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Stage 3 clutch on stockish F22= overkill???

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    Stage 3 clutch on stockish F22= overkill???

    I need a clutch and I'm getting a really good deal on a Clutchmasters stage 3...I almost wanna just buy it cause the price is so good...but my motor's basically stock, and even with all the stuff I wanna do with it and probably won't (282 cam, DH manifold, JET engine chip, headers/exhaust) would it be overkill? No clutch in the Accord could be as bad as the one in my old Maxima...the travel was like 12" long, seriously...and I'm cool with the pedal being a little stiffer in exhange for clutch security. Should I go for the stage 3, or would an OEM or stage I clutch be fine? If it was something like a stage 2 I'd confirm and go through with it...but stage 3 might be chattery or too stiff. Anyone know???

    Primo I think you have a stage 3 ACT...and I'm sure some other people around here have them too. How are they on the street? I really wanna get this from this dude but I'm broke and in the air right now...what's up?

    Originally posted by lordoja
    im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral

    i say buy it from whoever selling it.... Stage 3 Clutch


      How much are you getting it for?I dunno personally i wouldnt.You should just buy xtd 12lbs flywheel and stage 1 clutch for like 230 on ebay unless you dont wanna spend that much...

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      Originally posted by DarkShadow707
      The world needs to be reset.


        I would look for something a little less capable. I mean you dont want to sacrifice drivability in stop and go,etc.

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          My 2 cents.

          ACT HD Plate with Organic disc= $300 roughly (rating of 278lbs-ft)

          ACT Xtreme Duty plate with Organic Street disc= just under $400 (rating of 370lb-ft)

          Also from what i hear, the clutchmaster setups are combined. Meaning the Clutch and disc are together. You would need a new combo everytime. Crap, IMO.


            I've been pretty happy with my CM stage 2. It just really depends on how good of a deal you are getting on it. Acclipse is right they are combined though so when it goes out you gotta replace everything, and they can't be mixed and matched like ACT. Whenever I build my motor and need a stronger clutch I will probably go with ACT, but for your application the stage 3 would be alright.


              I'm getting a really good deal...really, really good...but I do a lot of stop and go traffic. Is your stage 2 really stiff???

              Originally posted by lordoja
              im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                It's fairly stiff, but not enough to really bug me. I spend my summers and a month in the winter in DFW which is really congested so if I can take it there then I'm sure you can take it. It feels just right to me because the stock clutch is so weak.


                  i have the ACT XTSS clutch which is the Xtreme pressure plate and the organic disk and that think locks like a bat out of hell, actually daily driving takes some time to get used to but it isn`t bad, all i really have to say is unsprung hub clutches make it hard to daily drive,. not others really that i can think of off the top of my had, get it... they last!


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                    I checked out CM's's basically a 'super hardcore street clutch' with springs and everything, so as soon as I get the $$$ together I'm getting it...

                    Originally posted by lordoja
                    im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral