust....if ur on a budget and dont really car about making FULL potential power from ur motor just get generic stuff, if ur actually throwing serious money at ur car then get high end stuff! Like i said...
                It all depends on the cash flow and goals for ur base ur decisions on that...not what people telling u to get!...although telling u what to do! hahahaha whatever.....get whatever u want but AEM has a dyno graph of a V2 and regular CAI showing like 8hp @ the its that like a 12hp gain at the crank! whatever i dont care too much......

                thats my $.02
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                  My point is...most of them are the same thing. I even ended up throwing out my AEM CAI when i went turbo.


                    If major motor mods are in the future, then getting the high-end products that will maximize power are well worth it. If the motor is going to be swapped, or just left with IHE, then there's no point in gaining that extra 3-4 horsepower through those things. Hell, get cheap, save $300, and get a nitrous system!